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Topic Subject:Stronghold Crusader amateur competition
posted 11-30-11 07:00 EST (US)         
Hi everyone! Some of us already know about competitions in SH:C, and some of us have also participated in some of them. The only problem in my opinion, would be that those are "expert" competitions, and it's all about speed, slicking, and playing after one single pattern.

How about making another whole different competition..? It would be far from exert competition, players would play the way as they used to play Stronghold Crusader when they loved this game most! No population spamming, and other stuff!

I was thinking about the rules that would probably prevent using those "expert tricks", and I think those would be good enough:
1. no shields
2. laddermen trick not allowed
3. waterpot limit: 10
4. woodcutter limit: 30
5. 8 mills allowed only if player produces bread
6. no cheats

This way, all gold would be earned from your production, and from taxing your working people - not from making large population, and setting taxes to -24. We would play like in old good times, when we fell in love with this game!
HG News Director
posted 11-30-11 07:44 EST (US)     1 / 2       
Interesting proposal.
I'm ok with it (in parallel with the singleplayer contest) and might even join.

Anyone else interested?
Eagle, if you could convince some of your GameRanger friends to post here and join the comp. it would be great

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posted 11-30-11 10:09 EST (US)     2 / 2       
I think I know more guys who would like to take part in an non-expert competition such as this... I will certainly call them - I'm glad you like the idea.
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