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Stronghold 2 » Forums » The Sword and Buckler Inn » The Stronghold Census - Tell us about yourself
Topic Subject:The Stronghold Census - Tell us about yourself
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HG Alumnus
posted 11-22-01 10:21 EST (US)         
CB please no groaning it's been a long time since we've done this topic We have so many new friends in the RTS players Besides a certain angel bullied me into this topic

Mid-west US
Game and applications beta tester
Cherub since 1999

Ok all you shy folks give us a tiny bit of information

You can find the latest version of The One and Only Vaia Table in Reply 1653.

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The Architect
posted 05-23-07 15:02 EST (US)     1526 / 1704       
VitruviusAIA , could you possibly change my age to 16.

posted 05-23-07 16:41 EST (US)     1527 / 1704       
Thanks VitruviusAIA

"the only thing that makes me feel safe is the fact that this is the 20th one of these camps my school has done and snakes are reptiles so they get their energy from the sun so when the sun goes down hopefully they will go to sleep or whatever they do and not decide to sleep with me when they discover there log isn't very comfortable."-scragins
King of Scots
posted 06-21-07 15:18 EST (US)     1528 / 1704       
Forum Name: King of Scots
Real Name: Mike L.
Age: 15
Location: Spokane, WA
Occupation: High School Sophomore
Hobbies: Kingmaker Map designer, Bagpiper, Marching Band.
Forum Member since: sometime last winter
HG Alumnus
posted 06-22-07 03:07 EST (US)     1529 / 1704       
Welcome to the site, King of Scots, even though you signed up six months ago!
Soirem Sakiti
posted 06-22-07 15:17 EST (US)     1530 / 1704       
Soirem Sakiti
High School Freshman
Pine Bluff, Arkansas
Trumpeter and Game Fanatic
Been Here since two days ago
The Architect
posted 06-22-07 16:04 EST (US)     1531 / 1704       
Welcome to Stronghold Heaven King of Scots and Soirem Sakiti.

Ive added your names to our Members List.

posted 06-26-07 08:27 EST (US)     1532 / 1704       
I Didn't See My Name On The List *Sob*


Name: Willie Smith
Age: 14.
Lives In: Nottinghamshire, England, uk, MilkyWay, Sub Universe, Universe, Multi Universe, And Then That Goes On For A Very Long Time x]
Occupation: Secondary School Student :P
Hobbies: SH, Obv.
Sports: None. Cuz They Suck :P
Been Here Since: 06-11-2006.

If you fart consistently for 6 years and 9 months, enough gas is produced to create the energy of an atomic bomb.

If one places a tiny amount of liquor on a scorpion, it will instantly go mad and sting itself to death.

2 Really Cool Facts

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The Architect
posted 06-29-07 11:23 EST (US)     1533 / 1704       
Stop whining.

Your name is on the List.

posted 07-05-07 18:05 EST (US)     1534 / 1704       
Age : 12
Country : USA
State : Wisconsin
Favorite Things: Pizza , Biking , and kicking The Caliphs Butt!!!(Espesially That)
Sir Hugh
BfME2H/SHH Seraph
posted 07-05-07 23:02 EST (US)     1535 / 1704       
OasisMaster, sadly I must ban you. In order to stay in legal compliance with COPPA (The Children's Online Privacy Protection Act) it is HeavenGames's policy not to allow persons under the age of 13 to be members of our forums.

________                                         ________
\________\------______ _____------/________/
\_______\---\\\\ Sir Hugh ////---/_______/
\_____\--\\| Seraph |//--/_____/
Alien Lord92
posted 07-06-07 07:31 EST (US)     1536 / 1704       
Favourite things:Macaroni, playing games.

As the enemies armies grow, so must yours. Stronghold Wiki

Alien Lord92
The Architect
posted 07-11-07 16:53 EST (US)     1537 / 1704       
Alien Lord92,

Ive added your name to our Members Table. Thank you for posting in this thread.

posted 07-12-07 20:30 EST (US)     1538 / 1704       
Name: Tom
Age: 17
Gender: Male
Location: Tampa, FL
Hobbies: RTS gaming, RPG gaming, TPS Gaming (Gears of War), Basketball, Football

EDIT: My birthday is 11/16/89

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posted 07-12-07 23:52 EST (US)     1539 / 1704       
Forum Name: EvilerCheese


Age: 18

Born on: 9/18/88

Location: Wisconsin (land of cheese and crazy people )

Occupation: Well, at the moment I guess I'm a bum, since I don't really do anything...

