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Topic Subject:The Stronghold Census - Tell us about yourself
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HG Alumnus
posted 11-22-01 10:21 EST (US)         
CB please no groaning it's been a long time since we've done this topic We have so many new friends in the RTS players Besides a certain angel bullied me into this topic

Mid-west US
Game and applications beta tester
Cherub since 1999

Ok all you shy folks give us a tiny bit of information

You can find the latest version of The One and Only Vaia Table in Reply 1653.

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Adam the First
posted 11-27-10 15:27 EST (US)     1651 / 1704       
Hy there!

I'm 15 years old male from Hungary, a small country in the middle of Europe.

Occupation: Student 10th grade.

I enjoy reading (mostly fantasy books), playing on my guitar, cycling, story-writing, map-drawing, and of course map-making for Stronghold. I'm a very religious person and I like to talk about politics (but only as neutral person), psychology, crime, and the world's end theorys. I love metal music, my favourite band is Slipknot.

Well, that's all I can tell about myself... oh and I like chocolate more than anything.

Adam the First

"I know not with what weapons World War III will be fought, but World War IV will be fought with sticks and stones." ~ Albert Einstein

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Lady Arcola
SHH Seraph
posted 12-13-10 02:13 EST (US)     1652 / 1704       
Welcome Adam the First, thanks for telling us a little about yourself.
Nice to meet a fellow chocolate lover.

Seraph Lady Arcola
"I believe that friends are quiet angels who lift us to our feet when our wings have trouble remembering how to fly."
"A real friend is one who walks in when the rest of the world walks out." -Walter Winchell

~ BFME2 Heaven | Stronghold Heaven | Stronghold 2 Heaven~
The Architect
posted 01-02-11 19:09 EST (US)     1653 / 1704       
345 MEMBERS in the Table!

