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Topic Subject:List of tutorials (look here before posting)
WL_D Arthus
Master Illuminator
posted 02-14-09 21:39 EST (US)         
As we get many questions on topics/tutorials that have already been discussed I have decided to compile a list which brings all tutorials around SHH in one convenient place. My ultimate goal is to have every walkthrough available here (both in mapmaking 101 and those in the forums) but it will take some time so bare with me

[Expanded and in alphabetical order. Added video tutorials]

7 year fire trick: Here
1000(2000) stone trick: Here
Adding a Cede (or any other event) To a Map: Here
Advanced Wooden Walkways: Here
Advanced Workshops: Here
Advanced Workshops II: Here
Ammunition, Unlimited: Here
Attach a drawbridge to anything: Here
Attaching Flags to Anything: Here
Ballistas: see Mangonels
Bridges, Wooden platform: Here
Campfires and Signal Beacons: Here
Cede (or any other) event, Adding it To a Map: Here
Changing Troop Colour with a Hexadecimal (Hex) Editor: Here
Course about scripting: Here
Create Snow: Here
Creating and Adding Minimaps and Pictures: Here
Custom Stone Quarry: Here
Deleting invisible rocks: Here
Drawbridge, Attach it to anything: Here
Enemy Troops Killed conditions in invasion events: Here
Farms, Wheat and Hops at ANY Height: Here
Fire Arrows, Permanent: Here
Flags, Attaching them to Anything: Here
Hexadecimal (Hex) Editor: see Troop Colour, and Cede event
Hidden war dogs: Here
How to make your own shield: Here
Invisible rocks, Deleting: Here
Invisible Units: Here
Keep Door, Lowering: Here
Lowered walls:Here/Here or Here
Lowered Wooden Walkways: Here
Lowering the Keep Door: Here
Magic Box (edit wooden gatehouse): Here
Magic Eraser, 3x3: Here
Magic Eraser, Esay 6x6: Here
Mangonels and Ballistas Anywhere: Here
Minimaps and Pictures, Creating and Adding: Here
Mine Entrance (new 2012): Here
Moat, Raising it Without Leaving Artifacts: Here
Palistone walls: Here
Passages and Caves, Secret: Here
Peasants and workers, Tricks with: Here
Permanent Fire Arrows: Here
Pyramids: see Stairs
Rabbits and Deer on a Siege Map: Here
Raising Moat Without Leaving Artifacts: Here
Roofs: see Stairs
Scripting, Course about: Here
Secret Passages and Caves: Here
Ship building (Video): Here
Shield, How to make your own: Here
Signal Beacons: see Campfire
Snow, Create: Here
Special tiles: Here
Stairs, The many uses of: Here
Stairs/Steps, Wooden: Here
Stone Quarry, Custom: Here
Stone Walls with Wooden Spikes: Here
Tiles, special: Here
Tricks with peasants and workers: Here
Troop Colour, Changing it with a Hexadecimal (Hex) Editor: Here
Units, Invisible: Here
Unlimited Ammunition: Here
Walls, Lowered:Here/Here or Here
War dogs, hidden: Here
Well workers getting water from a river: Here
Wheat and Hops Farms at ANY Height: Here
Wooden gatehouse (edit): see Magic Box
Wooden platform bridges: Here
Wooden Spikes, on Stone Walls: Here
Wooden steps: Here
Wooden Walkways, Advanced: Here
Wooden Walkways, Lowered: Here
Workshops, Advanced: Here
Workshops, Advanced, II: Here

Video Tutorials:
Ballistas on ground: Here
Lowering the walls: Here
Magic Eraser: Here
Stairs with terrain elevation: Here
Ship creation: Here
Wooden spikes on stone walls & Palistone walls: Here

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