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Topic Subject:Stronghold 2 Steam Edition announed for October 5th
posted 09-15-17 05:05 EST (US)         
Good news, everyone! Stronghold 2 Steam Edition is going to be released on October 5th. They told us few things in this video regarding this topic.

For me the best thing that is coming is larger population. I think that's something many of us will love, especially Chris.

Besides that, they'll give us some new maps made by Firefly.

Also, Steam Achievements would be introduced, and Steam Multiplayer, which should be really cool stuff for many.

Regarding our wish for AI lords multiplayer games, it appears not to be coming with the release in October. This is their reply in the comments.
as answered in the video. Unfortunately we are not able to implement AI lords to multiplayer at this time. But we've noted this down as something fans want and will try and see if we can add it in the future.
Hopefully they'll bring it us some day soon.

I did write them a comment of my own, but I don't know if they are going to listen, or reply to that question. Well, just another begging to give us AI in multiplayer.

Besides that, I also asked them to bring 600x600 maps to Stronghold Crusader, because now we have three versions of Crusader which are not compatible, so the community is even more diversified - into 1.1 and 1.2, and 1.3, and 1.4. So three separate groups of players who can't play with each other. If they want to change it, and I think they should, they should bring something really cool into the new SHC patch, so that everybody would just give up these older versions of the game.

Back to Stronghold 2... I wish they added Doomsword's and mine castles. Mine for the two large Williams castles, and Doomsword's for the rest. The game would be much more interesting, as their economies would be way way better, and is also important - William wouldn't have an error in his castle's design allowing his enemies to simply run into the castle through two of his towers.
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