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Stronghold Fantasy Competition: Ericgolf, 'Mined Over Matter'

Mined Over Matter
by Ericgolf

Runner Up

Judge’s comments: Finishing second by just one point overall, Mined Over Matter proved to be a fiendishly tricky map to play and to beat. Taking the ’place-your-own-keep’ scenario to another level, your success or failure can depend on where you choose to settle. Overcoming the invasions was a major job in itself and combined with setting up a healthy economy of your own initially, the map was fast-paced and frantic from the start. This scenario took more attempts to beat than any other entry to the competition, but don’t let this put you off; the playability/replayability factor is as good as I have ever seen in a scenario. The story and the reference to a poem or song is a key part of the scenario as a whole, but this is accompanied by a full set of supporting documents in HTML format that proved irresistible and essential reading. Indeed, the supporting documents are impossible to fault... so we didn’t!

We simply loved playing this map, over and over again, aided by the landscaping that lends itself perfectly to the style of map. Nothing is easy; everything is fought for, from collecting stone to finding locations for wheat and hop farms. Obtaining the iron I wont spoil for you. Ericgolf has delivered real quality with Mined Over Matter and scored highly across all categories. A brilliant effort and a brilliant map.

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