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Topic Subject:Rats and Gong
posted 04-30-18 17:38 EST (US)         
The thread for this mission has been archived so I figured I'd see if anyone else was having recent trouble with it. No amount of walkthrough reading seems to work. There is always that remaining -1 for Gong when the timer runs out.
I have a billion hovels in Boorsfield, everything is usually staffed but it's impossible to keep those little pricks happy..even setting high rations and ale in my main estate doesn't seem to have any effect......and they have plenty of taxes at all

I really haven't cared for the way this game plays and I'm mostly regretting downloading it. The objectives are specific enough but the game itself does seem to offer enough information to get though many of them....without playing the same mission repeatedly to get it right or get lucky.....and I am not one who feels that challenge should come from repetition or trial & least not to the extent that Stronghold 2 takes it.

I also haven't much cared for the way that missions build on each would be really cool if it weren't for the fact that you have no way of knowing what the next mission will require...and so it's fairly difficult to plan ahead or lay out your estate to allow flexibility later......I do not want to look up a walkthrough for every mission....that is just a step below using cheat codes in my mind.

There are no more gong clouds...there is no way to tell from any of the report screens WHICH estate has remaining gong or rats..I think that is the most frustrating thing.

I'm not thrilled with game overall at the moment, but this rats and gong mission has really been the tipping point. It sucks because it COULD be a lot of fun, it just seems to hold itself back
posted 05-01-18 01:45 EST (US)     1 / 1       
Hi. Which mission are you talking about?

And about gong, crime, and rats, they only matter for your castle estate, not in your villages. In the matter of fact, those three don't occur I'm villages, only in castles. The only way you could find them in a village would be if you defeated an enemy, this destroyed their castle, and turned it into village.
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