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Topic Subject:Stronghold : Shogun Wars
posted 06-22-16 10:56 EST (US)         
What do you think about this idea. Next game Stronghold located at medieval Japan.The game shows the war between the clans for control of the country , similarly as in previous games of the series.

Some unit types for example:

Ninjas (like Assassins from previous games)
Ashigaru ( Cheap and weak infantry)
Horse Archers
Heavy Cavalry
Samurai Heroes
Warriors with matchlocks
Oona Bushi ( Women Warriors)
Fire Bomb Throwers
Light Cavalry
Bow Heroes
Naginata Warriors
Morutaru (Powerful long-ranged Japanese Mortar)


Wako Pirates
European cannon
Portugese Tercos
Monks Warriors
Matchlock Monks
Monk Cavalry
Monk healers

Buildings and our castle should be in the Japanese style.I think that there will be many ideas as to show Japanese culture in the game like religious temples,unique goods to trade.The main character would be Dajmio who wants to defeat all the enemies and gain power in the country. The game would have campaign such as the first Stronghold and skrimish mode. Game have historical sieges mode when we could have to attack / defend authentic castles. Game will contain much of historical characters like Tokugawa Ieyasu , Hideyoshi Toyotomi , Shingen Takeda.

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posted 06-22-16 20:41 EST (US)     1 / 3       
Yeah, that'd be awesome
posted 06-23-16 16:43 EST (US)     2 / 3       
Though I admit I find this idea really interesting, I must say only that I am unsure if this could turn out to be a bad experiment like it was the case with Stronghold Legends by opinion of many fans.

Still, I was thinking in similar way I must say, but somewhat differently. For example, I was thinking about different kingdoms of Europe - in Stronghold 1 you have Western Europe, while you have slightly different structures in Byzantine Empire, and states which were influenced by them. Also, there are those nations which were like Russians... There could be many interesting unit types, such as an armored spearman, light cavalry, and so on... I mean, there were even soldiers which were using wooden shields for example!
posted 01-20-19 11:29 EST (US)     3 / 3       
In the next months we will see much more about upcoming title and of course about game setting - Medieval Europe or Sengoku Jidai Japan.
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