Forum Name Gender & Age** Birthday Location Forum Member
VIP's, Seraphs, Angels and Cherubs
bobT aka Bob Taylor M 50 Sep-06-56 Canada Mar-23-01
CaptSkubba M 22 Nov-25-84 Scotland Oct-05-05
Lord Wibble M 31 - UK Nov-17-01
Angel EnemyofJupitor M 15 Feb-09-92 UK Nov-22-05
Angel Jayhawk M 43 Mar-22-64 Netherlands Dec-12-98
Angel Lady Arcola F 42 Sep-01-64 USA Sep-28-02
Angel Sir Hugh M 16 Jun-22-90 USA Aug-03-05
Angel Blood Phoenix M 15 May-12-91 UK May-20-04
Angel Civis Romanus M 58 Nov-16-48 USA Jun-15-99
Angel Draco M 31 Jul-08-75 USA Aug-29-97
Angel Dr Lorenzo M 17 Sep-11-89 Australia Jun-10-02
Angel Granite Q M 59 Nov-17-47 UK Nov-17-01
Angel PCDania M 45 Jan-23-62 Denmark Apr-12-99
Angel VitruviusAIA M 56 Mar-23-51 USA Aug-17-00
Angel Zen M 29 - USA Apr-11-98
Cherub Lord Michael I M 15 Feb-21-92 Venezuela Dec-26-05
Cherub Peter2008 M 44 Apr-07-64 Germany Jan-28-08
Cherub Stratego M 50 Mar-11-57 Germany Mar-14-04
Forum Members
abe10tiger M 14 - Philippines Oct-24-10
Adam the First M 15 - Hungary Jun-18-10
Adder M 17 Jul-02-89 USA Nov-17-02
AFFRONT M 27 - UK Feb-04-02
* Alamendus M 15 Nov-01-91 USA Oct-30-04
Alexander I M 42 - Netherlands 1998
alexia F 16 - Australia Jun-16-02
Alex Poff M 45 Jul-1961 Canada May-12-03
Alien Lord92 M 16 - Finland Apr-01-07
andros M 40 - USA Jan-14-02
Andy Baz M 26 - Russia/UK Apr-19-04
Angel_of_Death M 16 - UK Jul-23-05
Angel Z M 19 - USA Jan-21-01
apuya24 M 13 Aug-25-93 Canada Jun-22-06
Ariadni F 33 - UK Nov-09-05
Arn_de_Gothia M 17 Dec-26-89 Sweden Oct-15-04
ArthurKing02 M 17 - USA Nov-14-02
artofmath M 15 - USA Nov-27-05
aubergine M 34 Feb-20-73 UK Feb-23-02
AZ ViTrAzhAs M 17 Dec-13-90 Lithuania Dec-28-06
BadKharma M 39 - USA Nov-14-04
Badtrash M 35 Jul-23-71 USA Feb-25-02
Baron la Dawson M 14 - USA Aug-12-05
Bartman82 M 14 - Australia Dec-17-01
Battle Mage corp M 15 - Bulgaria Jun-28-07
baxtenater M 14 - USA Apr-07-07
bengel M 22 Jun-21-84 Belgium Oct-02-99
Benizio M 13 - Finland Jul-23-04
b_heald M 19 Jul-16-87 USA Feb-27-02
Bheemboyz M 14 Oct-19-95 Indonesia Jul-11-09
Biggus Thingus M 34 Oct-17-72 South Africa Dec-13-01
Bishop M 15 - USA Oct-18-01
Bishop Stone M - - - Mar-08-08
Bismuth M 53 Mar-05-54 USA Aug-29-03
Bit M 16 - USA Jun-20-02
Black6 M 38 - USA Jun-26-03
Blackadude M 36 Aug-03-70 USA Feb-21-06
blacksheep1 M 40 Sep-04-66 USA Mar-11-02
Bleda_ M 18 Apr-13-88 Canada Apr-10-02
bleedteal M 20 Sep-05-86 USA Mar-18-02
bloodhoof M 17 Apr-15-89 Lithuania Feb-11-04
Bradius M 45 Jun-08-61 USA Apr-09-99
brandonlavoie M 15 Jan-27-92 Canada Dec-20-04
Brave Sir Robin M 20 May-18-86 New Zealand Dec-12-00
brave sir robyn M 36 - UK Sep-30-02
Bravo6 M 52 - USA Feb-06-02
btaylor2001 M 24 Mar-09-83 UK Jul-27-02
Bulletproof M 34 Mar-08-73 USA Nov-19-02
Captain Diablo M 13 - - Jul-11-05
