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Topic Subject:MASQUERADE BALL - Reader's Comment Thread
Civis Romanus
posted 10-30-03 15:33 EST (US)         
The story is now concluded. Feel free to post your comments about this short story in this thread. All comments welcome and appreciated, whether lauding or constructively critical.

Thanks for reading MASQUERADE BALL and for your comments.


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EXCO Alumna in Kul Tiras
posted 10-30-03 18:32 EST (US)     1 / 4       
Very enjoyable and creepy story, Civis. I have to admit I got a little confused once or twice as to who was actually telling the story, but it all became clear at the end.

Hope I don't have nightmares

'Inside every old person is a young person wondering what happened' Moving Pictures
Civis Romanus
posted 11-05-03 20:31 EST (US)     2 / 4       
I hope you didn't have nightmares, GillB. Thanks for your comments.

I'm hoping someone else who read this story will offer some comments. Writers thrive on feedback either critical or the other. Without feedback, there is no confirmation of audience and no understanding of the level of acceptance.

Even the comments "I read your story and it made no sense" or "I sure like your adventure stuff better" carries value. Maybe some of you were disturbed by the actual or implied violence. Say so for that's feedback too.

Feel free to comment, to question, to criticise or to praise, or all of the above. All comments are welcome.

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Lady Arcola
SHH Seraph
posted 11-05-03 22:49 EST (US)     3 / 4       
CivisI thought I had posted on the story. My bad as I read it on Halloween. I thought the girls names were a little.... Creepy? Was the intent a pun as I found it a tad amusing in a creepy kind of way.
Civis Romanus
posted 11-07-03 11:45 EST (US)     4 / 4       
Lady A: Thanks for your message.

You described the fairy tale name puns as "amusing in a creepy sort of way." You have just made my day. That is precisely what I hoped would be the effect.

I wanted the reader to have a sudden surprise and rush of light humor immediately offset by a recognition of the reverse nature of the pun. By using a familiar fairy tale name to evoke reminders of happily ending fairy tales, I then wanted the reader to experience a sense of "black comedy" appropriate to the fact this whole story was an inverted look at the proverbial fairy tale ball.

The narrator's questions "Which do you think are the ones to believe?" and "In which do you put your faith... and your life?" were intended (albeit cynically) to point out the error possible by making life altering decisions under "fairy tale" assumptions and blindly superficial impressions, something we humans are occasionally prone to doing.

Although I used some described and implied violence, it was not for that sake that I wrote the story. The ugliness described was strictly to disturb the reader and make the puns effective as intended. If the whole thing came out on the creepy side all I can say is "Wow! It worked!"

Thanks for reading the story.

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