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Topic Subject:Poll Suggestions
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Seraph Emeritus
posted 10-30-05 01:49 EST (US)         
If you have an idea for a poll, for either Stronghold Heaven or Stronghold 2 Heaven, feel free to post it here and we'll consider it. Thanks

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The Hitman
posted 09-14-08 12:50 EST (US)     126 / 133       

I got 3 new ideas for the new poll. I ain't sure will you like them, but I though I might share my ideas.

If you could change your colour in Stronghold, what colour would you prefer?

- Red
- Orange
- Yellow
- Blue
- Black
- Purple
- Teal
- Green
- It's all the same to me, if I could change it

What is your favourite equipment for sieging a caslte?

- Catapult
- Trebuchet
- Siege Tower
- Siege Ram
- Shield
- Fire Balista
- Ladderman
- Tunneler

What is your favourite trap?

- Killing Pit
- Pitch Ditch
- Moat
- Caged War Dogs
- Engineer with Boiling Oil
- I don't use traps, my skilled army can stop anyone

Please correct me, if there are more options that can be added, if I've mistaken some option or if my sentences are wrong gramatically, which is quite possible ;]

No pain, no gain!

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Sir Hugh
BfME2H/SHH Seraph
posted 10-03-08 12:56 EST (US)     127 / 133       
Thanks for sharing these Hitman.

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posted 10-04-08 07:16 EST (US)     128 / 133       
Yes these are good poll suggestions, Hitman

I am a fan of moat, myself.... but I do also like the spikey killing pits to.

He who hesitates is.... er....
Saviour of Léugìm Campaign Contribute a Review
posted 11-05-08 16:41 EST (US)     129 / 133       
What is your favourite scream of death?

* The Rat
* The Snake
* The Pig
* The Wolf
* Saladin
* The Caliph
* The Sultan
* Lionheart (Richard)
* Emporer Frederick
* King Phillip
* The Sheriff
* The Wazir
* The Emir
* The Nizar
* The Marshal
* The Abbot

I like that much the Nizar crying: "Nooooooooooo". If you find the idea interesting, I could note and add the messages.

Of Honour without Fame,
Of Greatness without Splendour,
Of Dignity without Pay
- Walter Benjamin
The Hitman
posted 11-06-08 14:58 EST (US)     130 / 133       
Eheh, nice idea, I approve it... A little big too long, but still a good one.

Personally I'd prefer the Nazir's death when allied - "Our pact... is at eeeeeeeeend"

No pain, no gain!
posted 03-02-09 14:52 EST (US)     131 / 133       
The pole for the SH2 site is showing most votes for map editor and skirmish maps. So basically the editor is most important, there are no new skirmish maps without the editor.

I have a few ideas for a new pole. How about a map survey, not what type of map eg: siege, invasion,peace.

A pole to find what people like in a map.

Do you like having a time limit?

Do you like multiple missions in a map?

Do you like to start with the castle built or do you prefer building your own?

Do you want to start with troops and goods or nothing?

Do you like restrictions, in the market and buildings cue?

Do you like maps with spearmen and archers or would you like, better troops like Knights and crossbows?

Do you like to buy a village or fight for it?

Do you like a map that's so hard no one can win or a fun not to difficult map?

If you have some ideas please post them here! I have made some points lets see what you players have to say!

posted 03-02-09 15:34 EST (US)     132 / 133       
That looks like the results of your survey would be very interesting to read, Sir_Vet.

(The survey could not be done by one of the site polls as they are for a vote-for-the-option-you-like-most type of poll. But it could be done by way of a survey thread in one of the forums.... maybe the maproom forum? where people copy the blank set of quetions posted by the thread starter and post it in their reply with their answers typed next to the question).
Lord Dredde
posted 03-17-09 19:51 EST (US)     133 / 133       
Well after being a member here for sometime,and downloading maps, i prefer hard to beat maps as they offer more challenges as i try different tactics which leads me to suggest a poll for "Which troops do you use most in seiges?"Personally i use pikes and crossbows in all four games(whenever possible)or a mass of spearmen(used them in mission3? of extreme-casualties very high).Macemen are very good shocktroops,send them in just as your swordsmen/pike arrive at the enemy keep,which leads me to the fact i wait until 'your army is at its' maximum size' before i attack.Favourite seige weapon-the seige tower-seriously under used but great fun to watch as five or more 'land' at the enemy walls.And never underestimate slaves,those pyromaniacs do a lot of damage,fought against 3 saladins in mission 38-had fires raging for years!As for colours does anyone use pink in SH2?i use blue,black and purple.

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