CaptinCrunch M 16 Jul-26-90 USA Mar-12-07
Carcassonne - 33 - USA Apr-25-05
Caylynn F 35 Mar-19-72 Canada Dec-05-99
Cellish M 15 - USA Apr-02-02
C Franziskus M 52 Apr-21-54 USA Jun-11-00
Chewmen_zak M - - USA Jun-21-04
Cilibinarii M 13 - Israel Nov-20-07
Coll M 15 - Slovakia Apr-19-09
Colosseum M 15 - USA May-31-03
commandwolf2 M 18 Dec-14-88 USA Nov-30-02
compmage M 30 Oct-11-76 South Africa Jan-28-02
crazygungan M 17 Apr-05-89 UK Nov-11-05
Crusader714 M 18 - USA Sep-21-08
Crusader Knight M 13 - USA May-19-04
da_CONQUEROR M 19 - USA Mar-15-07
Darkmaster M 21 Oct-12-85 Canada 2001
Darkslave Master M 15 Jun-19-91 Netherlands Nov-05-05
DarthBane M 22 Dec-19-84 UK Jan-30-00
David M 23 Dec-27-83 Sweden Nov-18-99
Deacon M 50 Nov-14-56 USA Dec-19-01
dead eye M 15 Sep-01-91 Lithuania Aug-16-04
Decman M 16 Dec-21-90 Ireland Jun-20-03
Derfel Cadarn M 21 Oct-14-85 Netherlands Nov-21-99
derusett M 25 Dec-15-81 Canada Feb-07-02
Desert_Monarch M 17 - Netherlands Jul-25-08
deusdies M 15 - Serbia and Montenegro Jun-09-05
DH Thiago M 14 Sep-22-95 Brazil Dec-16-08
Dilberticus M 32 - USA Oct-07-02
DirtySailor M 49 - Canada Aug-24-04
dlewis M 52 - USA Jul-11-02
Dougleass M 18 Jun-20-90 Sweden Feb-01-05
Dpminatr M - - USA Sep-23-05
Duan Xuan M 18 May-14-88 Singapore May-28-01
Duc Combrage M 15 - - May-09-06
Duke of Mulnis M 19 Aug-24-87 Belgium Sep-06-03
DwarfFromHell666 M 13 - USA Sep-26-04
Earl Listibald M - Jan-13-?? Canada Nov-05-02
Edster_Doomlord M 25 Sep-01-81 UK Jan-21-02
Eduardini M 19 Feb-02-88 Portugal Aug-03-02
Elladan Nauranca M 64 May-24-42 Netherlands Apr-23-05
Eothain M 19 Mar-05-88 UK Sep-09-01
Eric IV M 17 Oct-1989 USA Apr-29-06
Eruco Elessar M 25 Feb-27-82 UK Apr-05-06
ET FLAVIUS M 61 Jun-29-45 USA Jan-26-99
EvilerCheese M 18 Sep-18-88 USA Mar-31-05
Evil Trigger M 14 - Canada May-10-05
eyeofthetiger M 16 Jun-27-90 USA May-30-05
Falco M 47 Jun-10-59 USA Nov-28-01
FantasiaWHT M 22 - USA May-07-02
FD2 M 14 Jun-02-92 USA Jul-17-04
FflynnCRyffe M 31 - Canada May-19-04
Field Marshal BM M 18 Feb-10-89 USA May-06-04
Fintrollx M 15 - Finland Sep-09-07
foulgrin M 45 Oct-1961 USA Jan-09-02
Freddy P M 18 Sep-01-88 USA Oct-01-02
FroobaChoob M 14 - UK Jun-11-06
Frozen Water (Ice) M 33 Apr-17-73 Singapore Feb-13-01
Gaiseric M 20 Oct-04-86 Singapore Jun-16-01
Gallowglass M 14 May-05-94 Scotland, UK May-02-08
Garret Jax M 24 - Canada Nov-07-05
* Gauvner of Cryde M 15 Jun-23-91 UK Apr-14-07
GillB F 50 Jul-16-56 UK Mar-10-99
Great Cornholio M 37 - USA Mar-29-02
Griffon2 6 M 19 - USA Apr-26-05
Grimbold M 20 Nov-12-86 Canada Jun-11-05
Gustavia F 59 Sep-28-47 USA Jan-26-99
Hanarky F 44 Jan-05-63 Germany Dec-11-01
Helwood M 17 - USA Nov-14-02
henryhotspurs M 39 - USA Apr-17-05
Hentenno M 34 - USA Jun-13-03