I've been here and have been submitting maps since 03-31-2005 but I only recently started participating in the forums (I generally don't like forums, the people I meet in them are usually rude...)

Favorites: Real Time Strategy (like Stronghold) and First Person Shooters (like Counter-Strike) are what I usually sit around and play, but I also play Magic: The Gathering (it's a card game) quite frequently with my friends, and I also enjoy a good D&D adventure.

The patiently impatient one.
posted 07-13-07 06:47 EST (US)     1540 / 1704       
Well you've come to the right place EvilerCheese! This is probably the friendliest wee corner in Heaven Games! You'll not find too many rude people here, if any at all. And the mods keep good control over behaviour.

"the only thing that makes me feel safe is the fact that this is the 20th one of these camps my school has done and snakes are reptiles so they get their energy from the sun so when the sun goes down hopefully they will go to sleep or whatever they do and not decide to sleep with me when they discover there log isn't very comfortable."-scragins
Sir Hugh
BfME2H/SHH Seraph
posted 07-13-07 10:06 EST (US)     1541 / 1704       
Welcome to the forums TomTom and EvilerCheese.

________                                         ________
\________\------______ _____------/________/
\_______\---\\\\ Sir Hugh ////---/_______/
\_____\--\\| Seraph |//--/_____/
The Architect
posted 07-16-07 17:50 EST (US)     1542 / 1704       
315 MEMBERS in the Table!

