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Topic Subject:Contest Ideas?
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Seraph Emeritus
posted 03-16-05 15:41 EST (US)         
Ideas for contests can be shared in this thread - regular Stronghold, Crusader, and/or Stronghold 2 (when it comes out!).

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posted 04-18-05 02:44 EST (US)     26 / 38       
Duc de Noisiel i think i know what you mean? Like you are given a historical castle with some kind of historical event from the past and the players have to produce the castle and event on stronghold as acurratly as they can, most accurate wins.

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posted 04-19-05 03:26 EST (US)     27 / 38       
I just thought of a 2 part comp. First is to deign a map for another speed cometition the next part is to participate in it .
I really wanted to do the one involving Duke of Yorks? map but was unable to due to lack of time. I imagine it would be fun on stronghold 2,
Duc de Noisiel
posted 04-25-05 14:11 EST (US)     28 / 38       
Supersephiroth, yes.
posted 04-30-05 22:05 EST (US)     29 / 38       
A simple, SH2, "who is the best?" contest, but with a twist- the author is only allowed to use 5 or less estates, limited to palisades, only allowing the player to train spearmen, archers, or macemen. The designer is limited to pre-placing 5 of any iron-using unit.

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posted 05-15-05 05:12 EST (US)     30 / 38       
I actually thought of this as a wonderful idea for a contest. It would be focused on castle design. To make a long story short, "The strongest castle with the least amount of space and units used."

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posted 05-15-05 13:57 EST (US)     31 / 38       
What about the best map you can make WITH NO STRONGHOLD'S?

The Betrayal part 1 - Invasion

posted 05-26-05 08:57 EST (US)     32 / 38       
How about a contest with all the games SH1 SH1.5 (Crusader) and SH2, were the challenge is to create a historical castle were the scenario is as accurate with the real history as possible. the competetitors will have to supply a link to a serious site with facts about the castles history and shape.
There could be one winner for the different games and one all around winner.
the maps could be judged in the following criterias.
*castle and landscape layout.
*Accuracy to the history.

The reason for all three games in one competition is that in the last crusader competition there were only two people competing, and now when stronghold II is out there will probanbly be even less people competing. So in this way all people can compete and be sure to have his or hers map tested and judged and not just win by default cause no one elese is competing.

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Seraph Emeritus
posted 05-28-05 12:57 EST (US)     33 / 38       
Interesting ideas - I'll update the chart when I get back. I doubt if we could have a contest for all three types of games, as there's a big difference in editor abilities/techniques between the older games and SH2. Have to think about it, though, as it sounds like you're more interesting in aspects of historical accuracy, Arn.

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HighPriest Gardu
posted 05-29-05 06:18 EST (US)     34 / 38       
Ideas for competitions for Stronghold 2:

Castle Design: Designing the most efficent and impressive castle

Seige: A castle built by a Dev, then games hosted on the web (dev as the beseiged and player as the seiger, dev can't do anything but watch and time) whoever has the best time wins.

1 vs 1: Simple 1 vs 1, no restrictions, whoever wins goes forward kinda like a tournament.

2 vs 2: simple 2 vs 2, no restrictions, winning team goes forward

2 vs 2 Close Quarters: Each teammate starts very close to the other, and have to work together to build a functioning castle. Same rules as for the normal 2 vs 2.

Field Battle(single or teams): Each player/team is given a set amount of troops to be divided amongst the team beforehand. Then each team fights each other in a field map (no castles or estates, just men) and whoever kills the opposing lord first wins.

They're my base idea's, i'll think up some more later

Madd Sir John
posted 06-24-05 21:43 EST (US)     35 / 38       
How about Starting 2 or more design teams, probably no more than 5 in a team. With a set time limit too design the most origional and replayable map. Mainly I want the idea focused on the team factor, whatever gets created is negotiable.
posted 06-25-05 18:32 EST (US)     36 / 38       

The best AI type castle. You will have to build a castle similar to those the AI's build, following their rules:
*Castles must be as small as possible so that they can be built on rocky ground without having any obstacles in the way
*The custom AI must use some specific types of troops that caracterise him (like pikemen for Lionheart)using all sorts of troops is unappropriate
*The castle must not use natural elements for defence like mountains. It has to be built as if they were not there
* farms must not be inside because you can not guarantee that you can build the farm there. The AI builds the farms on the closest green space. You must do that too.

The judging won't decide whose castle is stronger but wich one is more unique. (for example I consider that Pig and Sultan are the most interesting AI's: Pig looks like a maceman and uses them mostly, plus that, he manages both the problem of food and the need of troops by building Dairy farms. Sultan is the true Desert worriour: he doesn't build farms so he can easyly survive in Deserts and uses a positive fear factor.)

You will get rated for:
Originality: (1 to 40 points)
castle design (1 to 20 points)
economical functionality(1 to 20 points)
Attack rating (1 to 20 points)
you think of any other cathegories...

the map should also show the troops he uses for defence and, outside the troops he uses for attaching.

you must also have in mind that the AI cannot do some things human players do:
%%%he cannot build fire balistas near his castle and march them to the enemy's castles like he does with catapults, in fact I have never seen the AI to move his fire balistas from place
%%%he cannot adapt the hape of his castle to match the landscape etc.

Seraph Emeritus
posted 07-10-05 21:35 EST (US)     37 / 38       
I've updated the contest chart with all the new ideas, and we're looking them over...

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posted 08-29-05 13:10 EST (US)     38 / 38       
Create a map with landscape and caslte to match appropriate eras. I.e. using defense sytems of a certain time, castle locations (hill/valley/river side), castle types (motte and bailey etc) and make the landscape to match whichever. A website/book would have to be found to show statistics, images or info about that time period.


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