HeroPatrick 111 M 15 Jun-15-91 USA Dec-08-04
hojsimpson M 21 May-28-85 USA Mar-11-03
homegrown M 41 Jan-17-66 USA Dec-22-99
Ibeliamoyes M 17 Jan-25-90 UK Apr-06-05
ice_dragon M 19 Nov-1987 Lebanon Jul-29-04
Ichbinian M 17 Mar-11-90 Canada Nov-12-04
ICTOAGSN M 14 - USA Jan-16-04
ImperialKaskins M 17 - Malaysia Sep-22-10
Inquizative_HTS M 33 Jun-26-73 USA Jun-1999
Irish Stag M 18 May-17-88 USA May-15-01
Iron_DragonLord M 19 Jan-02-88 Canada Dec-18-00
Jaguar F 34 Dec-12-72 Canada May-19-00
jaime - 18 - USA Aug-31-02
Jalis M 40 Jan-1967 France Mar-22-02
Jasper Tudor M 17 Oct-15-90 Sweden Nov-10-05
Jax M 19 Mar-27-89 UK Feb-27-04
Jeru M 20 Mar-19-87 Israel Sep-16-99
Jorran M 15 - Netherlands Jun-22-06
Jp Setlak M 53 - USA Apr-22-02
JuBuOrangie M 15 Jun-06-91 USA Oct-27-04
jump_offa_house M 20 Feb-14-87 UK Aug-23-04
Kaidonni M 17 - UK Apr-23-02
karaz the fish M 27 Aug-06-79 Romania Aug-20-04
karmic M 22 Sep-28-84 Estonia May-29-02
Kazmeister M 28 Dec-25-78 USA Apr-30-05
Kester F 38 Aug-09-68 USA Mar-10-04
kevingamer_AcK_ M 16 Nov-09-90 China Jan-01-03
King Ace General M 13 Feb-12-94 USA Jun-12-06
King Areus M 15 - Canada Jun-28-10
King Doom M 18 Jun-09-88 UK Nov-04-03
King of Scots M 15 - USA Feb-25-07
Kioku Shin M 13 - USA Aug-29-04
Knight of Russia M 13 May-03-93 USA Jan-02-07
Koen Francois M 15 - Belgium Feb-24-04
Lady Calandria F 19 - UK Jul-11-03
ladyjane F 72 Sep-14-34 Netherlands Nov-04-02
Lady Orion F 46 - UK Dec-23-04
ladytrina F 22 - USA Mar-21-07
Leaveyou M 18 Jul-12-88 Romania Jun-17-04
Legolaim M 13 - New Zealand May-12-06
littlegloomy M 35 Sep-01-71 USA Jan-15-02
LLXerxes M - Jun-06-?? USA May-14-05
LongSiege M 16 - Canada Dec-02-01
Lord_ako M 22 - Netherlands Feb-02-02
Lord Bassani M 13 - South Korea Jun-16-03
Lord Chris M 52 1954 UK Apr-30-05
Lord CracaNut M 15 Feb-11-92 Belgium Dec-14-06
Lord Crookshanks M 15 - USA Aug-28-03
Lord Dredde M - - UK Apr-01-04
LordDresden M 32 - Canada Mar-18-02
Lord Edy M 15 May-02-91 UK Nov-05-05
Lord Fender M 29 - USA Jul-01-02
Lord_Fingolfin M - - - Jul-20-04
Lord Gandor M 15 Oct-17-91 Canada Mar-26-06
Lord Havi M 14 - Germany Apr-06-02
LordJacky M 13 Jun-11-93 USA Feb-27-06
Lord JayHawk M 21 - USA Sep-26-09
Lord Karpathea M 20 Apr-20-87 USA Dec-30-05
lord kyle M 18 Mar-24-89 USA Sep-12-02
Lord Lincoln M 61 Jan-05-46 UK Jan-25-02
Lord Lorensoth M 18 - Greece Nov-29-08
Lord Malibar M 49 Dec-15-57 USA Feb-02-02
Lord Memi I M 17 - - Jun-05-06
Lord Mikando M 63 Aug-23-43 UK Dec-13-02
lord monty M 16 - Australia Apr-16-02
Lord Muck M 38 Dec-10-68 UK Mar-12-02
Lord of Aikurisu M 25 Jul-06-81 Australia Apr-12-05
Lord of Silla M 15 - USA Apr-11-00
Lord Percyville M 15 - Scotland Oct-22-05
Lord Prozak M 15 - UK Feb-01-04
Lord_Raganar M 16 Apr-18-90 Canada Jul-05-02