Forum Name Gender & Age** Birthday Location Forum Member
VIP's, Seraphs, Angels and Cherubs
bobT aka Bob Taylor M 50 Sep-06-56 Canada Mar-23-01
CaptSkubba M 22 Nov-25-84 Scotland Oct-05-05
Lord Wibble M 31 - UK Nov-17-01
Angel David M 23 Dec-27-83 Sweden Nov-18-99
Angel Jayhawk M 43 Mar-22-64 Netherlands Dec-12-98
Angel Lady Arcola F 42 Sep-01-64 USA Sep-28-02
Angel Sulis M 34 Jun-19-72 UK Feb-16-02
Angel Blood Phoenix M 15 May-12-91 UK May-20-04
Angel Civis Romanus M 58 Nov-16-48 USA Jun-15-99
Angel Draco M 31 Jul-08-75 USA Aug-29-97
Angel Dr Lorenzo M 17 Sep-11-89 Australia Jun-10-02
Angel GillB F 50 Jul-16-56 UK Mar-10-99
Angel Granite Q M 59 Nov-17-47 UK Nov-17-01
Angel PCDania M 45 Jan-23-62 Denmark Apr-12-99
Angel Reckless Rodent M 27 Aug-25-79 UK Oct-1998
Angel SNR M 19 Oct-06-87 UK Sep-09-01
Angel SpineMan M 34 Nov-28-72 USA Feb-1997
Angel Stonewall J M 17 Aug-11-89 USA Jun-24-05
Angel VitruviusAIA M 56 Mar-23-51 USA Aug-17-00
Angel Z M 19 - USA Jan-21-01
Angel Zen M 29 - USA Apr-11-98
Cherub Bradius M 45 Jun-08-61 USA Apr-09-99
Cherub EnemyofJupitor M 15 Feb-09-92 UK Nov-22-05
Cherub Sir Hugh M 16 Jun-22-90 USA Aug-03-05
Cherub Stratego M 50 Mar-11-57 Germany Mar-14-04
Cherub Wraith M 26 Aug-08-80 Canada Feb-04-02
Forum Members
Adder M 17 Jul-02-89 USA Nov-17-02
AFFRONT M 27 - UK Feb-04-02
Alien Lord92 M 15 - Finland Apr-01-07
* Alamendus M 15 Nov-01-91 USA Oct-30-04
Alexander I M 42 - Netherlands 1998
alexia F 16 - Australia Jun-16-02
Alex Poff M 45 Jul-1961 Canada May-12-03
andros M 40 - USA Jan-14-02
Andy Baz M 26 - Russia/UK Apr-19-04
Angel_of_Death M 16 - UK Jul-23-05
apuya24 M 13 Aug-25-93 Canada Jun-22-06
Ariadni F 33 - UK Nov-09-05
Arn_de_Gothia M 17 Dec-26-89 Sweden Oct-15-04
ArthurKing02 M 17 - USA Nov-14-02
artofmath M 15 - USA Nov-27-05
aubergine M 34 Feb-20-73 UK Feb-23-02
BadKharma M 39 - USA Nov-14-04
Badtrash M 35 Jul-23-71 USA Feb-25-02
Baron la Dawson M 14 - USA Aug-12-05
Bartman82 M 14 - Australia Dec-17-01
Battle Mage corp M 15 - Bulgaria Jun-28-07
baxtenater M 14 - USA Apr-07-07
bengel M 22 Jun-21-84 Belgium Oct-02-99
Benizio M 13 - Finland Jul-23-04
b_heald M 19 Jul-16-87 USA Feb-27-02
Biggus Thingus M 34 Oct-17-72 South Africa Dec-13-01
Bishop M 15 - USA Oct-18-01
Bismuth M 53 Mar-05-54 USA Aug-29-03
Bit M 16 - USA Jun-20-02
Black6 M 38 - USA Jun-26-03
Blackadude M 36 Aug-03-70 USA Feb-21-06
blacksheep1 M 40 Sep-04-66 USA Mar-11-02
Bleda_ M 18 Apr-13-88 Canada Apr-10-02
bleedteal M 20 Sep-05-86 USA Mar-18-02
bloodhoof M 17 Apr-15-89 Lithuania Feb-11-04
brandonlavoie M 15 Jan-27-92 Canada Dec-20-04
Brave Sir Robin M 20 May-18-86 New Zealand Dec-12-00
brave sir robyn M 36 - UK Sep-30-02
Bravo6 M 52 - USA Feb-06-02
btaylor2001 M 24 Mar-09-83 UK Jul-27-02
Bulletproof M 34 Mar-08-73 USA Nov-19-02
Captain Diablo M 13 - - Jul-11-05
CaptinCrunch M 16 Jul-26-90 USA Mar-12-07
Carcassonne - 33 - USA Apr-25-05
Caylynn F 35 Mar-19-72 Canada Dec-05-99
Cellish M 15 - USA Apr-02-02
C Franziskus M 52 Apr-21-54 USA Jun-11-00
Chewmen_zak M - - USA Jun-21-04
Colosseum M 15 - USA May-31-03
commandwolf2 M 18 Dec-14-88 USA Nov-30-02
compmage M 30 Oct-11-76 South Africa Jan-28-02
crazygungan M 17 Apr-05-89 UK Nov-11-05
