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Map Size: 300x300 (Medium)
Difficulty: Normal
Made with version: 1.1
Bandit-Lord 1.0
An INVASION map for Stronghold
By Kilarin


Only a promising young Squire, you were quite proud to be traveling with your King and his troops towards the Holy Land to join in the Crusade.

You were shocked when the King called you in for a personal audience. You assumed it was about the upcoming war, but to your surprise, it was about what you had left behind.

"Squire", the King said, "when we left for the Crusade, we stripped everything of value from the homeland. Including most of the peasants with useful skills. We left the counties in poor condition, and in our absence, their condition has worsened. Word has just reached me that one of my counties has been taken by a bandit who calls himself "The Pig". He has conscripted the few peasants we left behind that were fit for war, and used them to control the rest. He met with little resistance. We left the county in such a neglected state that the peasants welcomed the bandit for what little order and security he could provide. They are unlikely to welcome anyone I send to them under my flag.

BUT, that is the job I have selected you for. I can not spare anyone else. I am afraid that I can not afford to equip you well for this task. This letter will get you some support from the neighboring county, but I don't believe you can expect much more than a few bites of food and a tiny bit of wood to start building with.

You will find little or no help in the countryside. I have taken all the skilled stone masons, all of the armorers, and most of the shopkeepers. Anyone capable of war that is not here with us, is already among the 'Pigs' bandits, so you will not even be able to recruit troops from among the peasants.

You will have to take your forces from the enemy themselves. Your only hope is to convince the bandits to switch sides. You must build a thriving economy that will shake the peoples confidence in the Pig and persuade them to rejoin us. From the stronghold of the Pig himself, you will gather defectors and use them to retake that county!

A few words of advice my squire: Do not harm the peasants in the village. The bandits have family there and you will never subvert their loyalty if you kill their families.

Some things that might convince the bandits to change sides are:

* Even a Bandit army marches on its stomach. Building up stockpiles of food, will certainly convince many to join your cause. The more varieties of food available the better.

* A large Treasury implies governmental stability and prosperity. It might convince a few to follow the money.

* The people of the county are a religious lot, and building a chapel might help some of them change their minds. There are still a few people in the county who might be capable of building it.

* The land is always plagued by wolves. Some bandits might see the removal of the wolves as a sign of good intentions.

* Despite being a rough and tumble lot, some of the bandits are probably looking for the finer things in life. You might try adding a Maypole, some gardens, and even a statue or two.

* Even bandits feel safer when within an enclosed Keep.

I plan to be return from this war by 1074 or shortly thereafter. I hope you can have the county back in your control by then. If you do, a Knighthood awaits you Squire! God Speed and Good luck, you are going to need it."

With your heart pounding at the thought of the task before you, you clutch the letter that is the only support you will get from your King and start making your way back to the homeland...


1: Concentrating on WOOD and APPLE production at the beginning can help to both feed your peasants and tempt bandits to switch sides.

2: Bold use of your lord in the first year can let you accomplish a goal early and convince several bandits to join your side long before any begin attacking you.

3: Bandits will convert to your side when each of the 3 food types reach certain levels (25 Fruit, 50 Fruit, etc) But they will ALSO join you when certain combinations of foods are met. For example: (30 Fruit AND 30 Meat) or (20 Fruit AND 20 Meat, AND 20 Cheese)


This is my FIRST stronghold scenario.
I'd like to thank Heavengames Stronghold Mapmaking 101 for getting me started.

The Eye Candy is fairly primitive, but I AM proud of the arched bridge. I HOPE the scenario is unique, and fun of course! Being my first map, I am certain there is LOTS of room for improvement. Comments, Critiques, and reviews are welcome.

AuthorComments & Reviews   ( All | Comments Only | Reviews Only )
Map Design3.0
Playability: 5/5

This was a genuinely good map to play with some excellent use of the events. The strength of the events carries the map through from start to finish. As the author has pointed out via the description page, the wealth of your economy is the key to success here. In terms of playability, it was fairly simple, but fun to play and certainly unique. Building up the economy generates interest from the bandits and they flock to your side, enabling you to fight against the invasions of the pig. Initially the -ve bandit attacks didn't bother me and some left the map as soon as they appeared. This is the only slight glitch in the map, but this still deserves the maximum 5 score for a really good map. Well done!