Lord_Rankkor M 30 - Portugal Nov-17-03
Lord Regin M 17 - Norway Sep-26-04
Lord Sabre M 22 - Australia Mar-21-02
Lord SnakeEyes M 17 Apr-30-89 Australia Aug-31-03
Lord Thingol M 14 Jun-24-92 UK Sep-19-04
Lord Ursus M 14 Jun-13-92 Serbia and Montenegro Apr-26-06
Los Templiero M 15 Sep-30-94 Indonesia Jul-12-08
luiguigarac M 17 Aug-12-89 Mexico Oct-21-05
Luke M 22 Jun-05-84 Netherlands Aug-07-00
M1i2K3k4O M 13 Jun-21-93 Canada Jun-09-06
Madd Sir John M 25 - USA May-30-05
madmike M 24 - UK Feb-04-02
Mama Dragon F 55 Jul-18-51 USA May-24-02
MarcusMaximus a.k.a. Grumpus the Terrible M 49 Jun-24-57 USA Jan-28-00
Margaret F 64 Dec-03-42 UK Dec-1999
Marko M 25 - Serbia and Montenegro Dec-19-00
MasterLordVader M 18 Dec-22-88 Indonesia Nov-29-02
Master Welsh M 15 Nov-02-91 UK Mar-27-02
matmilne M 19 - Scotland Jan-12-06
MaximusDecimus M 19 Sep-01-87 USA Apr-02-05
MaxxQ M 42 Sep-05-64 USA Dec-24-01
Mechstra M 19 Nov-30-87 Scotland Apr-02-01
Memsurs M 36 Nov-02-70 USA Mar-24-01
mensch M 32 - Germany Jul-15-02
MercilessMuaddib M 42 - Denmark Feb-12-03
Merepatra F 48 Oct-22-58 Australia Mar-19-00
Micah Aragorn M 54 Jun-??-52 USA Feb-13-02
MillenniuM M 24 - Italy Sep-03-03
Mingraphics2 F 46 - USA Apr-21-05
MNICY M 16 Apr-19-90 Canada Jan-19-05
mouse F 65 Jun-24-41 USA Dec-02-98
Mr_Comp01001 M 14 Jun-09-92 USA Jan-02-02
MS13 M 17 - Egypt May-08-06
NAT M 17 Jun-26-89 UK Apr-22-03
Neferjili F 65 Dec-09-41 Australia Apr-23-00
* NeKoeNMa M 17 Aug-28-89 Brazil Aug-31-03
nfp M 23 - Czech Republic Dec-11-02
nickname - 16 - USA Jan-28-03
Nimmanu F 35 Nov-1971 USA Jul-12-05
Octavius Maximus M 37 Mar-29-70 USA Apr-25-02
Ome Arie M 19 - Netherlands Sep-30-03
Ouly M 37 - Canada May-18-02
ozray M 27 - Australia Jan-06-06
pad11 M 41 Nov-27-65 USA Apr-18-05
Paracelsus M 56 - USA Mar-31-07
PippinofTook M - - USA May-24-05
Psycho Jester M 41 Jun-18-65 USA Feb-28-07
PWRmad M 50 Jan-21-57 USA Feb-05-07
Ramen M 18 - Hungary Jun-30-07
Rat M 41 Sep-19-65 USA Dec-2000
Reckless Rodent M 27 Aug-25-79 UK Oct-1998
Redeye CoV M 21 - USA May-24-05
Redrum_Frank M 40 - USA Dec-14-06
Richard the God M 13 - UK Feb-16-02
Ring Wraith M 19 Sep-25-87 Australia Jan-20-02
Rocky M 45 Dec-01-61 UK May-02-00
romani M 39 - Belgium Apr-28-02
Ryan Ezra M - - - Dec-23-05
Seagya M 34 - USA Jan-28-06
Secateur M 29 Nov-29-77 Norway Mar-01-00
Seer M 36 - USA Jul-02-02
Senator No M 20 Mar-30-87 USA Mar-07-02
Sexus R Cerinus M 38 - New Zealand Nov-12-00
sgtfury M 39 - USA Aug-13-06
ShoeMaker M - - Denmark Nov-07-03
sibs M 32 Oct-24-74 UK Feb-01-02
SirButtercrust M 18 - USA Dec-09-07
Sir Cuddles M 13 - Canada May-15-05
Sir Daryl M 14 - UK Dec-10-05
Sir Kaa M 22 Oct-27-84 USA May-09-05
SirMarvin M 16 - Netherlands Mar-18-09
Sir Mills M 35 - USA Dec-21-07
Sir Prise M 50 - UK Apr-02-04
