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The Jousting Ground - Stronghold's Competition Corner
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Topic Subject: The 3rd Stronghold & Crusader Historical Castle Competition
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posted 05-07-08 13:18 EST (US)   
Calling all Master Masons, Craftsmen, Cartographers and Architects! On behalf of the staff at Stronghold Heaven, I would like to cordially invite you to compete in;

The 3rd Stronghold & Crusader Historical Castle Competition

The 2nd Historical Castle Competition back in 2005 gave you a choice of castles to design. This competition will not restrict you in this way and is specifically designed, to borrow the words of one of our members, to 'test your creativity'. You are free to pick and choose whatever castle you wish!

As with the Fantasy Scenario competition, there are a few guidelines to follow;

-The competition is applicable to players of both the original Stronghold and Crusader. You may submit one Stronghold scenario and one Crusader scenario
-Your entry should be as close in design to your chosen castle as possible, but can only be an invasion or economic map. We want to see a good use of the events within the editor
-You may base any scenario details on historical events if you wish, but we're open to any creative 'What if?' scenarios as well
-I will expect the same attention to detail paid to the landscape modelling as you do with the design of the castle; in other words, you really are being asked to design a complete scenario!
-All scenarios must be new; you cannot use a map that has been publicly announced in the forums as the basis for your entry. You will be automatically disqualified if you use a pre-announced map or if you are found guilty of plagiarism
-You may use a part-completed scenario from your hard drive if you wish, as long as it doesn't contravene the point above

The closing date for all entries will be 29 August 2008, which should give you sufficient time to work at producing your masterpieces!

Question: how will the entries be judged?

Categories (all out of 10);

-Playability (is the scenario fun? Does everything work as it should? If historically-based events are replicated, are they represented well in the editor?)
-Balance (is the map too easy or too hard? Are the win goals or conditions achievable?)
-Creativity (how creative has the designer been overall with the scenario?
-Map Design (overall use of the editor, including events and/or scripting)
-Historical (a bespoke score that attempts to categorise the accuracy of the castle design and its' setting (the surrounding landscape)

You must present to us sufficient evidence to support your castle design. You should try to include (at the very least) a floor plan or a suitable selection of images, photos and/or sketches to reflect the castle layout and design. You do not need to produce a historical write-up and you will not be given additional marks if you decide to provide this.

At present, I will judge all entries and will try to obtain the services of one other to provide a more accurate and fair score.

There will be two winners, one for Stronghold and one for Crusader. The winners will once again have a dedicated page on the site under the competitions tab with a minimap, a screenshot and an introduction to the scenario by the judges. Runners up will have minimaps and judges comments. All maps will have a link allowing forumers to download the completed map (should you choose to share your hard work with us!)

I will attempt to obtain some t-shirts for the winners (which I know are in stock, I might add!)

Please submit your competition entries in the first instance to Do not upload your entry to the site until after judging has taken place and the winners announced.

If you have any further questions, please ask away

We wish you all the very best of luck!


The Stronghold Heaven staff

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posted 09-19-08 02:20 EST (US)     76 / 84  
Map looks fantastic Tarius, Sir Hugh has posted it on the front page so hopefully it gets the views it deserves
posted 09-19-08 17:04 EST (US)     77 / 84  
It is an enjoyable map Tarius, and I'm glad you have released it.

________                                         ________
\________\------______ _____------/________/
\_______\---\\\\ Sir Hugh ////---/_______/
\_____\--\\| Seraph |//--/_____/
posted 09-20-08 03:16 EST (US)     78 / 84  
I was really waiting buczekk's Rhodos to this competition :/

If you like very big battles, i suggest you to try Massacre at Tenjin
posted 09-22-08 21:53 EST (US)     79 / 84  
So can I get a t-shirt or something? If not thats fine, just thought it would be cool.
posted 09-23-08 02:38 EST (US)     80 / 84  
I dont think there was a competition seeing as you were the only entrant, im pretty sure the front page publicity is the prize for your hard work
posted 09-23-08 03:45 EST (US)     81 / 84  
I see I'm too late for any competitions here.

Are there any Stronghold Crusader map competitions on right now? I'd very much like to get into one.
posted 09-23-08 19:19 EST (US)     82 / 84  
Silly me thinking out load again.
I posted a Crusader invasion map called Zimba and will post Zimba 2 shortly, it's about an adventurer searching for the fictional lost city of Zimba, both games will be played on the same map and there will not be a map of the city of Zimba.

Maybe if anyone is interested, map makers could build a city of Zimba map, the final maps could be passed around for judging and the map with the most votes can be turned into a working scenario and then get posted.

Any thoughts or opinions?
posted 09-23-08 19:32 EST (US)     83 / 84  
im going to see where the rest of the mods stand before thinking out loud about another comp

Our last attempt was a disaster, we've got to broaden the audience and thats something i'll push forward when i have the time.
posted 09-24-08 04:40 EST (US)     84 / 84  
Hey Warlord

I hope to enter the next competition when it comes out. I haven't started any maps as I don't know what it would be about.

But anyway, will keep checking The Jousting Ground for the next comp.
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