Crusader Knight M 13 - USA May-19-04
da_CONQUEROR M 19 - USA Mar-15-07
Darkmaster M 21 Oct-12-85 Canada 2001
Darkslave Master M 15 Jun-19-91 Netherlands Nov-05-05
DarthBane M 22 Dec-19-84 UK Jan-30-00
Deacon M 50 Nov-14-56 USA Dec-19-01
dead eye M 15 Sep-01-91 Lithuania Aug-16-04
Decman M 16 Dec-21-90 Ireland Jun-20-03
Derfel Cadarn M 21 Oct-14-85 Netherlands Nov-21-99
derusett M 25 Dec-15-81 Canada Feb-07-02
deusdies M 15 - Serbia and Montenegro Jun-09-05
Dilberticus M 32 - USA Oct-07-02
DirtySailor M 49 - Canada Aug-24-04
dlewis M 52 - USA Jul-11-02
Dpminatr M - - USA Sep-23-05
Duan Xuan M 18 May-14-88 Singapore May-28-01
Duc Combrage M 15 - - May-09-06
Duke of Mulnis M 19 Aug-24-87 Belgium Sep-06-03
DwarfFromHell666 M 13 - USA Sep-26-04
Earl Listibald M - Jan-13-?? Canada Nov-05-02
Edster_Doomlord M 25 Sep-01-81 UK Jan-21-02
Eduardini M 19 Feb-02-88 Portugal Aug-03-02
Elladan Nauranca M 64 May-24-42 Netherlands Apr-23-05
Eothain M 19 Mar-05-88 UK Sep-09-01
Eric IV M 17 Oct-1989 USA Apr-29-06
Eruco Elessar M 25 Feb-27-82 UK Apr-05-06
ET FLAVIUS M 61 Jun-29-45 USA Jan-26-99
EvilerCheese M 18 Sep-18-88 USA Mar-31-05
Evil Trigger M 14 - Canada May-10-05
eyeofthetiger M 16 Jun-27-90 USA May-30-05
Falco M 47 Jun-10-59 USA Nov-28-01
FantasiaWHT M 22 - USA May-07-02
FD2 M 14 Jun-02-92 USA Jul-17-04
FflynnCRyffe M 31 - Canada May-19-04
Field Marshal BM M 18 Feb-10-89 USA May-06-04
foulgrin M 45 Oct-1961 USA Jan-09-02
Freddy P M 18 Sep-01-88 USA Oct-01-02
FroobaChoob M 14 - UK Jun-11-06
Frozen Water (Ice) M 33 Apr-17-73 Singapore Feb-13-01
Gaiseric M 20 Oct-04-86 Singapore Jun-16-01
Garret Jax M 24 - Canada Nov-07-05
* Gauvner of Cryde M 15 Jun-23-91 UK Apr-14-07
Great Cornholio M 37 - USA Mar-29-02
Griffon2 6 M 19 - USA Apr-26-05
Grimbold M 20 Nov-12-86 Canada Jun-11-05
Gustavia F 59 Sep-28-47 USA Jan-26-99
Hanarky F 44 Jan-05-63 Germany Dec-11-01
Helwood M 17 - USA Nov-14-02
henryhotspurs M 39 - USA Apr-17-05
Hentenno M 34 - USA Jun-13-03
HeroPatrick 111 M 15 Jun-15-91 USA Dec-08-04
hojsimpson M 21 May-28-85 USA Mar-11-03
homegrown M 41 Jan-17-66 USA Dec-22-99
Ibeliamoyes M 17 Jan-25-90 UK Apr-06-05
ice_dragon M 19 Nov-1987 Lebanon Jul-29-04
Ichbinian M 17 Mar-11-90 Canada Nov-12-04
ICTOAGSN M 14 - USA Jan-16-04
Inquizative_HTS M 33 Jun-26-73 USA Jun-1999
Irish Stag M 18 May-17-88 USA May-15-01
Iron_DragonLord M 19 Jan-02-88 Canada Dec-18-00
Jaguar F 34 Dec-12-72 Canada May-19-00
jaime - 18 - USA Aug-31-02
Jalis M 40 Jan-1967 France Mar-22-02
Jasper Tudor M 17 Oct-15-90 Sweden Nov-10-05
Jax M 18 Mar-27-89 UK Feb-27-04
Jeru M 20 Mar-19-87 Israel Sep-16-99
Jorran M 15 - Netherlands Jun-22-06
Jp Setlak M 53 - USA Apr-22-02
JuBuOrangie M 15 Jun-06-91 USA Oct-27-04
jump_offa_house M 20 Feb-14-87 UK Aug-23-04
Kaidonni M 17 - UK Apr-23-02
karaz the fish M 27 Aug-06-79 Romania Aug-20-04
karmic M 22 Sep-28-84 Estonia May-29-02
Kazmeister M 28 Dec-25-78 USA Apr-30-05
Kester F 38 Aug-09-68 USA Mar-10-04
kevingamer_AcK_ M 16 Nov-09-90 China Jan-01-03
King Ace General M 13 Feb-12-94 USA Jun-12-06
King Doom M 18 Jun-09-88 UK Nov-04-03
King of Scots M 15 - USA Feb-25-07
Kioku Shin M 13 - USA Aug-29-04
