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Stronghold 2 » Forums » The Sword and Buckler Inn » Ah... the memories. Haven't been on here for many years.
Topic Subject:Ah... the memories. Haven't been on here for many years.
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posted 11-19-14 11:23 EST (US)         
Hello folks. Are there still people around in these echoing halls? :P

I used to be really involved in this community, I made tons of maps. Look at my signature for a couple of them. (images are all gone though)
I even won a competition, which was fun. Stronghold is one of those few games that really consumed my life for a while, and I loved every second of it. :P

Anyways, for some reason I decided to look around here and I got really nostalgic. I loved the community.

Is there anyone around who still remembers little old me?

Check out Rome, Duomo, Troy, and Ghost.
Also, check out my campaign! First chapter, second, third, fourth, and the fifth chapter.
The Dragonheart
posted 11-26-18 17:28 EST (US)     26 / 38       
How about we all agree to make one new map and submit them on a specific day next year? You wouldn't need to put a lot of work into them, and we could allow plenty of time for people to see the announcement and also to work on the maps (since people have jobs, families, etc).

It could inject a spark of life into the community again.

I'd be down.

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posted 01-14-19 12:14 EST (US)     27 / 38       
Well hello to all as well!

...was strolling down memory lane and saw this post!

Happy 2019 old friends!

'And they that shall be of thee shall build up the old waste places; thou shalt raise up the foundations of many generations; and thou shalt be called, the repairer of the breach, the restorer of paths to dwell in' - Isaiah

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posted 03-11-19 04:13 EST (US)     28 / 38       
Hello to all. Every few years I stop back to see it anything is going on. Have not posted until now. Ahh, great memories of a fantastic game and the wonderful and talented players I met here. I don't think there'll ever be a game quite like it. 'Till next time, Sparrow.
Lord Tanthos
posted 07-24-19 17:34 EST (US)     29 / 38       
Nothing like going back and re-reading forum posts from my teen years.

Not as cringe as expected. ^_^

I have really enjoyed re-playing the scenarios I made thirteen years ago. I rediscovered them here this month and found a lot of joy and surprise in not remembering what happens in them.
posted 07-26-19 21:14 EST (US)     30 / 38       
I just submitted a map for upload in the Stronghold Crusader: Invasions section. I wonder if it'll even be approved...

..."religion is the opium of the masses"... - Karl Marx.
posted 08-13-19 00:35 EST (US)     31 / 38       
The weeb was strong with me from when I was writing stories and things ripping off old games and other folks.

I found the disc versions still working on Windows 10 so I brought them with me when I moved 1000 miles away from anyone I knew without a job for 6 months. Priorities.

I didn't even read that I wrote the same thing last year

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posted 09-08-19 12:19 EST (US)     32 / 38       

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Emperor Alexus
posted 12-27-19 01:35 EST (US)     33 / 38       
Anybody still around this place, where we once had a golden age of stronghold map making?

Have no idea what the Warlord Designs account password is that we used to upload maps with but somehow managed to login to this account which I believe was my first one.

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(id: PCD)
posted 12-27-19 12:40 EST (US)     34 / 38       
*Gets a cobweb on his nose, sneezes and removes the cobweb before continue sleeping.*

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Emperor Alexus
posted 12-29-19 06:00 EST (US)     35 / 38       
Hi PCDania,

Decided to get my hard drive out and load up some old maps, then started to wonder if anybody was still around.

Some really good time were had on here, shame they haven't created a game that comes close to the original or crusader.

I'll check back in a month or two to see who else is around lol.
posted 04-12-20 11:38 EST (US)     36 / 38       
Dear Friends, Happy Easter.
This time it is not so much about Stronhold; this is more of a message of solidarity. Since the scribe announced the unfavourable scripted event, we all had to alter our waypoints, somewhat and do some sacrifice.
However, this is Easter and most of the world is celebrating deliverance and even resurrection.
We all love a good fight on the simulator, but in the real world, there is pain (first Buddhist principle). On this level, 'redo' is not an option and we need to cry, bury our dead, honour the avant-garde, heal and rebuild. I have no doubt that very soon, we shall see the Victory banner. When the dust settles, we shall have climbed yet another notch in our evolution.
The front liners are working for inhumane numbers of hours each day, seven days a week. There is a flood of volunteers, otherwise unoccupied, cooks preparing meals for our combatants, farmers delivering free food, property owners offering lodging for quarantine... a torrent that washes the silt and exposed the dormant gems of human value.
And perhaps Man is now given another chance to revise the old dictum; "if you want peace, prepare for war". Man may want to consider that the way of compassion and harmony is the fastest route for success.
We are the naked, defenceless creature, and yet with the intelligence to be given "dominion over all the other creatures". The 'small print' in the Genesis may be saying something about the massive responsibility we shoulder.
So, my dear friends, when we behold the Victory banner, we shall be jubilant. This is not going to be yet another map down, but a true graduation on the evolutionary level.
Happy Ghid, Easter, Deliverance.

P.S. Posted during the Covid-19 crisis.

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posted 07-09-20 11:05 EST (US)     37 / 38       
Hey guys.

I used to frequent these forums by the name of subindxsubin back in 2009 or 2010 i guess...Played this game quite a lot.

Remember a lot of names like warlord designs, douglass, pcdania,ericgolf, artofmath, sparrow, dragonheart, surajsubba, lady arcola and on and on.
Remember designing some website with a friend i think his username was ericelite?

Coming back here brings back a lot of memories...

there was no one else online while i logged in. Just wanted to pop by and see how things are going here. Surprised and glad the forums still exist.
I guess i was around 12 back then.. dont game much anymore... am a doctor now... time does fly.

Signing off!!!

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posted 07-12-20 18:02 EST (US)     38 / 38       
Man, it has been a while since those days hasn't it...I turned 30 not more than a week ago. I played this game starting around, what, 11? 12? I forget. The game was released closer to when I was born than the current date.

Figured I'd say that I'm glad you stopped by subindxsubin, although I do wonder if you'll see this xD. I never really understood how your name was supposed to work. If I remember right, you mostly made Crusader maps.

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