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Stronghold: Economic Scenarios
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Stronghold: Economic Scenarios

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Download File (398.78 KB)
398.78 KB
Poison Poppy Economics
Working for a Wicked Witch isn’t easy, what with growing Poison Poppies, picking Poison Apples, making Witch’s Brew, guarding her castle. Now she’s in a tiff because some little girl dropped a house on her sister and stole her Ruby Slippers!
by PWRmad
- 947 0 8
Download File (463.74 KB)
463.74 KB
Dreadnought Row
You lead a force rebuilding the shattered naval base in the harbor. You also discover you’re missing a few things. Don’t worry. The Emperor’s words to you echo in your ears, “The Fighting Ladies of the Fleet Oceanic will aid you”.
by PWRmad
4.6 (2)
4539 0 6
Download File (661.94 KB)
661.94 KB
The Great Redwall Feast
Abbot Mortimer of Redwall Abbey has declared a feast for this year! But, it has been a rough winter, and the abbeydwellers must first restock the abbey supplies in time for the feast. This is the third mission in the Redwall mission series by me.
by Lord Tanthos
- 1151 0 0
Download File (656.32 KB)
656.32 KB
Germaine's Request
After the fall of Castle Kotir, visitors arrive in Mossflower. Their leader asks Martin the Warrior to help her build a new abbey nearby. This is the second mission in a Redwall mission series by me.
by Lord Tanthos
4.1 (1)
1657 0 1
Download File (548.46 KB)
548.46 KB
Withdrawal in the Hills
You have retreated back in the hills to escape from the Pigs revange and to make money and food
by Dragon of C
3.2 (1)
1012 0 1
Download File (335.42 KB)
335.42 KB
Agh De Naran, Part one
The king requests goods, he need them right away.
by monkcrazy5
3.6 (1)
832 0 6
Download File (538.65 KB)
538.65 KB
The coastal Castle
Producing weapons to support the King
by Dragon of C
3.0 (1)
962 0 2
Download File (542.51 KB)
542.51 KB
Iron and Stones rip your Bones
Making money by trading iron and try to survive
by Dragon of C
- 872 0 1
Download File (335.75 KB)
335.75 KB
Fountain of Youth IV
You found the Fountain of Youth! You are the greatest Conquistador of all! But don't start dancing in the streets paved with gold yet. A rival Conquistador with eyes on your discovery is coming. Either pay him off or prepare to defend yourself!
by PWRmad
3.6 (1)
1085 0 11
Download File (331.85 KB)
331.85 KB
Fountain of Youth III
Disease, drought, and despair cover the land. You are constantly battle the neighboring tribes for food. Into the middle of all this steps a new race of people. Could they be other survivors of Atlantis?
by PWRmad
4.2 (1)
1431 0 1
Download File (318.91 KB)
318.91 KB
Fountain of Youth II
Defend the Fountain of Youth from the Wolf King's army of wolves, witches, and fireflys.
by PWRmad
4.2 (1)
1174 0 2
Download File (300.88 KB)
300.88 KB
Fountain of Youth I
It's been 3 years since you survived the destruction of Atlantis, and have been wandering this western continent to find a home. Now your High Priest has had a vision: settle here and find the fabled Fountain of Youth.
by PWRmad
3.8 (1)
1103 0 1
Download File (541.67 KB)
541.67 KB
Wolf's Ultimate castle
Wolfs castle is very hard to seige. I put in 10x walls. You have to build your castle and seige the wolf. You have thousands of suplies. Thiers a limit to what you can build.
by stupidleung4
1.3 (1)
645 0 2
Download File (753.26 KB)
753.26 KB
La Muerte Negra (Eco)
Make a success of the conquered Aztec city of Tenochtitlan. Deliver more of the Aztec gold to the King of Spain and start the job of converting the natives to the church.
by ericgolf
4.1 (2)
1507 0 6
Download File (610.28 KB)
610.28 KB
Wyre Estate Shipment
Wyre Campaign estate shipment. In preperation for the Visigoth war send arms, coin and food back to your king in your home lands. Small amounts of bandits, wolves and bares *may* be present.
by Midd
3.3 (4)
1183 0 4
Download File (408.64 KB)
408.64 KB
near Stonehaven, Aberdeenshire
by Lady Morgana
- 841 0 4
Download File (374.04 KB)
374.04 KB
Isles of Fanarchy
You were a smuggler, but are now a lord running an island economy!
by God Avo
4.4 (1)
1981 0 6
Download File (594.82 KB)
594.82 KB
Elthesia - Ale Delivery
The First In A Small Series Im Working On.
by Duc Combrage
- 682 0 4
Download File (460.99 KB)
460.99 KB
The daily Struggle
Build up your castle defend it to bandits and produce a handfull of goods
by quiet_unusual
4.0 (2)
1488 0 2
Download File (324.65 KB)
324.65 KB
The Clan of Munro
We write the clans in the Scottish highland the year 1397 fights itself under-one other to achieve about the crown from Scotland. You of the clan of the Munro require 60 swords and 2000 gold-pieces to rekutieren regiment for it around a highland.
by Metalwarrior
3.0 (2)
912 0 0

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