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Topic Subject:Major Stronghold Crusader mods
posted 12-24-16 09:38 EST (US)         
Hey, guys! We were speaking yesterday about Stronghold Crusader mods, and I have mentioned few of them. So here they are, I have uploaded what I have on Google Drive to share them with you. For Stronghold Russian Story I've given a download page, I don't have it on my PC right now.

-Stronghold Crusader G.M.B mod by Lord Valroy
You can also download it from here and from here. Note that those might not be the same versions of the mod, so I would recommend downloading the mod from the official website.
This is the official G.M.B. mod for Stronghold Crusader website.

-Stronghold Europe mod by Russians
This is the original Stronghold Europe mod.

-Stronghold Medieval England & Stronghold Medieval England English patch
This is Tutonen Riter's mod based on Stronghold Europe mod made by Russians. The mod is in German, so you need to apply the English patch if you prefer it in English instead.
This is the official Stronghold Medieval England website.
Also, there are the two treads about this mod on these forums: Stronghold Europe - News and Stronghold Europe in English.

-Stronghold Russian Story 2.0 and Stronghold Russian Story 2.1 patch.

Lord of Hell, perhaps this could be pinned so fans could easily see it? If it turns out that we have missed some interesting mod, we can add it afterwards of course.

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posted 11-20-19 05:12 EST (US)     1 / 2       
Could the unofficial crusader patch be added to this list?
This is particularly good for AI molding as it adds the ability to modify AI behaviour as well as their castles

Another new one is shcplayer which only works in v1.31
It has a bunch of multiplayer bug fixes, a game record/play feature, and hotkeys. I believe the author posted it in the general stronghold crusader section of the forum.
posted 11-24-19 15:22 EST (US)     2 / 2       
Hi, GRhin. Thanks for sharing this information with us, together with the links.

However, you've already shared the links together with short description for each patch, so I think it might be better for me not to edit the first post, and just live it as it is. Your post is the second in this topic, so your links are going to be equally visible, and plus, I don't want to take your credit for bring these to the community.
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