Knight of Russia M 13 May-03-93 USA Jan-02-07
Koen Francois M 15 - Belgium Feb-24-04
Lady Calandria F 19 - UK Jul-11-03
ladyjane F 72 Sep-14-34 Netherlands Nov-04-02
Lady Orion F 46 - UK Dec-23-04
ladytrina F 22 - USA Mar-21-07
Leaveyou M 18 Jul-12-88 Romania Jun-17-04
Legolaim M 13 - New Zealand May-12-06
littlegloomy M 35 Sep-01-71 USA Jan-15-02
LLXerxes M - Jun-06-?? USA May-14-05
LongSiege M 16 - Canada Dec-02-01
Lord_ako M 22 - Netherlands Feb-02-02
Lord Bassani M 13 - South Korea Jun-16-03
Lord Chris M 52 1954 UK Apr-30-05
Lord CracaNut M 15 Feb-11-92 Belgium Dec-14-06
Lord Crookshanks M 15 - USA Aug-28-03
LordDresden M 32 - Canada Mar-18-02
Lord Edy M 15 May-02-91 UK Nov-05-05
Lord Fender M 29 - USA Jul-01-02
Lord_Fingolfin M - - - Jul-20-04
Lord Gandor M 15 Oct-17-91 Canada Mar-26-06
Lord Havi M 14 - Germany Apr-06-02
LordJacky M 13 Jun-11-93 USA Feb-27-06
Lord Karpathea M 20 Apr-20-87 USA Dec-30-05
lord kyle M 18 Mar-24-89 USA Sep-12-02
Lord Lincoln M 61 Jan-05-46 UK Jan-25-02
Lord Malibar M 49 Dec-15-57 USA Feb-02-02
Lord Memi I M 17 - - Jun-05-06
Lord Michael I M 15 Feb-21-92 Venezuela Dec-26-05
Lord Mikando M 63 Aug-23-43 UK Dec-13-02
lord monty M 16 - Australia Apr-16-02
Lord Muck M 38 Dec-10-68 UK Mar-12-02
Lord of Aikurisu M 25 Jul-06-81 Australia Apr-12-05
Lord of Silla M 15 - USA Apr-11-00
Lord Percyville M 15 - Scotland Oct-22-05
Lord Prozak M 15 - UK Feb-01-04
Lord_Raganar M 16 Apr-18-90 Canada Jul-05-02
Lord_Rankkor M 30 - Portugal Nov-17-03
Lord Regin M 17 - Norway Sep-26-04
Lord Sabre M 22 - Australia Mar-21-02
Lord SnakeEyes M 17 Apr-30-89 Australia Aug-31-03
Lord Thingol M 14 Jun-24-92 UK Sep-19-04
Lord Ursus M 14 Jun-13-92 Serbia and Montenegro Apr-26-06
luiguigarac M 17 Aug-12-89 Mexico Oct-21-05
Luke M 22 Jun-05-84 Netherlands Aug-07-00
M1i2K3k4O M 13 Jun-21-93 Canada Jun-09-06
Madd Sir John M 25 - USA May-30-05
madmike M 24 - UK Feb-04-02
Mama Dragon F 55 Jul-18-51 USA May-24-02
MarcusMaximus a.k.a. Grumpus the Terrible M 49 Jun-24-57 USA Jan-28-00
Margaret F 64 Dec-03-42 UK Dec-1999
Marko M 25 - Serbia and Montenegro Dec-19-00
MasterLordVader M 18 Dec-22-88 Indonesia Nov-29-02
Master Welsh M 15 Nov-02-91 UK Mar-27-02
matmilne M 19 - Scotland Jan-12-06
MaximusDecimus M 19 Sep-01-87 USA Apr-02-05
MaxxQ M 42 Sep-05-64 USA Dec-24-01
Mechstra M 19 Nov-30-87 Scotland Apr-02-01
Memsurs M 36 Nov-02-70 USA Mar-24-01
mensch M 32 - Germany Jul-15-02
MercilessMuaddib M 42 - Denmark Feb-12-03
Merepatra F 48 Oct-22-58 Australia Mar-19-00
Micah Aragorn M 54 Jun-??-52 USA Feb-13-02
MillenniuM M 24 - Italy Sep-03-03
Mingraphics2 F 46 - USA Apr-21-05
MNICY M 16 Apr-19-90 Canada Jan-19-05
mouse F 65 Jun-24-41 USA Dec-02-98
Mr_Comp01001 M 14 Jun-09-92 USA Jan-02-02
MS13 M 17 - Egypt May-08-06
NAT M 17 Jun-26-89 UK Apr-22-03
Neferjili F 65 Dec-09-41 Australia Apr-23-00
* NeKoeNMa M 17 Aug-28-89 Brazil Aug-31-03
nfp M 23 - Czech Republic Dec-11-02
nickname - 16 - USA Jan-28-03
Nimmanu F 35 Nov-1971 USA Jul-12-05
Octavius Maximus M 37 Mar-29-70 USA Apr-25-02
Ome Arie M 19 - Netherlands Sep-30-03
Ouly M 37 - Canada May-18-02
ozray M 27 - Australia Jan-06-06
pad11 M 41 Nov-27-65 USA Apr-18-05
Paracelsus M 56 - USA Mar-31-07
