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The Impossible to Siege

Author File Description
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Map Size: 200x200 (Small)
Difficulty: Impossible
Since I can't seem to put the description into the map itself...


“Son, do you see those lights in the dark?” the father asks.

“Yes, yes I do.”

“I know what those lights are. What they mean. I have kept this in secret from you for my own peace of mind. Do you know what those lights mean?”

“Is it a carnival?” the boy asks quickly his teeth showing.
“No. Those lights mean war.”

“War...” the words drift from his mouth. The corners of his lips slowly draw up into a smile. This would be his first time seeing war.

“Do not smile boy. War is not to be taken lightly.”
There is a pause. The boy’s face withdraws from it’s smile and contorts. He waits to ask his question till he can no longer.

“Will we die?”

The father’s face perks up, a smile grows across a weary face, “No son. We won’t die.”

“How so?”

“Because. Because this castle has been designed by the greatest. Before you were born there were many attempts to wrestle this rock from my hands, but none, no matter how small or large, have succeeded.”

“Whys that?”

“Because this castle has been designed by Sir Koft of Kransford.”

“I think I heard of him in Latin cla”—

“Four gatehouses. Four walls. The gap between the third and fourth walls can be filled with water at a moments notice. Genius. Fire, if our engineers weren’t too lazy, may be set to the fields. Height is given to our advantage, walls surround us, to protect us.”

“Why would we want to set fi”—

“Absolute genius.”

A dark drumming sound is heard and the earth begins to shake as thousands of feet fill the ground with their boots.

The father looks up, his eyes strain to see; to count the numbers in the darkness. His hand balled up in a fist. This is no ragtag assault of militia men from the north that he had experience with.

The boy senses his fathers doubt and looks up at him.

“Will they be here in the morning?” the boy asks.


There is a pause.

“Will we win?”

The darkness begins to lift as the first glints of the sun begin to crest the mountins.



If you liked this map (or if you didn't!) PLEASE! Leave comments/reviews!
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Map Design4.0
Playability: Very fun to play. Took time to figure out exactly how to siege it, but it definately wasn't impossible:P

Balance: Well balanced, you could have had some more ground units standing around or on the keep to make the siege even more challenging.

Creativity: This was your average castle, with some good original ideas.....

Map Desgin:... You used your motes well, and it took forever and a day to get into the second section of the castle. You had a great Design.

Story: I loved your story with the father and son. It got me pumped up and ready to play it;)
Lord_Demor Well i haven't played the map itself yet, but the story was EXCELLENT and get's me in the mood to play the map which i am downloading as we speak, have you ever thought of writing even larger stories, perhaps books?. Anyways great story and most likely a great map! :)
Map Design5.0
Thanks for a great map, I really enjoyed this one. I've got ADSL now, so I downloaded loads of maps. I didn't read the story first :( I wish I had now.

As I had a lot of maps to go through, I started each one of them with the maximum of one type of troop, in this case it was 166 Crossbows. to my surprise I found it really easy to kill off the troops, so I fine tuned the troop setup a bit, added a single ladderman, a few macemen, and the rest as they say was history.

I'm afraid to say it was not impossible, I can't remember my exact stats, but I think I had around 60 Crossbowman left (all battered and bruised). I WILL be playing it again, and trying it with ground troops instead - using 140ish Crossbows was a bit of a cop out.

I hope to play (and read) more from you.

Best of luck,

Map Design4.0
That was a great map, very fun to play, and hard. Good job.
Krakindale Well, I hate to say it, but this map isn't impossible, or even remotely tough. In fact, I won it the first time, suffering only an 8% troop loss (from the summary and statistics they give at the end of the seige). Maybe if you disconnect the walls from each other the castle will be harder to seige. As it is now, one siege tower and 50+ pikemen is enough to kill all the archers and crossbowmen on the walls, and even reach the lord without having to destroy any walls, since even the keep is connected to the walls. In short, disconnect the walls and towers from each other, and the difficulty of this map will be greatly increased.

On the other hand, the story is great, it really gets one into the mood of playing the map. Great job, and hope you improve the issue stated above the next time.
Quesi Quite nice but as previously commented, upon looking at the castle I realised that one siege tower with my 50 macemen was enough to take it out. Disconnect the different sections and it will provide a whole new challenge :) The layout is nice, and the story is good. Shame about that fatal flaw!
Map Design3.0
The first time I played this map I made it with only 6% casualtis. I say like Quesi disconnect the different sections of the wall and it will maybe be a little chalenge. another tip add add some pitch and some ballistasmangonels and this map might be pretty hard. good luck
Lord Karpathea

[Edited on 12/06/06 @ 05:39 PM]

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Map Design4.0
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