Sir Rael IX M 22 - Finland Dec-06-08
Sir Redneck IV M 38 - USA Apr-26-05
Sir Skywalker M 27 - USA Dec-12-03
Sir Tman M 17 - Netherlands Nov-30-04
Sir_Vet M 50 - Canada Mar-26-07
Skyknight M 16 - USA Nov-23-01
sly_guy M 18 Apr-05-89 Canada Jan-22-07
Smeagolfan24 M - Oct-24-?? USA Jul-05-06
SNR M 19 Oct-06-87 UK Sep-09-01
Snydens M 15 - Norway Apr-25-04
Soirem Sakiti M 14 - USA Jun-20-07
Sparrow M 59 Sep-20-47 USA Apr-04-03
SpineMan M 34 Nov-28-72 USA Feb-1997
Spiritofmars M 18 - India May-31-03
squarebush M 35 Jul-21-71 USA Aug-08-04
StarKey M 54 Nov-06-52 USA Oct-19-99
StenSture M 32 - Sweden Mar-08-02
StoneBreaker M 15 Jan-28-92 UK Oct-07-07
Stonewall J M 17 Aug-11-89 USA Jun-24-05
Stringbags M 42 - UK Nov-06-00
SubindxSubin M 14 Nov-04-92 India Mar-19-07
Sulis M 34 Jun-19-72 UK Feb-16-02
Sunsetguy M 17 - - Apr-09-09
Taeryn M 22 Sep-06-84 USA Aug-29-02
talos_911 M 20 Jul-08-86 India Jan-29-03
TaylorFlame M 14 May-06-93 Australia Nov-01-05
TealWanderERII M 44 Feb-24-63 Canada Sep-13-03
tedman333 M 14 - - Dec-05-02
Theatr_Nut M 19 - USA Jul-04-03
theferret M 20 Dec-27-86 USA Jan-20-01
The Hitman M 15 Jan-18-93 Bulgaria
the maceman M 34 - UK Jul-19-03
ThePhoenix M 16 - USA Dec-31-00
The Zgullhad M 18 Jun-30-92 Germany Jul-05-10
The Ztolk M 19 Jun-20-87 Canada Mar-24-01
threeswans M 28 - Australia Apr-11-05
thurdl01 M 27 Sep-14-79 USA Sep-21-00
Timhotep M 51 Jan-11-56 Finland Apr-08-01
TNK M 20 Feb-27-87 USA Dec-2000
Toetanchamon9 M 17 Mar-09-90 Belgium Nov-12-01
TomTom M 17 Nov-16-89 USA Oct-16-06
Tonto_DaVe M - - Australia Feb-27-02
Tonto_johnlee M 16 Apr-14-90 Malaysia 1999
Tonto_Tantive M - Mar-20-?? USA Apr-25-02
Tropper M 15 - New Zealand Jul-20-03
Umar Ibn Khattab M 14 - Canada May-21-07
UnikUnok M 32 Sep-23-74 USA Dec-24-02
Urko2005 - 40 Apr-03-65 UK Apr-25-05
Uruk Hai13 M 17 Nov-14-89 Netherlands Mar-08-03
Vargard M 29 - Belgium Dec-23-01
Venomrider M - June 24 Canada Nov-14-07
Victor_the_Great M 50 - - May-28-04
Von Manstein - - - - Mar-03-04
WarLord_Designs M 19 Jan-23-88 Australia Jun-12-04
Wilhelmus S M 31 - Belgium Nov-23-01
Windplume M 15 - USA Nov-28-00
Wize1 M 17 Mar-02-90 USA Apr-27-05
Wraith M 26 Aug-08-80 Canada Feb-04-02
Wu Su Zheng M 16 May-15-90 UK Mar-24-02
xXLord EcKXx M 35 Mar-25-72 USA Feb-08-02
Yellek M - - USA Aug-06-05
younghappy M 17 May-10-91 UK Apr-21-06
Zalquix M 21 - USA Aug-11-05
Zebas M 15 - UK Jan-31-04
Zygoman M 13 - Slovenia Jan-19-04
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The Architect
posted 01-02-11 19:12 EST (US)     1654 / 1704       
I just stopped by on this New Year to add Bheemboyz, Los Templiero, Coll, Ramen, Lord JayHawk, DH Thiago, Cilibinarii, King Areus, The Zgullhad, ImperialKaskins, abe10tiger and Adam the First to our Census Table.