PippinofTook M - - USA May-24-05
Psycho Jester M 41 Jun-18-65 USA Feb-28-07
PWRmad M 50 Jan-21-57 USA Feb-05-07
Rat M 41 Sep-19-65 USA Dec-2000
Redeye CoV M 21 - USA May-24-05
Richard the God M 13 - UK Feb-16-02
Ring Wraith M 19 Sep-25-87 Australia Jan-20-02
Rocky M 45 Dec-01-61 UK May-02-00
romani M 39 - Belgium Apr-28-02
Ryan Ezra M - - - Dec-23-05
Seagya M 34 - USA Jan-28-06
Secateur M 29 Nov-29-77 Norway Mar-01-00
Seer M 36 - USA Jul-02-02
Senator No M 20 Mar-30-87 USA Mar-07-02
Sexus R Cerinus M 38 - New Zealand Nov-12-00
sgtfury M 39 - USA Aug-13-06
ShoeMaker M - - Denmark Nov-07-03
sibs M 32 Oct-24-74 UK Feb-01-02
Sir Cuddles M 13 - Canada May-15-05
Sir Daryl M 14 - UK Dec-10-05
Sir Kaa M 22 Oct-27-84 USA May-09-05
Sir Prise M 50 - UK Apr-02-04
Sir Redneck IV M 38 - USA Apr-26-05
Sir Skywalker M 27 - USA Dec-12-03
Sir Tman M 17 - Netherlands Nov-30-04
Sir_Vet M 50 - Canada Mar-26-07
Skyknight M 16 - USA Nov-23-01
sly_guy M 18 Apr-05-89 Canada Jan-22-07
Smeagolfan24 M - Oct-24-?? USA Jul-05-06
Snydens M 15 - Norway Apr-25-04
Soirem Sakiti M 14 - USA Jun-20-07
Sparrow M 59 Sep-20-47 USA Apr-04-03
Spiritofmars M 18 - India May-31-03
squarebush M 35 Jul-21-71 USA Aug-08-04
StarKey M 54 Nov-06-52 USA Oct-19-99
StenSture M 32 - Sweden Mar-08-02
StoneBreaker M 15 Jan-28-92 UK Oct-07-07
Stringbags M 42 - UK Nov-06-00
SubindxSubin M 14 Nov-04-92 India Mar-19-07
Taeryn M 22 Sep-06-84 USA Aug-29-02
talos_911 M 20 Jul-08-86 India Jan-29-03
TaylorFlame M 14 May-06-93 Australia Nov-01-05
TealWanderERII M 44 Feb-24-63 Canada Sep-13-03
tedman333 M 14 - - Dec-05-02
Theatr_Nut M 19 - USA Jul-04-03
theferret M 20 Dec-27-86 USA Jan-20-01
the maceman M 34 - UK Jul-19-03
ThePhoenix M 16 - USA Dec-31-00
The Ztolk M 19 Jun-20-87 Canada Mar-24-01
threeswans M 28 - Australia Apr-11-05
thurdl01 M 27 Sep-14-79 USA Sep-21-00
Timhotep M 51 Jan-11-56 Finland Apr-08-01
TNK M 20 Feb-27-87 USA Dec-2000
Toetanchamon9 M 17 Mar-09-90 Belgium Nov-12-01
TomTom M 17 Nov-16-89 USA Oct-16-06
Tonto_DaVe M - - Australia Feb-27-02
Tonto_johnlee M 16 Apr-14-90 Malaysia 1999
Tonto_Tantive M - Mar-20-?? USA Apr-25-02
Tropper M 15 - New Zealand Jul-20-03
Umar Ibn Khattab M 14 - Canada May-21-07
UnikUnok M 32 Sep-23-74 USA Dec-24-02
Urko2005 - 40 Apr-03-65 UK Apr-25-05
Uruk Hai13 M 17 Nov-14-89 Netherlands Mar-08-03
Vargard M 29 - Belgium Dec-23-01
Victor_the_Great M 50 - - May-28-04
Von Manstein - - - - Mar-03-04
WarLord_Designs M 19 Jan-23-88 Australia Jun-12-04
Wilhelmus S M 31 - Belgium Nov-23-01
Windplume M 15 - USA Nov-28-00
Wize1 M 17 Mar-02-90 USA Apr-27-05
Wu Su Zheng M 16 May-15-90 UK Mar-24-02
xXLord EcKXx M 35 Mar-25-72 USA Feb-08-02
Yellek M - - USA Aug-06-05
younghappy M 16 May-10-91 UK Apr-21-06
Zalquix M 21 - USA Aug-11-05
Zebas M 15 - UK Jan-31-04
Zygoman M 13 - Slovenia Jan-19-04
* NeKoeNMa gets an asterisk by his name for making Post #1000 in this thread.
* Alamendus gets an asterisk by his name for being the 200th Member to post his stats in this thread.
* Gauvner of Cryde gets an asterisk by his name for being the 300th Member to post his stats in this thread.
** Ages updated for birthdays through March 31, 2007.


