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Topic Subject:Glitches Thread
posted 01-12-17 01:34 EST (US)         
Hello, I would like to discuss a few glitches Iv'e came across recently and looking for a solution to them. The first one happens almost every time I play a skirmish with Frederick. As the game progresses and is always late into the game, Frederick's Engineers guild will vanish leaving engineers standing on the intact plot of dirt that used to be connected to the guild! He will not replace the guild and Iv'e only saw this happen with Frederick.
posted 01-12-17 03:01 EST (US)     1 / 8       
Yes, that is a common glitch, and that can happen to any AI lord, and with some other buildings too such as tunnelers guild, or oil smelter. At some moment, when somebody destroys them some of these buildings, it may occur that the main part of the building gets destroyed, while that ground stays there. I even think that this has happened me once or few times to me too, after what I had to rebuild this building elsewhere. Unfortunately AI lord doesn't try to rebuild it elsewhere, they try it at the exact same spot which they are unable to do, hence they stay without engineers guild for the rest of the game.
posted 01-12-17 13:46 EST (US)     2 / 8       
Alright thanks, I like to do a lot of simulations with the castles I edit/create. With that said, the next issue usually occurs whenever the game goes on a very long time. Lets say if I leave it on over night, when I check everyone's castles in the morning many of them have no peasants and workplaces are flashing with no labor! Also Iv'e noticed several houses around the castle have been deleted or destroyed, but the AI has plenty of wood/gold to replace the houses, how can I fix this?
posted 01-12-17 14:23 EST (US)     3 / 8       
Interesting, I have never seen that issue, nor I have never heard about it.
posted 01-12-17 20:13 EST (US)     4 / 8       
I like to do a lot of simulations with the castles I edit/create

Great you have fun doing so! ... you will need it because along with any step you take in the AIv editor you'll have to watch the possible ingame results on several interrelated levels.
What can be recreated, which aspects can be expanded / added, which ones only be changed, and what is absolutely fix?
when I check everyone's castles ... many of them have no peasants...
Do you mean no peasants at all? The problem is that any alteration to the scripted character of an AI very likely causes a result. So we'd rather need to study the specific constellations you created.
Either the economy breaks down or, in reverse, something makes the popularity crash.
My first guess is you edited the economy of the respective AIs, in some way. (We might want to make an AI stronger by enlarging his economy.) Perhaps you preplaced additional industry buildings, farms etc. and hovels for the calculated plus of population. The AI may initially try to generate enough peasants = more peasants than he usually holds, but will soon cap the "surplus" again. If only for training the usual army size.
Another reason could be the market is unable to trade away certain goods. the morning...
How do you make your scenarios run so long? They're probably no economic maps and there should then be constant fighting. If you have blocked the AIs from getting to you / to each other they will keep on training troops up to an incredibly high number which may cause them to reduce the working population.
several houses around the castle have been deleted or destroyed...
If not destroyed by an enemy, it's a common behaviour of the AIs to delete hovels when population falls and to rebuild them later. So, this detail should just be a result of and indication for the problem than being its cause.
but the AI has plenty of wood/gold...
Yes, this sounds strange. It hints to that "the shoe pinches" on a level more downstream in the process of village buildup or maintenance.
how can I fix this?
Er, I don't know. And am excited to learn from your investigations.
- On your side:
A valuable starting points is to notice the ingame character of the individual AIs. See the design table by qtlilkeg.
Perhaps, studying the AIvs of former mates will suggest any direction to you. I'd recommend the AIvs by artofmath such as his Saladin AI: Omnidirectional Castle.
Playing some maps with customized castles will inspire you.
From previous to the release of the AIv editor there is, e.g., TwoDie's Siege Of Arce (Acre). The versions 3.1 and 3.2 show quite a labyrinthian design of the combined AIs' economy.
Fun maps to play using the AIv editor come from WarLord_Designs (Alexus): 01 Fair Trade, 02 City in the Hills and 03 Krak des Chevaliers: Hell & the Hospitaller.
- If you keep on getting stuck, screenshots would be helpful, and you can send a (map) file to me and - if he likes - EaglePrince.

