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Download File (3.29 MB)
3.29 MB
North to Camralakh
After the death of Leigur, King of Camralakh, his great empire collapsed,rapidly disintegrating into several petty kingdoms; Galadan, Milus, Cardil & Elarun. Emperor Gibre Kar quickly took advantage of Camralakh’s disunity. A mappack.
by surajsubba
4.8 (1)
859 1 9
Download File (689.6 KB)
689.6 KB
995 - Emirates of Ylarum
Lead your elite guard and scientists on a mission to take the city!
by lollard97367
4.7 (5)
1924 1 12
Download File (0.99 MB)
0.99 MB
Jerusalem, Saladins' assault
You have taken Jerusalem, but Saladin is trying to take it back! Find out if you can fight him out in this historical map!
by Lord Michael I
4.5 (3)
1742 1 16
Download File (574.82 KB)
574.82 KB
Baghdad, Iraq - 1301 AD تل قرنفليّة
Fight over land and oil in Iraq with a mixed army of specialists and siege weapons
by lollard97367
4.6 (3)
1937 1 16
Download File (519.09 KB)
519.09 KB
Waiting for Hero
Survive for 88 years!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
by SH2 Heaven Staff
4.3 (1)
546 1 7
Download File (1.02 MB)
1.02 MB
Crusaders Kingdom - The Last Siege
An invasion map with a lot of intresting things about the Crusades.This is not a historical map.Enjoy it !
by tino
4.8 (9)
6548 1 10
Download File (1.77 MB)
1.77 MB
Siege of Minas Tirith
Fight off Sauron's Orc Horde and hold Minas Tirith in this intense representation of the Siege of the White City as written by J.R.R Tolkein in his epic book, Lord of the Rings: The Return of the King.
by Dark_Albino
4.0 (11)
1987 1 9
Download File (558.12 KB)
558.12 KB
Robin Hood
The evil Sherrif of Nottingham rules his lands with cruelty. Only the brave Robin Hood stands up to the Sherrif and with his men plans to sneak into the Sherrifs castle and kill him. You command Robin Hood and his merry men as they fight the Sherrif.
by Skaarj
4.7 (3)
6636 1 18
Download File (617.14 KB)
617.14 KB
The Citadel of Tripoli
As word reaches you that the crusaders have begun their march into Tripoli your men have already hastened to prepare the defences, With little in the way of an army will you find the strength and finances required to hold the mighty Citadel?
by WarLord_Designs
4.7 (3)
2829 1 3
Download File (387.81 KB)
387.81 KB
Keep Le Fare Siege
Make it past gunboats and traps to siege the keep and kill the lord.
by controlteather
4.1 (1)
467 1 2
Download File (718.01 KB)
718.01 KB
Kingdom of Ballista
New secret in stronghold crusader download it now and discover it now
by papu
5.0 (1)
1908 2 7
Download File (6.86 MB)
6.86 MB
Ain Ebel Warfare
You find yourself in the heat desert, between lions, the mighty Ain Ebel and the returning troops of Kh'mar Shamai. Can you manage surviving the attacks of the Sak-Ka'ra Cult while raising your economy? - Third Crusade Economic-Siege-Mix.
by Heroesflorian
4.6 (1)
740 2 6
Download File (4.85 MB)
4.85 MB
Battle of Arsuf by Lord_of_Hell
"Therefore the heartless Turks were coming over our army from all sides, from the sea and from the earth. There was no single space of at least two miles around, not even a piece of earth remained uncovered by the hostile Turkish kind"
by Lord_of_Hell
4.4 (1)
1200 2 18
Download File (2.95 MB)
2.95 MB
Siege Of Arce (Acre)
Here is 3in1 map pack where you will find 3 versions of "Siege Of Arce" battle fields.... (mistake with port city name)
by TwoDie
4.8 (1)
1091 2 13
Download File (2.35 MB)
2.35 MB
Krak Des Chevaliers - By Warlord Designs
1188, Before you stands the mighty Hospitaller fortress Krak Des Chevaliers. With a full garrison the siege will be long arduous, take command of Saladin's forces and lay siege on the mighty Krak, can you take it or will the crusaders hold out?
by WarLord_Designs
4.8 (4)
12252 2 24
Download File (961.07 KB)
961.07 KB
Assassin's Creed
Version 1.2
by The Hitman
4.9 (4)
8916 4 29

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