Welcome to all of our new members!

posted 01-08-11 07:34 EST (US)     1655 / 1704       
Thanks VitruviusAIA. And Happy New Year to you too

He who hesitates is.... er....
Saviour of Lugm Campaign Contribute a Review
Sir Henry of Fen
posted 05-10-11 13:42 EST (US)     1656 / 1704       
Greetings to all Defenders of The StrongHold ,

May-10-2011 Tuesday

Ex-sailor who use to play chess and Avalon Hill games back in the dark ages before electricity. Used to make the dice from ivory; colored the dots with charcoal and pitch in those days.

Your Welcome Lady Arcola.
@ Your Service,
Sir Henry of Fen

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Lady Arcola
SHH Seraph
posted 05-10-11 14:10 EST (US)     1657 / 1704       
Welcome Sir Henry of Fen, thanks for telling us a bit about yourself.

Seraph Lady Arcola
"I believe that friends are quiet angels who lift us to our feet when our wings have trouble remembering how to fly."
"A real friend is one who walks in when the rest of the world walks out." -Walter Winchell

~ BFME2 Heaven | Stronghold Heaven | Stronghold 2 Heaven~
posted 05-20-11 07:51 EST (US)     1658 / 1704       

Croatia is North west of Hungary or just east from Italy(across the Adriatic sea)...

Finished gymnasium(a form of high school-4 years),next-going to study medicine on the college...

I train soccer for 10 years(hobby)...

I like history,biology and philosophy...along with soccer and chocolate...

My best strategy games:Stronghold 1,Stronghold Crusader,Empire total war

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Lady Arcola
SHH Seraph
posted 05-20-11 12:37 EST (US)     1659 / 1704       
Welcome asgaroth, Thanks for adding your name to our members table. Thank you also for telling us a little about yourself.

Seraph Lady Arcola
"I believe that friends are quiet angels who lift us to our feet when our wings have trouble remembering how to fly."
"A real friend is one who walks in when the rest of the world walks out." -Walter Winchell

~ BFME2 Heaven | Stronghold Heaven | Stronghold 2 Heaven~
HG News Director
posted 05-20-11 17:30 EST (US)     1660 / 1704       

I've been here for a while, and never "introduced myself". But you know, better late than never ^^

Born 25 February 1995.
South Romania

I'm a student, not a model one and not much of a books fan either. I spend my free time outside with friends, at PC and training karate.

------// Cherub \\------
---\\ Lord_of_Hell //---
-\\ ----------- //-
Sir Prized
posted 07-17-11 02:58 EST (US)     1661 / 1704       
Hells bells, been a bleeding longtime since I graced this place, I see the forum has changed quite a bit or my memory is going, properly a bit of both.

I was/am a member here some 7 years ago but alas as said previously, memory has nearly departed and thus my old alias although still alive (so it appears) is beyond help as my password has gone along with my receding hairline. Thus this old knight has done the decent thing and added a 'd' (for doughnut head)to my old nick.

Whilst visiting my strongroom in search of a few gold Doubloons to pay off my creditors, i chanced across a large chest, upon opening it I found some wondrous things like a 8 track player, a Betamax video recorder, a Sega megadrive and a book-sized plastic container covered in dust and cobwebs.

Dusting off this ancient package I soon saw that it was an early PC game, slowly opening the container I was astonished to see, sat inside, an orange/brown disk with the words 'Stronghold'

'My word' I shouted aloud ( Tis glad no one heard me, for thinking I would be slightly mad ) At that moment a wave of nostalgia ran through my body.

Falling to my knees, I carefully prized the disk from its cradle, looking at the silver coating underneath, it appeared to be in perfect condition. 'To my PC' I cried and ran with haste towards my privy chamber (First, locking the seven bolts and clasps and locks on my strongroom)

Having placed the disk into my computer, I then entered once more into the wonderful world of the original Stronghold.

Oh what memories it brought back, having played through all the quests, my desire was to seek out more, and hence I once again I have chanced upon a vision from the past.

Thus I have again rejoined this place to see whats what and who is still alive, some names are familiar and many are not, but hopefully we are all friends united under the same

Sir Prized

Oh by the by, if anyone wishes to see my original it is on page 40 of this thread.

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posted 07-17-11 04:09 EST (US)     1662 / 1704       
Sir Prise! wow, there's a name you cannot forget

Although 6 years have past since we last spoke in the forums I still remember Castaways and the often humerous posts you made in the forums, it's great to hear from you

Work in progress
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The world is my country, all mankind are my brethren, and to do good is my religion.
Author: Thomas Paine
posted 07-18-11 00:18 EST (US)     1663 / 1704       
I didn't even realize that this existed.

Southern California
Aspiring Author

Like it says above, I'm attempting to start a career as an author. I've sent short stories to various magazines and such, but ultimately I've decided to go for ebooks. Other than that I play video games a lot. I have a habit of starting making maps and not finishing them or disliking them midway and scrapping them. Otherwise I just enjoy throwing my opinion around here and there.
posted 07-18-11 01:44 EST (US)     1664 / 1704       
I didn't even realize that this existed.
Neither did I.

March 30, 1995
Midwest US
Attending high school

I tend to draw when I don't know what to do. I spend some time with friends when they're not talking about baseball the entire time.

