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Topic Subject:cart delivery
posted 06-12-18 12:15 EST (US)         
When the "friend" is out of town you must deliver food to his people. However, when I choose food to deliver, I get the message that it's on the way. Yet the cart comes out and there it sits. Delivers nothing. What am I doing wrong?
posted 06-17-18 13:06 EST (US)     1 / 3       
I'm not sure what's going wrong. You should be able to send goods to your ally.

Just click at the carters post, and order everything. You may want to change how it acts when you order it to send the same type of food to your castle, or to another of your villages.

Also, what is the game version that you play?
Mathew Steel
posted 07-23-18 11:12 EST (US)     2 / 3       
- Make sure you have the minimum amount for the amount of goods you wish to send

- Make sure the path to the ally's stockpile/granary isn't blocked

- Sometimes this will happen if you rush through the setup menu. Allow the scripted audio to play before selecting the next step. For example: "Goods type" wait, "Amount", wait, and so on.
posted 08-29-18 06:28 EST (US)     3 / 3       

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