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The Sword and Buckler Inn
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Stronghold 2 » Forums » The Sword and Buckler Inn » Classical Tower Defense Mode in SHC?!
Topic Subject:Classical Tower Defense Mode in SHC?!
posted 05-02-15 04:50 EST (US)         
Greetings Mylords!

Wouldn't it be great to have a Tower Defense mode for the good old Stronghold Crusader?

Let's say there are 50 waves with increasing difficulty you have to defeat. (starting with slaves and so on.. ) The enemies are directly running towards your king since you cannot complete the castle. If you defeat all 50 waves, you win. It's alike this Warcraft 3 map but for SHC!.

You can build and upgrade 3 kinds of towers:
- Slow towers: Make enemies walk around (cross a ford or swamp)
- Fire towers: Building this tower enables fire thrower walk up the stairs and damage enemies.
- Pestilencial towers: enables engineers to shoot cows .

I made some very promising tests. You can arrange the terrain (e.g. with a cliff and stairs) that you have to build the tower before your units can get in attack range.

Further tools: pitch, doggies, and this thing for 6 wood that I couldnt translate ("Mörderlöcher" in german)

Your resoures are restricted, you get a fixed amount of stone/wood. So you have to choose, which tower to build/upgrade first or just recruit troops. (maybe disable all melee units)

I hope someone will read this and apologize for my english. I just found this forum today and didn't read a lot of posts (hopefully not a sort of repost).

Maybe someone can help me and transform my idea into something viable.

Kind regards

posted 05-02-15 05:25 EST (US)     1 / 6       
It sounds like you have a good idea for incorporating into a custom map in SHC.

Maybe you can make a custom map/scenario with this. Test it out, and then, when you are happy with it, upload it on the SHC Downloads section?

He who hesitates is.... er....
Saviour of Léugìm Campaign Contribute a Review
posted 05-02-15 05:26 EST (US)     2 / 6       
Greetings and welcome Ayokash!

Have you ever heard of Castle Attack, the Stronghold mini games?

/..Angel Doomsword.\
posted 05-02-15 06:46 EST (US)     3 / 6       
Wow, I have to say im very impressed by your quick replies.

@Doomsword: That looks very interesting and professional, hehe. I dont know if such a thing is possible in SHC 1? (dont have SHC 2). Do you guys still play first one?

@ericgolf: Alright, I'll create a prototype and upload it. Maybe later on, you can explain to me how I can upload everything properly?

Thank you for your comments
posted 05-02-15 09:14 EST (US)     4 / 6       
I didn't know about Castle Attack minigame. That does seem nice.

Regarding the topic, I agree with ericgolf, I also think it would make an interesting custom scenario. When you finish your map you can log in in SHH downloads section (this one is for Stronghold 1, Crusader 1, and Crusader 2), and submit the file there in zip archive. Before you submit it there, you are also able to ask people to test your map. You can create a topic for that in some of the sub-forums here.

Speaking about Stronghold games - there are lots of people who play each of them, but if you speak specifically about Crusader 1 - lots of people still play it.

Welcome to Stronghold Heaven!
King Thernal
posted 03-18-16 19:35 EST (US)     5 / 6       
Amazing Idea! I hope you can make it into an Actual map/Scenario!
posted 07-06-18 06:02 EST (US)     6 / 6       
i might make a map about it
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