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Topic Subject:The Stronghold Census - Tell us about yourself
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HG Alumnus
posted 11-22-01 10:21 EST (US)         
CB please no groaning it's been a long time since we've done this topic We have so many new friends in the RTS players Besides a certain angel bullied me into this topic

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Ok all you shy folks give us a tiny bit of information

You can find the latest version of The One and Only Vaia Table in Reply 1653.

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is sensitve to bad words
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Hello Everyone,
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posted 09-28-19 10:30 EST (US)     1703 / 1704       
vlad120dude and Nelson88 welcome to Stronghold Heaven. Thank You for posting in the Census.

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posted 10-21-19 17:23 EST (US)     1704 / 1704       

I sent this to but the message bounced. Could anyone tell me where I should send it instead? Also, if anyone could point me in the right direction as to where to post this, I would certainly appreciate it.

Below is a good enough description of who I am other than:
William Chesser

My partner and I have been working on a modular castle construction product for several years. During the time I was working on it, I used to spend HOURS playing various versions of Stronghold (I can't tell you how many times I have heard, "You have been playing for a very long time, Lord. Perhaps you should go outside?" though I may be remembering that slightly incorrectly.)

While I would play, I would dream of building real castles.... well... "real" castles out of our product eventually. Well, we are now running a Kickstarter. And, to be honest, I had NO idea that Stronghold was still going strong nor that Stronghold 3 was being released (YAAAY!) until one of the people who does web design for us mentioned it.

Here's the Kickstarter:

So now here I am. I would like to find out how much it is to advertise with you. However, there's also some stuff I would love to post on your forum but I have no intention of violating your rules, so I wanted to ask about things before doing so. For example, I made some stronghold castles that look sort of like the kits we offer. We also plan to make a kit that mimics the initial keep you place when you first start a game (complete with stockpile). But I don't want to post those pictures if I would be violating your rules.

Anyway, I wanted to ask. I think there might be LOTS of Stronghold players that might be interested in building "real" castles like we are.

Please let me know the best way to proceed.

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