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Download File (586.44 KB)
586.44 KB
Revenge 2, Kings Land'
The Second Chapter in the Campiagn Revenge. After your settlement was attacked you burned your city and took what's left of your troops and peasents and left for the kings castle.
by Keith691
4.4 (1)
416 0 7
Download File (1.15 MB)
1.15 MB
Andora chapter 5 The battle of Udwatha
The final chapter is here! You march towards The Snake's castle. You have been weakened by the battle in Cuarna, but The Snake lost more. This is your only chance to defeat evil in Andora! May Lithele guide your path!
by Dougleass
4.7 (2)
1377 0 14
Download File (1.27 MB)
1.27 MB
Andora chapter 4 The City of Stars
You have arrived to Cuarna; The City of Stars. You await the army of The Snake, but they arrive much faster than expected. Who are these new soldiers? A great battle will occur.
by Dougleass
4.7 (3)
1445 0 32
Download File (877.38 KB)
877.38 KB
Andora chapter 3 The Pass of Cauros
You knew this would happen. The Snake's army has almost gained on you, and their army is 3 times bigger than you! You must fight, and you have a plan. You must stop at Cauros Pass.
by Dougleass
4.6 (3)
908 0 7
Download File (1.05 MB)
1.05 MB
Andora chapter 2 The fortress of Nador
Bavelock is dead, and the king Malar Moonsky orders you to flee from the city, and passes you his crown. You must make to the city Cuarna, and on the way you make camp in an abandoned fortress named Nador.
by Dougleass
4.3 (4)
901 0 13
Download File (1.36 MB)
1.36 MB
Andora chapter 1 The Prologue
Screams. Death. Fire, smoke... I was stumbling across the dead bodies scattered through the city… and the city was dying itself.
by Dougleass
4.6 (5)
1026 0 22
Download File (530.36 KB)
530.36 KB
You play as the Rat in this map! You'll have to gather some weapons and create a successful economy to serve the king, all while fighting against the bad guys!
by Lord Blood Hawk
4.2 (1)
423 0 7
Download File (853.08 KB)
853.08 KB
Queen and Country II - The Breaking Point
You, the young sir Eneth, has been sent by her majesty Queen Maera to capture the mighty Farandor Castle from the rebellious Lord Raiglin.
by Jasper Tudor
4.4 (1)
524 0 13
Download File (879.68 KB)
879.68 KB
Chateau Fleur de Pommier
This is a cede-castle invasion scenario with both military and economic goals to accomplish in 30 game years.
by Duke of York
4.4 (1)
616 0 9
Download File (6.41 MB)
6.41 MB
Lord of the Rings - The Siege of Minas Morgul by M1i2K3k4O
Take control the forces of the remaining Nazgul and repel the Rebirth of the Last Alliance. The Men and Elves decide to strike back at the City of Minas Morgul. Defeat the last army of Middle Earth and darkness shall fall upon the World forever.
by M1i2K3k4O
4.4 (3)
2919 0 29
Download File (750.21 KB)
750.21 KB
May your god go with you
It is the year of Our Lord 1493. The King has given you a mission in the New World. You are to set up a righteous and God-fearing colony, bring the heretic, El Negro to heel, and at the same time gather iron and generate wealth for the kingdom.
by ericgolf
4.7 (4)
1115 0 22
Download File (885.41 KB)
885.41 KB
Reign of Fire: The Prophecy
This is the first map of the Stronghold Community Campaign.The battle of Kalimdor has begun, taking refuge in an ancient ruin you must now hold out long enough to convene a metting with the high council.
by WarLord_Designs
4.4 (2)
1191 1 15
Download File (857.42 KB)
857.42 KB
LOTR - The Return of the King - The Battle for the Dominion of Sauron by M1i2K3k4O
The Men of the West have broken through the Black Gates and are inside Mordor. You take up the position of Sauron and you must end the hopes of Middle Earth. Are you up for the challenge?
by M1i2K3k4O
5.0 (1)
2950 0 22
Download File (577.8 KB)
577.8 KB
Ilkwor prison part II
youve made it past the dock, now assault the gates of Ilkwor!
by the big T
4.4 (1)
348 0 2
Download File (738.81 KB)
738.81 KB
Castio De Acazaber
The Castle of Rocetta's de Mar
by The Chameloeon
4.4 (1)
441 0 4
Download File (911.48 KB)
911.48 KB
Stronghold Campaign - Side Stories - The Assault on Longleg's Fortress by M1i2K3k4O
Defend the Water Fortress of Sir Longleg against the vile armies of the Pig..
by M1i2K3k4O
4.2 (1)
994 0 15
Download File (741.85 KB)
741.85 KB
Dalriada: Rathlin Island
After you defeat the Picts at Armoy you capture their king and and rebuild the dam. King Fergus (you) sails for Rathlin Island as it is a safe place to keep the Pictish king . The picts have come to kill you and save their King. Defend and collect
by younghappy
4.4 (2)
830 0 13
Download File (720.31 KB)
720.31 KB
The third level of the Frigid North Campaign. Here the Rat has blocked your path as you head home. Seek shelter in the nearby cliffs and hold of against the approaching assault.
by Timballisto
5.0 (1)
2074 0 2
Download File (780.08 KB)
780.08 KB
Frigid North Campaign 2nd level. Defend the outlaws from the Rat's attacks. If they fall, then you lose.
by Timballisto
4.6 (1)
558 0 2
Download File (534.32 KB)
534.32 KB
Staking a Claim
The first level of the Frigid North campaign. Use force to plant your flag in these hills and claim them as your home.
by Timballisto
4.7 (2)
713 0 12

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