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Topic Subject:Uploading Maps to SH3H
posted 11-05-11 10:41 EST (US)         
All are welcome to upload their user created maps to the SHH SH3 Download section. Please keep the following in mind.

1. Zip files only. Everyone can open a .zip file but not everyone can manage .rar .7z or other compressed formats.

2. Pathing. Don't overlook this important step of mapmaking. Troops can walk anywhere on a map unless you black it out with the Pathing Tool. Major rivers not pathed-out will be considered a fault and be rejected. Don't forget to leave gaps for your bridges either.

3. Images. If you include any images in your .zip file they should be .jpg's. .png files are many times the size and should not be used for simple screenshots.

4. Please playtest your own map before submitting it to the download section. Multiplayer maps are available in the Single Player-User Maps menu. You can select you Lord and check for access issues.

All submissions are first subject to SHH Staff review before they will show up to be available for downloading. Be patient and if you do not see your map within a few days be sure to check your registered email to see if you have been contacted about any issues pertaining to your submission.

Good luck !

/..Angel Doomsword.\
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