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Topic Subject:with the coming of Stronghold 2 on steam
Sir Wuik
posted 09-29-17 11:46 EST (US)         

i saw one video where firelys studios talk about Stronhold heaven forum.

it's about 5 very good maps .. but there are plenty of very good maps on this site.

and the Deutch forum site too.. but this one is dead..

i get a lot of some very good maps from it and would like to post it .. aleas i can't remember the name of the mappers..

so is it possible to only edit from the deutch site?

I don't want to steal but just keep "alive" the job made.
i play and will play always this game (i think..) and for me a good map is like a beautiful painting or a sculpture..

That's all .
posted 09-29-17 14:29 EST (US)     1 / 1       
Welcome to Stronghold Heaven. Well, the thing about Stronghold Heaven's downloads section is not about people not posting their maps, but about no new maps being approved in a while. So don't bother, at least for now until they do something about it. Or IF they do something about it.

But what you can do is to upload them to Stronghold Nation downloads section.

Still, the fact that the maps are not yours could be a problem at either of these two communities. But maybe they would allow you to upload those maps if you mention who are the creators of those maps, i.e. what are their usernames at that German forum. And of course, if you have some cool maps, it would be a shame not to share them with entire world.

Maybe you could find out who are makers of these maps by Google-searching by the map names. If that doesn't work, then mentioning the German community could be enough.

Just make sure to ask moderators at Stronghold Nation about this before trying to post these maps. You can make a new thread at Stronghold Nation forum to ask them that.

Although I would like to see those maps you're speaking about, it wouldn't be pleasant for you to spend time submitting these maps, and only for them to be rejected for being recognized as somebody else's maps.
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