Balance: 4/5

There are two elements at play here: building an economy and defending against attacks. I used my Lord to wipe out the wolves (I assume this was what the author was hinting at!) and this allowed some +ve bandits (archers and a monk) to return to the castle. Whilst you start with no gold and very little food, I really liked this 'bare bones' approach to starting the map. It's a nice quiet start, sometimes a good ploy, and certainly the case here. Once the economy is up and running with double rations, religious coverage and a +ve effect on popularity via good things, the taxes can be hiked up along with selling excess wood & food. Tricky to start up, but once established, I found the economy took care of itself. Regarding the military aspect, on normal setting the invasions were quite troublesome and I opted to play it safe with a double wall/gatehouse and killing pits scattered around the entrance to the castle. The quicker ou establish the economy, the better your chances of surviving the invasions... a great little idea. This could also be played on hard setting, but normal difficulty sounds about right. Lots of good points here, the size of invasions was just about right and likewise with the units you receive... your army, in effect. Very credible effort.

Creativity: 5/5

I really like this idea, whereby a strong economy established quickly enables you to sway the bandits to return to your cause. With no standing army of your own and no way to manufacture or buy weapons, this really comes into its own and I can't recall playing a map with this idea before now. I'd go so far as to say that it's unique (certainly to me) and is another great use of the events within the editor. You can't help but be impressed by the simplicity of the basis of the map and it's definitely something i'll have to play around with myself. Quality work!

Map Design: 3/5

Generally speaking, the map is well done with some good use of the terrain tools and a fairly realistic looking landscape. The bridges form the eye candy of the map and these add to the look and feel of the overall design. I particularly liked the wooden palisade bridge, which fitted in well with the map (no stone walls, towers or gatehouses can be built here). Nothing bad here, but as the author would probably testify, room for improvement and certainly I would say that a 4 or 5 score is well within the author's capabilities.

Story/Instructions: 4/5

The story accompanying this map is exceptionally well written! It flows from start to finish and reads very well. Not only is there a great story, but the author has provided some thoughts about the design and some hints & tips, reflecting the work involved in creating this map. Yet another aspect of the design that shows the quality of the work.

IN SUMMARY: This is generally a simple map to play, but this isn't a bad aspect at all. Some excellent event scripting and the solid, unique idea shines through when you play it. Also bear in mind that this is the first submission of the author's work to this site. It's a really good map, a great example that over-complexity and laborious eye candy doesn't necessarily make a good map, and excellently thought out. Impressive!
Map Design4.0
You know, this is one of my favorite maps, if and if only the map design was a little better, not much, just a little more friendly I guess you could say it would be on my top 5 list! It's certainly on my top 15 list!

Playability: 5

This map was definately playable. It was medium on easy and Hard on medium. For a beginner it would take pulling all of your tricks out of the hat for this one. Difficult yet fun a well designed scenario.

Balance: 4

I almost never give a 5 balance and that being its almost impossible to perfectly balance a map! The only problem with balance on this map would be the placement of the signposts.

Creativity: 5

This map deserves a 10 but I could only give a 5 :(! Well designed and creative map, one of the better plots of all the stronghold maps I've played recently.

Map Design: 4

Here we go, this is the thing that most drives my judgement of a map from a good one to a bad, this is what I think should be worked on the most next to playabilitiy and creativity. I liked how you left a spot in the top left for farms etc. and to the east northeast and south. Also enjoyed the added security of the walls which almost forces you to build there. I would advise a little more space in the northwest section of the map for farm building and maybe even allow the making of archers.

Story/Instructions: 4

Great story, loved it that was a 2.5 but the instructions given werent the best ever, I gave it a 1.5 for instructions because it needed a little more detail on that part, overall good job.

I loved the map and it is a must play for those interested in the wooden, non-stone building castles which I do like but not a huge amount more then stone. Overall great map good job and I hope to see more maps coming from you!

Thank you so much,
-The Wabbit
Lord Richard
Map Design4.0
A brilliant use of events. I just beat it at Very Hard after a few tries, but I had a blast doing it. (I have a Save Map to prove it :)

I don't believe the Bandits' immediate exit is a glitch. I think it's intentional, the sole purpose being to inflict the -5 popularity on a constant basis, forcing increased food consumption, delaying some economic benchmarks. A minor annoyance, really.

A remarkable achievement for a first effort. I look forward to future releases from Kilarin.
Map Design3.0
Wow! I just loved this! It took me a few attempts to get it right, but I finished it! I loved everything about this mission. Although the map wasn't completely eye catching, it served its purpose. The events were perfectly scripted. I liked that as you made your people happier, more "outlaws" come to your aid. Keep up the GREAT work! I look forward to playing more of your missions as they come out! - Dianna
I was passing by out of curiousity and noticed there was no minimap. So I took the liberty of adding the minimap. In the process I had to guess that the version used was v1.1 (the update form insists that the version is now added)

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Map Design3.5
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