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Topic Subject:Bit off topic...
Mathew Steel
posted 07-28-14 14:23 EST (US)         
Hi all haven't spoke in a while but I have a question. A new game is being released next year, "Rainbow Six: Siege" the game looks amazing and I'm definitely buying it. But I'm not sure what I want it for. PC or Xbox One. The only thing making me unsure are the system requirements, on Xbox I know there would be no performance issues but if I can run it on PC then PC is my choice. Will my rig be able to run it?

System Requirements for Rainbow Six: Siege

My Rig:
Inspiron 7520
Intel Core i7-3612 CPU 2.10GHz (Clock Speed 3.10GHz)
64 Bit-Operating System
Intel(R) HD Graphics 4000
AMD Radeon HD 7730M

Obviously I'll set the graphics card to the AMD when playing the game. All help appreciated, thank you!

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(id: PCD)
posted 07-28-14 15:45 EST (US)     1 / 3       
IF the predicted requirements at game-debate are correct, the game should run on your notebook

Note #1: I have no idea if there are any problems related to getting the newest graphics driver for you Notebook. New games often require the newest graphics driver and notebooks manufacturers are notorious for not make the newest graphics driver available.

Note #2: The requirements are only a guess so there is no one knowing what they will end up being. Not even the developer knows yet. A different thing is I personally would wait before buying the game for PC until people report if it is a good or bad port to PC. Nothing can ruin a good game than being a bad port.

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Mathew Steel
posted 07-29-14 14:12 EST (US)     2 / 3       
Okay that's good to hear. I'm hoping the game will be optimised well but yeah I'll be sure to wait before buying it. Thanks PCD!
posted 10-19-18 14:40 EST (US)     3 / 3       
Prices hitting ground and with Black Friday 2018 there are a whole lot of PS4 Black Friday Deals, PS4 bundle deals, there is no chance you can afford to miss out on them.

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