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Download File (312.77 KB)
312.77 KB
Rush Town-Final version(with minimap :D)
The huge city Varrock(you will know it if you play runescape) was sieged for more than 5 monthes, the defenders were defending their city bravely, is it possible to be captured?
by Sir Steele
4.8 (5)
3265 0 19
Download File (404.94 KB)
404.94 KB
Castle Urquhart, Loch Ness - Scotland
Hunt the Great Stag and look for Nessie.
by lollard97367
4.7 (3)
2819 0 7
Download File (373.6 KB)
373.6 KB
And Justice For All
The new lords all secretly agreed that men must be governed, but by whom and under what law?
by lollard97367
4.4 (1)
580 0 1
Download File (852.28 KB)
852.28 KB
Holiday In The Sun
Play as the Abbott of Quiglesbury, on a nice relaxing holiday in the sun ...
by brave sir robyn
4.5 (1)
494 0 9
Download File (903.65 KB)
903.65 KB
Dawn Assualt
Your mission is to assualt the behemoth city, Jamailia. A small group of your army was shipped in secretly at to begin it's attack at dawn. Will you take the behemoth down with your limited forces? You will need to be a very experienced commander.
by Skaarj
4.5 (2)
1839 0 6
Download File (315.96 KB)
315.96 KB
The Man-Eaters of Tsavo
This is the most famous true African adventure. Famous because what took place at Tsavo never happened before. Col John Patterson was there when it begun. Your mission: To build a bridge across the river Tsavo. Can you do that?
by lollard97367
4.2 (3)
616 0 4
Download File (557.27 KB)
557.27 KB
The Historical Battle of Maldon (991 AD)
Ealdorman Byrhtnoth, an Anglo-Saxon Earl, and his men take on the plundering Vikings, and their leader Olaf Tryggvason, when they land at Northey Island in Essex and try to collect a Danegeld.
by lollard97367
4.4 (2)
925 0 12
Download File (744.41 KB)
744.41 KB
Border Fort Sis
The Crusade takes his tribute...
by Godcha
4.4 (1)
597 0 2
Download File (366.91 KB)
366.91 KB
Death's Pass - Duke's Road Mountain Outpost
Winding through the clouded mountain peaks, The Duke's Road is...
by lollard97367
4.1 (2)
1895 0 2
Download File (691.95 KB)
691.95 KB
Slave Revolt
Kill the leader of the slave traders (cede scenario) and pursue a rigorous exploitation of all natural resources to establish a "flourishing" economy, but there is a host of threats around you...!
by Stratego
4.8 (1)
1508 0 4
Download File (312.65 KB)
312.65 KB
Weddings and War
The 20 Years War of Swampy Lakes
by lollard97367
4.3 (1)
492 0 0
Download File (617.14 KB)
617.14 KB
The Citadel of Tripoli
As word reaches you that the crusaders have begun their march into Tripoli your men have already hastened to prepare the defences, With little in the way of an army will you find the strength and finances required to hold the mighty Citadel?
by WarLord_Designs
4.7 (3)
2820 1 3
Download File (427.74 KB)
427.74 KB
The Irrigated Land
Your mission is to hold the irrigated land as long as possible against the multiple invasions.
by Waitandsee
4.4 (2)
588 0 2
Download File (288.8 KB)
288.8 KB
Cistern of Sabi Habi
make enough to trade for a new cistern valve
by lollard97367
4.4 (1)
482 0 1
Download File (530.52 KB)
530.52 KB
Bridge over Al-Sjadar
Your mission is to repair the bridge over Al-Sjadar in order to re-establish a much needed food supply route.
by Waitandsee
4.3 (3)
728 0 7
Download File (673.73 KB)
673.73 KB
Publius Aelius Hadrianus (aka Maze)
This is a real maze integrated in one of my best stories. This map took me most time to complete but the thing that makes this map great is originality: the first labirynth in Stronghold
by Leaveyou
4.5 (2)
1633 0 4
Download File (826.26 KB)
826.26 KB
Raynald De Chatillon-The siege of Kerak
My Lord can you recapture the greatness of the Saracen leader, Saladin? Take on the mighty fortress of Kerak and bring down the ruthless tirant Raynlad.
by WarLord_Designs
4.7 (8)
5265 0 8
Download File (649.62 KB)
649.62 KB
My first Crusader map, a simple cede map where you have to capture a village and then fortify it againts arab invaders.
by NAT
4.7 (4)
2125 0 4
Download File (405.46 KB)
405.46 KB
The Deserters of Wadi Durbash
Your mission is to produce gold, food and weapons in order to make a safe journey back to the homeland.
by Waitandsee
4.5 (2)
896 0 4
Download File (313.24 KB)
313.24 KB
The Well of Tavuk
Your mission is to raise an important amount for the financing of the local crusade operations.
by Waitandsee
4.3 (2)
636 0 3

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