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Stronghold 2 » Forums » Stronghold and Crusader: Scenario Design and Modding Forum » New to SH modding - is it possible to edit the appearance of buildings (e.g. keep)?
Topic Subject:New to SH modding - is it possible to edit the appearance of buildings (e.g. keep)?
posted 07-08-17 13:22 EST (US)         
Hello all,

I'm new to SH modding but I have been a big fan of the series for about a year now. I've played SH2 the most but have recently fallen in love with the original game.

However, as a medieval historian (specifically, 12th century architecture) the appearance of some of the buildings in-game bothers me a bit. I'd quite like to have a go at creating some new art for them (I've been brushing up on isometric sprite art online). My question is - is this possible?

Many thanks,

posted 07-09-17 06:10 EST (US)     1 / 3       
Hi, yes, it is possible.

Here is what I was told by Teutonen Ritter who made Stronghold Europe mod of Stronghold Crusader, aka Stronghold Medieval England, in a personal message at another forum.
Notepad ++ to edit the Exe. Your can make this. Is not a problem for Firefly. This is the heart for the Mod.
Search a name from a file from Stronghold Crusader (or Europe) and your can edit this. Bur, you can not replace more letters than are available.

Stronghold Toolbox to edit the gm1 and tgx files.

Fireflys Mooding Tools: Link to the Guide for this.
Download 1 Download 2

Audacity here can your make the wave and raw files. Link to a tutorial.

Hex Editor MX Good tool to edit the units Color (red,blue,yellow...) in the Maps. Tuturial

Description for missions in Crusader and Europe. Link

Adding a Cede (or any other event) To a Map That Does Not Have One ------Tutorial --------Download T-Search ------ When your adding a cede your must experiment. The tutorial is a little bit confused. Not 0C i think, but rather 01 must to be changed.

Your can You can copy Stronghold (1) maps too Stronghold Europe. Tutorial ----- This applies for shrubs, trees, pebbles and Ripple Features.

A trick for Stronghold Crusader and Europe, to have more Editor features. : Link and Tutorial.

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posted 07-14-17 08:47 EST (US)     2 / 3       
Thanks very much for your reply! I look forward to giving modifying the appearance of some buildings a go.
posted 07-14-17 15:08 EST (US)     3 / 3       
You're welcome! By the way, you may want to check Stronghold Europe mod, or Stronghold Medieval England. These two are mods that make Stronghold Crusader look like Stronghold 1. Stronghold Europe is the original one made by Russians, and some of them still work on it trying to improve it, and Stronghold Medieval England was developed by the team led Tutonen Ritter. The second mod was first only available in German, but it has been translated in English as well.

You may also want to check Stronghold Russian Story. That one is particularly amazing considering that it has so many new models. Those guys put a lot of effort to move Stronghold Crusader into 13th century Eastern Europe (or in other words, medieval Russia).

Sorry for not giving you any links right now, but if you might need any, just tell. I think that you can find the models from Russian Story in Stronghold Nation downloads section, and as to from where to download Stronghold Medieval England, check this website.
But be patient with those adds. It's going on my nerves too, but I haven't had the time to update the website (as I hope that might solve the issue with adds), or create another website using another free service such as ucoz, webs, wordpress, blogspot, etc.
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