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The Battle for Stormford v1.2 - Contest Winner

Author File Description
File Details
Map Size: 400x400 (Large)
Difficulty: Hard
Please note that this map is the winner of the :
Stronghold & Crusader Design Contest June 2003 : Best Stronghold Military Map

Map name : "The Battle for Stormford "
Game : Stronghold
Version : 1.2
Type : Siege
Size : 400x400
Recommended Style of Play : Defender Only
Recommended Difficulty : Normal

First of all, I must say that making this map has been a wonderful experience (except for making seven different versions from scratch!). I have learnt a lot of new things about Eyecandy and AI behaviour.
Creating a solid AI Siege has been my goal while making this map. But not only must the AI attack as the attacker, but even the player must be moderately aggressive and must use his/her army well. If you think that you would be better off sitting in the fort and wait for the enemy to come to you, then you are mistaken. This map is geared towards 'aggressive defending' and follows the saying "A good offence is the best defence" to some extent. Don't worry, there is traditional 'Archers on wall vs. stupid melee units on ground' action too and it is just as important. I strongly recommend opening the map in the editor and making yourself familiar with troop placement, patrol routines and choke points, since the action will be taking place in the better half of this 400x400 map.

I must make a confession here. Since I had made 7 builds of the map, worked on the LotR map pack and my exams, I found myself with a blank map and 5 days to go for the deadline. So I had to, reluctantly, dig up and use an old landsacpe base of my SH siege map "Movie LotR2 : Edoras" and use it to build my castle on, since I could never hope to furnish a large map like this fully enough. Although it only features a part of the landscape and shares a similar wooden castle design, It does have its own feel and a different AI attack routine. Rest assured that all the work done in this map is completely different and unique from any of my previous maps.

A new innovation which I believe has not been incorporated in any other map yet except for a map by Jalis, is the addition of scripted invasions within a siege. I have simply switched the map to invasion, scripted an invasion to balance the attacking army, then switched back to siege. This was necessary since swordsmen are too slow to walk across a 400x400 map and horsemen...don't feel right. The invasions, reinforce the army periodically upto a certain point, thus ensuring balance. But a side-effect of this is that when attacking, the invasions will keep running, even though they won't attack (AI searches for shortest possible path to the keep...attackers don't have keeps so they are 'safe' so to speak). if you don't mind a growing lump of black Macemen crowding at a corner of the map, then go ahead and experiment. But this map was designed with the thought that it will be used only for defence and I strongly recommend that you stick to defending as such in this map.

As far as linking the map to the Crusades goes...I have tried to incorporate the theme into the story. But I must admit, the story's link to the Crusades is vague and nothing too deep. But do not dismiss the story as well,the story itself must have undergone as many revisions as the map itself. In the end I settled for a new style of writing . It involves the conversation between the chief military adviser and the lord (the player). Here the lines of the lord are shown as "..." while the military adviser's dialogue is what essentially makes the seems as if he is answering questions to the lord and giving him suggestions, in the process spelling out the objective and giving hints on tactics which maybe used.

Update Changes v1.1 :
-Removed Crossbowmen from attackers.
-50 more archers for attackers.
-25 macemen and 10 Crossbowmen as a small defending army to meet attackers.
-Some scripting changes.
-More macemen to reinforce attackers and for longer time.
-Some more terrain editing.

Update Changes v1.2 :
- Changed attacking force.
- Fixed a no attack bug.

I think I have said enough to give you a general feel for the map, I'll let the map speak for itself now.

AuthorComments   ( All | Comments Only | Reviews Only )
UnikUnok This is outrageous! what is going on here lately? Thy Angels of Stronghold Heaven, swoop down and save us veterans from this onslaught of snotty little upstarts and their piss poor reviews. Yes, I am mad enough to use inappropriate language at this point! Double d you have just trashed a map that not only won the SH design contest but was created by one of the top 5 currently active designers! Did you even play this map? I strongly urge you to reconsider your review. You have asked that your own maps be rated. How would you like to receive a vapid, little, erroneous, observation that provides no information, no advice, nothing! You gave this map a 3 in map design. Take a look at the keep sir. Observe the detail it contains. Have you even the knowledge to create these effects? A 2 in story and instruction? Whether or not you like the story, the Battle for Stormford deserves at least a 4 for the amount of effort invested in it alone! May the Stronghold Angels swoop down and smite thee with their vengence! You sir are in bad form!
double d -

[Edited on 09/23/05 @ 04:09 PM]

NAT This is truly ridiculous - how on earth can you give this map 3.4! I completely agree with UnikUnok about everything. You should at least write in English as well. You must change or delete your review becuase it is ridiculous.
I'm just about losing my patience with some of the reviews/ratings which have been posted recently.

This map won the design competition having been played and tested by several experienced designers and players.

I have removed double d's review and rating as he evidently isn't talking about the same map as everyone else. Please read the Review Guide, try to use punctuation and proper words (eg not 'u' for 'you') and post reviews that are useful both to the designer and player.

If you consider the maps you uploaded 'crap', why did you upload them?
I thought I explained why I removed your review, but I'll try again.

This map won a Stronghold design competition. It was tested and played unmercifully by some of the best Stronghold players and reviewed here in great detail by more ... whereas you said in another review that you've had the game for a week.

It's also not a very good idea (& against the site rules) to repost something that a moderator has removed.

If you wish to remain a member of this site, upload your maps and post reviews, will you please read the Review Guide and some of the articles about mapmaking. Spend some time just playing the game.

A lot of the maps uploaded here are the result of weeks and weeks of careful and painstaking work. You'll be able to recognise them because, in most cases, they are the ones with very high ratings. They are the ones that are worth downloading and are fun or a challenge (or both) to play.

Stronghold Heaven relies on its members to upload maps that are worth playing and not just the result of half an hour's fiddling with the editor. It relies on people to review maps properly (according to the guidelines), honestly and fairly. Reviews are for the benefit of both the mapmaker (to help him/her improve) and the potential player (to see if a map is worth downloading and playing or not).
The reason why I removed your previous reviews were that the first one read:
'this was preety poor, why have u all rated it so high' and nothing else apart from a rating of 3.4

Your second one included the sentence:
'Plz dont delet this one it is not nasty and it gives advise.' You also said somewhere else that you'd had the game a week. While advice given by reviewers is good, yours went so contrary to the judges and other reviewers who have been playing the game since it first came out that I felt it was probably that you were so new to the game that meant you probably didn't appreciate the map. This time it was 3.6.

This new review follows our guidelines much better and, although most players may not agree with it, there is no reason to remove it.

Thank you for following our guidelines.

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