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Topic Subject:Invasion Mission -Desperate Measures Help
posted 03-12-19 10:38 EST (US)         
Hello all, I am still trying to figure out this game, and have come across another mission that seems to have been designed to be impossible to complete....
The mission is one of the Military - Invasion missions called Desperate Measures, and requires you to defend a Castle while collecting gold for a bribe.
The problem is that they start you off with practically nothing to work with, and there is a time limit to get the gold, all while being relentlessly attacked.
You start off with no food, and zero popularity.
You do have a rather large army pre-built, but they are only good for defense, and provide no gold income.
You can build a Marketplace, but it will only allow you to trade a select few things for gold, one of which is foodstuffs, of which you have none to begin with, and almost no labor available if you do build farms. Even building hovels does not provide you with more labor because everybody leaves the Castle as soon as they are there due to the low popularity rating.
There does no appear to be any possible way to get the large amount of gold they expect to win, and I am wondering if anyone can explain me the best strategy to complete this mission please??
Also of course, Thanks in advance!!
posted 03-13-19 06:43 EST (US)     1 / 2       
Hey Zlloyd. It's been many, many years since I've played but still love the game. Used to tread these halls quite frequently.

We have walkthroughs for the basic game on the main page in the left-hand sidebar, but I don't see one called "Desperate Measures". Perhaps you can tell me more about the version you are playing. Is it, indeed, Stronghold and not Stronghold Crusader? Is it game I or II? What is the source of your game, ie. CD Rom, Steam, etc?

Anything you can tell me will help me be sure I'm looking at the right game in the right place.

Generally, for all versions of Stronghold you need to get wood, food and start making weapons as soon as possible. Weapons and training will also involve gold. At its most basic level gold accumulation is about population and food, but advanced maps bring other elements into the mix as well to help you keep taxes high.

You must maintain popularity at all times to keep peasants available for work or soldiering, and housing capacity comes into play here as well.

All the previous probably isn't very helpful to you at this stage but I thought I'd throw it out. I was a pretty good player in my time so can probably help if you can help me confirm the exact game and map.

I will check back from time to time for your reply and see if I can help you through this and on to much greater adventures.

Cheers, Sparrow
posted 09-05-19 18:01 EST (US)     2 / 2       
Hi zlloyd
I have been trying to beat this invasion for a while now. A few things I do to boost popularity are.

1.) Destroy all the things that boost your fear factor there are 11 in all.

2.) After you do this people will still leave the castle. Once everybody leaves you will be left with a population of 1/12. This person will be the well boy. Purchase 10-15 loaves of bread and change your food consumption to double rations. The small amount of food will last a long time with the population of 1. This will raise your popularity fairly fast.

3.)Place your well into sleep mode and create a wood cutters hut immediately after you destroy the "bad" items.

4.)As soon as your popularity gets above 50 change your food consumption to create a few wheat farms, a mill and about three bakers in that order.

This should be done after you survive the 1st wave of attacks which is very brutal. I move all my crossbowmen that are scattered outside the wooden wall of archers inside immediately because they will get wiped out by the mace men in the very first attack wave.

I have also found that there is no way for you to produce troops since you cannot buy stone and non can be quarried. The second attack wave is extremely brutal.

Put braziers everywhere to boost your archers killing power.
After the wave is defeated harvest as much pitch as you can and place pitch pits in strategic location and also killing pits with the wood you collect. Do not even worry about collecting the gold until after the final attack.

On second thought I am not sure that if you collect the gold needed it will end the game or not! Maybe that is they only way to beat this stage because the second attack wave seems impossible to defeat. I am going to give that a try. Anyway good luck!
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