I'm a huge sweets fan.

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Lady Arcola
SHH Seraph
posted 07-20-11 15:04 EST (US)     1665 / 1704       
Sir Prise! Welcome back and what a nice post I can almost see that look of delight when you found the game. Sorry you couldn't find your old password, I may have been able to help you there, you can email my hg addy if you would like to use the old one.

Sevsherer and Stife we welcome you both. Enjoy the forums.

Seraph Lady Arcola
"I believe that friends are quiet angels who lift us to our feet when our wings have trouble remembering how to fly."
"A real friend is one who walks in when the rest of the world walks out." -Walter Winchell

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posted 07-21-11 04:09 EST (US)     1666 / 1704       
I haven't seen this too.

My real name is Samir.
22 years
I live in Serbia
Site member since few months ago.

~SW~ EaglePrince
crests for Stronghold Crusader | crests for Stronghold 2
for any suggestions about these, or anything else, you can contact me through the guestbook on the website, or register there and send me a personal message
Lady Arcola
SHH Seraph
posted 07-30-11 00:58 EST (US)     1667 / 1704       
Welcome to the members table and forums EagleKingNS glad to see you found it also.

Seraph Lady Arcola
"I believe that friends are quiet angels who lift us to our feet when our wings have trouble remembering how to fly."
"A real friend is one who walks in when the rest of the world walks out." -Walter Winchell

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posted 09-29-11 16:25 EST (US)     1668 / 1704       
Hi! I'm gonna just to say that EagleKingNS has made a new account. Now I am EaglePrince, cause I wanted to have the same nick at all Stronghold Crusader communities.

My real name: Samir.
Gender: male
birthday: 18.01.1989.
I live in: Serbia, Novi Sad
Site member since: April 13, 2011

I'm not gonna use the old account anymore.
posted 10-23-11 19:15 EST (US)     1669 / 1704       
Real Name: Alex Taylor
Gender: Male, cos Im manly.
Birthday: 10/10/93... thats dd/mm/yy so ya know
Location: Concrete Cow Country, United Kingdom
Job: Aspiring Actor (Another one!)

Leader and Trigger Artist of Mythic Studios
I need players for my Peloponnesian War RPG (Its Semi-Historical)
Now quit being a bitch and quote me in your signature like Yeebaagooon used to. ~Out Reach
HG News Director
posted 10-23-11 19:20 EST (US)     1670 / 1704       

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posted 11-11-11 02:20 EST (US)     1671 / 1704       
Now, my introduction.

Real Name: Fayez Shahzad
16 years
Student, Higher Secondary School (11th)

Islamabad, Pakistan, South Asia

My objective of life: To do something good for science.
My objective for Stronghold: To left my name in pages of economic missions.

Hey isn't there anyone from Pakistan or our neighbors(Indians)???

Titanic is as strong, even God can't sink it.

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HG News Director
posted 11-11-11 05:38 EST (US)     1672 / 1704       
I think Surajsubba and subindxsubin were from India, but neither of them are visiting the site anymore

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posted 11-11-11 06:08 EST (US)     1673 / 1704       
GiGaBaNE (not Gigabane, the canadian name taker) Name claimed in '92


Hampshire UK
Ex-Technician, Current Construction (labour/groundworks and plant)
Born: Dec 77

Love computers, reading and problem solving.
4 kids, 3 i live with.

Life goals
Fix the african water situation (current info needed, watts per square meter lighting needed to simulate the african sun per sqm.)
design a way to passivly change the frequency of a light wave.

What more can i say, im not very social, think i was built to care for the few and avoid the many.

favorite activity; gettin stoned and inventing ways to make the world a better place, lol

Warning: Smokers computers die younger. Dont let them breath your smoke, or at least clean the heatsinks 5 times more often than a non smoker!

My opinion is free, spellchecking costs extra.
HG News Director
posted 11-11-11 06:41 EST (US)     1674 / 1704       
Welcome to SHH, GiGaBaNE

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posted 11-13-11 17:06 EST (US)     1675 / 1704       
Update request pending :P

Leader and Trigger Artist of Mythic Studios
I need players for my Peloponnesian War RPG (Its Semi-Historical)
Now quit being a bitch and quote me in your signature like Yeebaagooon used to. ~Out Reach
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