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Topic Subject:NEED Help about maps, play etc...
posted 07-25-16 16:41 EST (US)         
First of all sorry for my bad english but i will try to do my best

Ok, the problem is next:

I instal the game, instal all DLC, i run the game without any problem, go on options set my nickname set my quality etc etc...When i try to join to SKRIMISH TRAILS, LEANIGN TRAILS CUSTOM SKRIMISH and stuff liek that on some when i click START only back me to start menu, on another like SKIRMISH bellow my picture writing LOADING 0% and nothing happen, never start the game and must turn off via task manager...

I even try to save some maps from the community, put on maps in Documents/Stronghold2/Maps even in some Mpa folder i found on SH2 programs files, but i cant see any map or find it when i am ingame to even start it to play? I run windows 7 ultimate 64b on i5 and gtx 960 4gb...Game starting from some folder C:\GOG Games\Stronghold Crusader 2\bin\win32_galaxy_release\Crusader2.exe and start liek i sayed without any problem but cant see the maps, cant play the game...I try 2 days 5hr each day to fix this without any chance...Is there some guys here who have the same problem, or somebody who know what is problem to fix it? If you need some more info about specs or stuff liek that please write here...I dont have any more options to try so any help will be VERRY VERRY GOOD

Thanks in advance...
posted 07-30-16 14:33 EST (US)     1 / 1       
Welcome to Stronghold Nation.

I see you're writing about Stronghold Crusader 2, so I would ask you to repost your question there. This way somebody could think that you want to make Stronghold 2 running.

Regarding your downloaded maps, it seems that you were trying to download maps for Stronghold 2 on Stronghold Crusader 2, which are different games.

About the first issue, maybe reinstalling the game could help.
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