Of Honour without Fame,
Of Greatness without Splendour,
Of Dignity without Pay
- Walter Benjamin
posted 01-12-17 20:58 EST (US)     5 / 8       
Yes this last time I did my simulation there were several castles that had no peasants at all after several hours of the game running by itself. One of the castle's armory was full with some workers waiting to place new weapons inside but the Lord couldn't recruit any units without the peasants. Also, everyone's popularity was still green, which is strange? The way I get the game to keep playing so long is set up teams of 3v3 AI, have them spread out far (map- The River, Marshy Mayhem) and once the game begins I rush to a castle of my choosing and allow the AI to kill me. On more occasions than not, the game is over and one or the other team has won after I wake up and check it. I'm really not sure how many hovels to give each AI but I usually put 10-12 for each edited castle I create. This may sound like a lot but I have really upped weapons production for all AI like Fredrick, Wolf, Lionheart, etc.. But speaking of pictures, how do I add a picture of the glitch in my topic/reply?
posted 01-13-17 13:17 EST (US)     6 / 8       
Saladin AI: Omnidirectional Castle does seam interesting. I'm not sure that I have noticed it before, but it does sound interesting!

And yes, karnocdraken, you may send the files to me too, I would gladly try them out if I find the time, of course. That depends from week to week.

Regarding the size of their economy, I would try to edit those improved castles by giving them less workshops. What you may do is see how many workshops Lionhear for example would make in his largest castle, and try not to give him more workshops than that. Then the best would be to calculate how many workers will this AI need to have, and then add the needed number of hovels. That may be better even for their defenses. Oh, and keep in mind that for AI lords it is enough to have at least one or few peasants at the camp fire, he doesn't need to have 24 of them there because they can recruit troops as frequently as they want without being distracted like we would.

As about your question - to make a screenshot, you could install OneDrive, or Dropbox, or GoogleDrive, and if it is running while you play, just press Print Screen button on your keyboard to make a screenshot. Maybe you would need to enable making screenshots with OneDrive or any other such services in it's settings which you can access from the task bar. This way your screenshot would be saved in, let's say, OneDrive\Pictures\Screenshots.

Another way - press PrintScreen in the game, minimize it, open Paint, and press Ctrl+V to paste the screenshot, and then go to File\Save as, and save it in JPG format because that one takes least data - that one is optimal for sharing pictures on internet.

Then you could make an account at PhotoBucker, upload your screenshot there, and from that picture you can see how to share the bbcode for that image with us.
posted 01-22-17 14:33 EST (US)     7 / 8       
Ok thanks, I'll be posting a picture soon. So here is another problem I've discovered. Whenever a Lord has a moat around his castle, and the enemy AI sends a large army that is able to dig (Macemen, Pikemen, etc.) they just stand at the sign post and get pelted with arrows! They will only send 5 or 6 men at first to dig and they are quickly killed! Is there any way to fix this, because it makes no sense at all... And makes having a moat no fun...
posted 01-23-17 16:03 EST (US)     8 / 8       
Well, yes, that is another odd behavior of AI's, I don't see why wouldn't they send more of their troops to dig. Though I'm not entirely sure if it happens like that, in those tough games I know it can be really hard to survive and win when they send lots of troops upon your castle, even if you have your moats dug.

But they could have done it somewhat differently - after AI sees that their opponent has moats, they should train more units who are able to dig. Perhaps even to give up other types of units.

It is pretty hard for Arabs here, their only units able to dig are slaves, and they die too easily compared to pikemen or even macemen.

Perhaps that is done in Stronghold 2 better where almost any unit is able to dig if I'm not mistaken. Well, at least I'm sure that swordsmen are able to dig, while knights are not, I think.
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