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Topic Subject:Decreasing enemy's movement speed
posted 03-06-17 13:37 EST (US)         
Hello everyone, first I want to say, it is great to have a Platform like this. I have seen many great maps and ideas for the Stronghold editor.

I'm using simple technics without any mods and try to use the given things, the best I actually can.

I'm creating a map, the enemy has troops at the beginning and is sending them out by using a movement order to the players base, for different attack angles and places.
I want to slow them down, so the player can build up and if it is possible to have them a long time during the game.

My idea and process.
Swamp big enough so the troops are not walking on Land.

Have all groups connected with a unmounted Siege ramp, which will later on hopefully not count as a troop, so the player don't have to walk in there.

A closed gate at the start path of the enemy troops, which get an open order at the beginning.

An open gate at the end of the enemy's path which get a close order at the beginning.

Start, the troops want to enter the open gate and find it closed, so all way back to the now opened Start gate. This will take 26 instead of 13 Minutes. This actions need to be done in the pause mode of course.

My question is, has someone find other ways to slow down the speed or maybe a complete other idea? I will increase the length the path but loosing map size.

Thanks for reading.
posted 03-07-17 16:05 EST (US)     1 / 6       
Welcome to Stronghold Heaven! I'm glad you find this place helpful.

Another thing you could try would be to make small hills on these routes by which AI would send their troops upon human player's castle. I hope this might be helpful.

I'm not sure what do you mean by "siege ramps"? Was that a typo, did you mean "siege rams" maybe? I don't understand that paragraph.

As far as I know we cannot slow down units in Crusader 1 or Stronghold 1. We could do it maybe by changing some parameters in the .exe file, but this way you would slow down this particular unit type for entire game, and not just for AI lords.

What I would try to do if I were in your place would be making some canyons between AI lord and human lord, and narrow winding mountain trails, so this way you could make their way to human castle way longer. You could make these trails go up and down which would slow the troops move even slower, and part of these trails could even go through marches.

I understand it might be challenging to make something like this - with such long windy trails, and entire map to be an eyecandy too.

Besides the above mentioned... I don't know exactly what you're doing with your map, or scenario... Maybe you could do what you want by delaying the initial attack in event editor, or whatever it is called.

Sorry for somewhat late reply.
posted 03-08-17 12:37 EST (US)     2 / 6       
Thanks for your comment, I will use it that way you described with the canyons. For the Player it will look like a mountain or something, but inside will be units already placed in the editor. These are just harass units to annoy the player, they get a move order in the editor.
Oh, yes, it's a siege ram , if I have two maceman and one pikeman i select them with a unmounted siege ram and they will move all together, with the slowest speed. Even when the ram isn't moving.
When they reach their destination, for example players Forrest, they go crazy and the player has to react.

There will be also Invasions, coming from other directions.

I didn't read about this topic now, but if someone is planing a map with moving enemy troops at the beginning, make sure the Landscape is finished, before the units get their orders.
Otherwise units will stuck on rocks etc. and you have to delete them one by one.
posted 03-08-17 15:56 EST (US)     3 / 6       
Oh, now I get it. That idea with ram is quite good!

And you could add a river too, so that these AI troops would need to walk around that river, or something like that. You could accomplish more diversity this way, which would make the map more beautiful. You could even place marches around this river.
posted 03-09-17 08:11 EST (US)     4 / 6       
Oh, and one more idea... You could also make a lake which wouldn't have straight coast, and by which AI lords army would have to move.

Of course, I don't think you could implement all these stuff, but I'm just saying some ideas.
posted 03-10-17 13:25 EST (US)     5 / 6       
Well, that will always be a big discussion, what priority has the mapmaker?

I'm always looking for a good Szenario and not always the same.
I have seen some real good looking maps, but no good gameplay in it sometimes.
I'm creating the steps the player has to take in the map and designing the landscape around.
That could lead to a non special landscape.

So, I don't want to lose walking time, for the enemy, just for a natural looking path.
It will be just a big Mountain, but it is not attractive for the player, you can't walk in, or build something here.
The player will have no time to look for these starting units, first when the finished the long path the player can chase them down.
It's like small invasion, anyway nobody cares where invasions coming from, the same here.

But after all that, there's your own process, you see when you look at your old Maps. I'm happy to did everyone of it ( of course not only for Stronghold, love to be creative. )
I learn so much, every time I reach the limit, of my own Abilities.
And in this process I have to create, instead of leaving something unfinished.
Because there are many new ideas, who want to be realized.

This time I want to create a map who feels, a little bit alive, something is going on all the time.
I will leave a comment here, when it's finished and uploaded.
It's really difficult to describe everything with words, the finished Version tells everything .

By the way do you know the limit of Units on the entire Map? And what is counting as a unit, animals? Trees?
I ones reached a point, where I don't get any villagers.
Sometimes Invasion where smaller because of that.

Thanks very much for your support so far, greetings from Germany.
posted 03-10-17 16:38 EST (US)     6 / 6       
Well, gameplay is always in the first place, but to many people having nice landscape is also necessary to have fun, or at least to give your map a shot. I mean, they see a decent landscape, a gorgeous map is never a necessity, I think.

What you describe does sound interesting. And of course, this way for AI troops doesn't have to be wide, and of course nobody would need to build anything on that road.

And indeed, by the time we do get better in making maps, and what have been helping me was playing maps by other fans. Some of them can create true master peaces, and I was getting better exactly by trying their maps. But I don't consider myself a great mapmaker. The sad part is that I have become a part of this community pretty late when I already didn't have as much time as I did when I was in high school for example.

I don't know how large are those limits, but I do know they exist. There is even a limit to number of rocks which you can place on a map, so I am not surprised with what you say at all. But I have to say that having large number of units on the map is far from necessary for players to have fun. In fact, it has always been more interesting for me to win in a scenario where I need to get more troops while struggling with economy, than in a scenario where in which the enemy simply sends tons of troops.

You're welcome, my friend.
Best regards from Serbia!
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