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Download File (1.55 MB)
1.55 MB
Soylent Green
A straightforward 'place your keep' scenario. Build a mighty castle and prepare to defend your people from the foretold onslaught.
by brave sir robyn
4.9 (4)
2178 0 14
Download File (1.59 MB)
1.59 MB
Minas Tirith by WarLord Designs 12/06/04
by WarLord_Designs
4.9 (7)
6184 2 21
Download File (2.9 MB)
2.9 MB
Ancient Oak I&II
The legendary Alaric travels home, only to find it changed forever and threatened by the army of Attila the Hun.
by Lord Ako
4.9 (3)
1249 0 15
Download File (1.13 MB)
1.13 MB
Raglan Castle
This is a cede-castle scenario in which you have all elements of game play present. You must siege the castle, build an economy and defend against counter attack by a determined enemy. You will only have 20 game years to achieve your objectives.
by Duke of York
4.9 (3)
4522 0 1
Download File (936.45 KB)
936.45 KB
Arundel Castle 1302
Arundel Castle was ordered constructed on Christmas Day 1067 by William the Conqueror. Its original construction was a wooden mote and bailey style castle, which was upgrated to stone over the next several centuries.
by Duke of York
4.9 (3)
5193 0 0
Download File (441.61 KB)
441.61 KB
Akavir- Invasion of Esroniet
Capture the Black Harbor and gather the supplies needed for the Conquest of Akavir.
by Taurus480
4.9 (1)
1147 0 8
Download File (928.08 KB)
928.08 KB
A wolfs Last Howl!
Ok This is a good map i have being working on for a while ENJOY!
by RhOdZi
4.9 (1)
1247 0 5
Download File (1.27 MB)
1.27 MB
Trojan War
Paris, son of the king of Troy, fell in love with Helen, and took her home to Troy. Her father was Menelaus, king of Sparta, and he became furious. The foolish act by Paris, would start the biggest war mankind had yet to see.
by Dougleass
4.9 (2)
2877 1 15
Download File (1.5 MB)
1.5 MB
Duomo, a huge dwarvish city, built inside a mountain. Choose your way through the vast tunnels, to reach the king who lives in the core of the mountain! Can be won several ways! Hope you enjoy it.
by Dougleass
4.9 (1)
1090 1 16
Download File (633.62 KB)
633.62 KB
Ancient Oak
Can you defend your Barbarian village from the Romans and simultanuously produce enough bows and ale?
by Lord Ako
4.9 (2)
1888 0 5
Download File (698.08 KB)
698.08 KB
The Secrets of Sylvandell Ch 4 10/22/03
by Sulis
4.9 (4)
2837 1 1
Download File (1.1 MB)
1.1 MB
Devils Pass
The enemy sits high in their towers awaiting their fate as do we, now the battle will begin. Before the order is given the land goes quiet, a warm scent seems to float around me, the breeze drops a single white flower from the sky. ‘Charge!’
by WarLord_Designs
4.9 (3)
2227 0 28
Download File (2.3 MB)
2.3 MB
The Viking Raid II (updated)
Remember all that hard work you did in part I? Now's the time to reap the rewards and find out just how much gold those monks are hoarding!
by Lord Ako
4.9 (3)
2607 2 21
Download File (1.32 MB)
1.32 MB
The Viking Raid I
Play the role of the legendary Vikings as they supply their longboats and prepare to raid the English coast!
by Lord Ako
4.9 (3)
2630 1 17
Download File (874.29 KB)
874.29 KB
Others' Sins
You, sir Folcwine, approach Kaeren Castle, where the rebelling, and porbably insane, General Samael has left a garrison
by Jasper Tudor
5.0 (4)
3101 0 15
Download File (1.13 MB)
1.13 MB
Carreg Cennen by WarLord Designs
The Fortress of Carreg Cennen sits high atop the river Cennen, with its limestone valued above all resources in the area bandits and knights alike flock to the site laying siege to the castle, can you hold out and defeat the enemies of this land?
by WarLord_Designs
5.0 (4)
4643 0 24
Download File (891.03 KB)
891.03 KB
The Secrets of Sylvandell Ch 5 01/12/04
by Sulis
5.0 (15)
18397 2 20
Download File (761.09 KB)
761.09 KB
La Muerte Negra
Take the Aztec city of Tenochtitlan by toppling the Emperor, Montezuma, atop his great pyramid. Hold off the the invaders, then slaughter them all, in time to deliver the Aztec gold to the King of Spain.
by ericgolf
5.0 (3)
4309 1 19
Download File (15.61 MB)
15.61 MB
Edoras by WarLord Designs
Isengard has been unleashed; a vast army of wildsmen and the fearsome Uruk-hai come to destroy Edoras and lay waste to the kingdom of Rohan.Prepare the defences and hold out against the dark forces and the union of the two towers.Edoras mustn’t fall.
by WarLord_Designs
5.0 (10)
9235 1 37
Download File (1.39 MB)
1.39 MB
You have not much time, to prepare fortress to long-lasting siege. Fortress is very important, therefore, that it will guard border of Empire from the France which is also our enemy.
by Arn_AFe
5.0 (2)
3481 2 8

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