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Download File (581.38 KB)
581.38 KB
Brotos the Torturer
January 1066. Sir Longarm were planning to build an huge, new castle to the border of the barbarian lands...
by Fintrollx
4.5 (1)
603 0 14
Download File (672.44 KB)
672.44 KB
Map 10, The Climax of the Léugìm Campaign: Ending a Dire Threat
Lord Dayon has made a surprising escape with a small army as his home castle was destroyed. Now he is hiding on a coastal fort, awaiting a ship to flee to his homeland. You are at his walls, and plan to end his reign forever!
by Lord Tanthos
4.5 (2)
1552 0 7
Download File (607.75 KB)
607.75 KB
Against Thee Wickedly
You and your council are religious fanatics that must gather supplies to fund future campaigns and punish your subjects. The Snake will send you some reinforcements early on to help you out.
by Lord Blood Hawk
4.1 (2)
500 0 5
Download File (556.6 KB)
556.6 KB
The Leven Wars, Ch. II - The Fens of Elendighed
The second enstallment of the Leven Wars series, you lead a small party of knights against a farming village.
by Tammo VII
4.3 (1)
418 0 5
Download File (788.88 KB)
788.88 KB
Mountain's Fist - The Healing - Resubmitted! (Map 9 in Saviour of Léugìm)
Once again, you seek shelter at Mountain's Fist, as Dayon strikes again! Rebuild its walls first, and recruit your soldiers, but hurry.
by Dougleass
4.3 (2)
1627 0 14
Download File (855.59 KB)
855.59 KB
The Leven Wars, Chapter I
This is the first enstallment of The Leven Wars map series, created by me. Chapter I was submitted in the Stronghold Fantasy Scenario competition, and tied with "Mined Over Matter" by Ericgolf for the Runner-Up position.
by Tammo VII
4.2 (1)
524 0 7
Download File (588.86 KB)
588.86 KB
Burn your enemies in righteous fire in this extremely challenging map--only experts in traps may apply, lest you be torn apart.
by Captain Diablo
4.7 (1)
632 0 4
Download File (828.17 KB)
828.17 KB
The City of Columbar (Map 7 in Saviour of Léugìm)
Play as another scout squad, and convince a rich estate to help defend the kingdom from the evil Dayon. Acquire pikes to win the map. Ready an army so that they can aid you in the battle against Dayon.
by Dougleass
4.4 (2)
1650 0 12
Download File (784.74 KB)
784.74 KB
Mountain's Fist (Map 5 in Saviour of Léugìm)
Defend a great fortress built against a mountain side, complete with hidden passways! The army of Dayon is approaching.
by Dougleass
4.2 (1)
1671 0 6
Download File (1.1 MB)
1.1 MB
The Lost Estate by Riskyman (Map 4 in Saviour of Léugìm) > Re-Released
Repair the fort at Scoitcine and strengthen it against attack. Build up the ecomomy of this "Lost Estate" to hire troops and gather goods and weapons.
by Suicide Squad
4.8 (1)
2135 0 3
Download File (785.17 KB)
785.17 KB
El'Crosium Delerium
Bring back the glory of the Freedom Defenders, by re-capturing the town that was taken by the enemy..
by Sir Ravenclaw
4.6 (1)
518 0 23
Download File (1.23 MB)
1.23 MB
An Unlikely Saviour (Map 3 in Saviour of Léugìm)
The capitol falls under siege. Gregory's army arrives in the midst of the battle to save it.
by Timballisto
4.1 (3)
1969 0 7
Download File (3.25 MB)
3.25 MB
Bealaigh Hill, The Ambush (Map 2 in Saviour of Léugìm)
After the bloody seige at Mardonton, you escape and head to the Capital. On your way you hear of the enemy also heading there. Build a fort and ambush them!
by younghappy
4.7 (3)
2202 0 27
Download File (971.54 KB)
971.54 KB
Mardonton, The Siege (Map 1in Saviour of Léugìm)
You are Gregory, the lord of an Estate in the Kingdom of Léugìm. You must defend your town from the evil army of Lord Dayon and hold off the invaders as long as you are able so you can make your escape.
by Lord Michael I
4.6 (3)
2247 0 23
Download File (3.17 MB)
3.17 MB
Winner of the Fantasy competition - Dougleass' Ghost
Enter a haunted palace, teeming with ghosts. A map filled with traps, dead ends and puzzle solving! A game within a game. Winner of the Stronghold Heaven Fantasy competition.
by Dougleass
5.0 (1)
2814 0 12
Download File (1.53 MB)
1.53 MB
Mission Two - The Capitol
Prepare the Capitol of the Western Kingdoms against a siege by the Tyrant. Handle the affairs of local warlords too... if you dare.
by artofmath
4.6 (1)
585 0 2
Download File (2.65 MB)
2.65 MB
Pliska by Battle Mage corp.
The first Bulgarian capital.....might be the last!
by Battle Mage corp
4.5 (3)
1012 0 5
Download File (3 MB)
3 MB
Lord Dreddes mappack
5 cede scenario maps
by lord dredde
4.8 (1)
1002 0 3
Download File (618.45 KB)
618.45 KB
Europa chapter one
well, this is my first map, go easy on me :)
by scarf_boi
4.4 (1)
520 0 2
Download File (2.49 MB)
2.49 MB
Bretwalda - Mercia
Chapter 3 in the Bretwalda series is a cede map with economic goals to meet, as well as some significant invasions to defend against towards the end of the scenario. To be played on normal difficulty only.
by Sulis
4.8 (1)
1175 0 5

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