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Technical Issues
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Stronghold 2 » Forums » Technical Issues » Did stronghold 2 runs on Windows 10?
Topic Subject:Did stronghold 2 runs on Windows 10?
posted 06-13-15 07:15 EST (US)         
Today ive gotten a message which said: Do you want to download Windows 10?
Im sure the message is from Microsoft.
But im Not, will stronghold 2 Run on Windows 10?

Can anyone help me?
posted 06-13-15 14:40 EST (US)     1 / 6       
My advice to you is to wait until you see (or not) other guys head-banging here on this forum cause Stronghold 2 doesn't work on their Windows 10 PC's. I'm joking a little, but indeed - I am going to wait and see if others have issues running Stronghold games on Windows 10. As about this moment, since it is still beta version (if I'm not mistaken), I won't download it yet.
Duke Chris
posted 06-14-15 02:55 EST (US)     2 / 6       
See this post on the StrongholdNation forum:

My Stronghold fansite:
posted 10-04-15 10:07 EST (US)     3 / 6       
Hello all, its been a long time since my last post

i did a fresh install of win 10 so i had to reinstall SH2.

v 1.3 works ok as it always did
v 1.4 and 1.4.1 give the typical dll error (missing file)

now this is where i'm left wondering.. when i ran win7 there were no issues downloading the required dll files, but i'm not sure if win10 uses the file or whether or not i should download it and try it... i dont want to kill win10 just yet lol

any mod advice welcome


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(id: PCD)
posted 10-04-15 12:51 EST (US)     4 / 6       
Which dll file is missing? If it's directx related try install one of the older DirectX releases (don't use the web installer). You could also try download the file from the internet but make sure to check it for virus and be careful where you click on the site where you download it.

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posted 10-05-15 06:57 EST (US)     5 / 6       
I can run Stronghold 2 on a potato. I've seen it ran on my nans microwave too.

It should work on Windows 10 unless it uses one of the DRM's that microsoft have just blocked. make sure to run it in compatibility mode and just wing it fam.
posted 10-06-15 06:20 EST (US)     6 / 6       
its the d3dx9_27.dll that it needs

i'll try installing an older directx. my graphics card has installed directx 11.1 and win10 seems to have an unusable directx 12 ?!
i'm still getting to grips with win10 so as i learn more i will update

update: i installed the d3dx9_27.dll file and patched SH2 again.... fail! same error message.. dll not found (missing)
i have run SH2 in compatibility mode and still no joy

i'll try installing directx 9c to see if that works (it worked on win7)

update: 9c is not compatible with win10.. cant get 10 or 11.2 to work either... i am starting to wish i'd never gone away from windows 7

tresspassers will be shot......
survivors will be shot again!

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