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The Architect
posted 07-16-07 17:54 EST (US)     1543 / 1704       
Thank you for posting TomTom and EvilerCheese.

Ive added your names to our Members Table.

Battle Mage corp
posted 08-15-07 15:29 EST (US)     1544 / 1704       
Thought I might extend the list a bit more.

SH name:Morbid Angel
Part of:Battle Mage corp.
Lives In:Bulgaria,Sofia
Occupation: Secondary School Student
Hobbies:Reading and SHH playing

If it's a doze it's a doze, if it's life it's life, the evironment can never be bliss. Author: Luben Karavelov.

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posted 08-15-07 23:22 EST (US)     1545 / 1704       
SHH name: artofmath
Real Name: I refuse to disclose it publically.
Age: 15, almost 16.
Location: Shrewsbury, Massachusetts, USA.
Occupation: The high school student who constantly infuriates his teachers.
Hobbies: Playing violin, writing music, doing teeth-gnashingly hard math problems.
Sports: Soccer (used to).

..."religion is the opium of the masses"... - Karl Marx.
Sir Hugh
BfME2H/SHH Seraph
posted 08-15-07 23:50 EST (US)     1546 / 1704       
Thank you for participating in the Census artomath and one of the Battle Mage Corp and welcome, relatively recent arrivals, to Stronghold Heaven.

A real name is not required and posting one does constrict on privacy. It wasn't intended as part of the Census.

________                                         ________
\________\------______ _____------/________/
\_______\---\\\\ Sir Hugh ////---/_______/
\_____\--\\| Seraph |//--/_____/
The Architect
posted 08-17-07 14:55 EST (US)     1547 / 1704       
Thank you for posting in this thread Battle Mage corp. You are the first member to post from Bulgaria.

I already had your name in our members table artofmath. I updated your age from 14 to 15 and moved you from Canada to USA. We are being invaded!

Battle Mage corp
posted 08-17-07 15:04 EST (US)     1548 / 1704       
No problem VitruviusAIA!

If my partner decides to post then I won't be alone but he'll have to go with his registration name not BMC

Morbid Angel

If it's a doze it's a doze, if it's life it's life, the evironment can never be bliss. Author: Luben Karavelov.
posted 09-11-07 07:21 EST (US)     1549 / 1704       
My bday is on 4th nov.

Please change it.

"OMG return of the forummers! Welcome back, chaps!"-King Of Scots
"Holy......Subin's back!"-Venomrider
"For all who draw the sword will die by the sword-Jesus my lord
"I would send you some snow Subin if I knew it wouldn't melt."-Lady Arcola
"Congratz Jubu, you have eneded subin's tyrannical dictatorship"- Darkslave Master
The Architect
posted 09-11-07 10:41 EST (US)     1550 / 1704       
My bday is on 4th nov. Please change it.

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