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Topic Subject:Fantasy and mythicals
posted 10-19-10 08:22 EST (US)         
Just got a quick question bout Stronghold Legends, is there any mod, or in-game settings where i can disable dragons,witches, wolves, and what not in Skirmish game types?
Im fairly new to this community so I'm not sure if thisis the right place to ask..

posted 10-20-10 07:59 EST (US)     1 / 2       
Greetings and welcome Naits360,

This is, in fact, not the right place. No worries, here is a link to the Stronghold Legends Game Help and Strategy forum. Expect this topic to be moved there, sooner or later.

As to your question about the units, in multiplayer there is an option to turn off the mythical units. During a single player game, the lower row of lords, Mordred, Siegfried and Lancelot(?) do not build the Ice Pit/Sorcerers Tower/Round Table. So they will only produce normal men-at-arms.

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SHH Seraph
posted 12-28-10 23:43 EST (US)     2 / 2       

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