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Fort Redberry (v 1.4 updated)

Author File Description
File Details
Map Size: 160x160 (Tiny)
Difficulty: Normal

Commander Dennis returns from a sucessfull attack on Clarnakese lands. He managed to destroy a major part of the enemy's army on a sudden raid on their encampment. However, he sustained many losses on the attack. He enters the fort he's a commander of and welcomes a scribe sent by the emperor.

-You majesty NeKoeNMa welcomes you from your battle and waits my return with details on how the battle happened.

Dennis grabs a piece of paper and writes a note. He gives the scroll to the scribe, that departs, and go to his room to rest.

On the morning he was woken up by one of his pikemen.

-Sir, I have dire news!
-And what news could be dire to us? The enemy's army is much larger than we thought and it's going to be on our very doorstep at any moment?
-Uh.. Sir.. I know your intention was a joke, but it's exactly what's happening.
-....What? Oh my god...

The commander climbs the stairs and sees the city of Redberry on the horizon, and close to it a large army of Clarnakese soldiers.

-Damn... This is just so Unlucky... *he turns to the pikeman* I'm giving the order that all the soldiers, including the wounded ones, gather at the fort immediately. We must not let this fort fall, or half of the empire will be on Clarnakese hands.

The pikeman makes a reverence and leaves to fulfill his task. The commander wears his armor and looks on the approaching army, the city now in flames and his forces gathering.

-And to think next week it's my birthday!

Comments v1.0

This is my first map submission. I really like to make small castles and this is one of my favourites to play. I was encouraged to submit this map after playing Eilean Donan.

I would like the people to comment this map to tell me what's good and what's wrong. Maybe in the future I may create a really nice siege map!

Update 1.4
See RedMe File included for more information
AuthorComments & Reviews   ( All | Comments Only | Reviews Only )
UnikUnok Fort Redberry is a decent little siege map. NeKoeNMa’s first submit, is a job well done.

Playability 4/5 this map plays extremely well. The AI will attack the small fort from all sides and will concentrate its efforts wherever the defense is weakest, well done here as the AI responds well to the maps design. There is one MAJOR flaw, which is that there has been no losing criteria set. This means that if the Lord is killed and some of the defending troops survive, which inevitably they sometimes due the siege will not end. As we all know once the Lord has been killed you lose all command and control capabilities. If you are a novice player do not panic! Just press escape to end the siege.

Balance 4/5 the attacking troop force is massive compared to the defenders but is well balanced in respect to itself. Due to how this siege tends to play out the balance between attackers and defenders is actually quite good. This siege offers a decent challenge when played as a defensive siege on the higher levels of difficulty. I managed to defeat this map on a hard level of difficulty on the first attempt. Losses were nominal at 32%. At the very hard level it took me a couple of goes but again losses were acceptable at 40%

Creativity 3/5 Average works with some effort being applied to all aspects of the map. Although no part of the map has been left bare there is no real eye candy, no stunning fortifications or terrain work. IMO more creativity and time are required for a truly high score. One choice that baffled me was the setting of the siege in the year 4500! Why there is nothing in the story as to say why medieval combat is being waged 2500 years in the future is beyond me. Such a bizarre choice of dates should have had some explanation. Another erroneous choice is the stockpile, which is filled with stone that the defender cannot use; as the attacking AI is too close by the time you need it. This large amount of stone also does not allow the pitch supplies given in the starting goods to unload due to a lack of stockpile space.

Map Design 3/5 Leading on from above the work in this category is average. In places the terrain was a little rough and I believe the author should try using a smaller palette to soften the harsh edges so to speak. Overall a decent effort but the surrounding terrain cries out for more detail.

Story/Instructions 3/5 a short greeting from the author is supplied in the download description page but no instructions or story are offered. On the launch page the author has written a brief summary on Fort Redberry and thus has given the down loader a decent effort in this category.

In Short- a worthy effort at making a siege map. Some flaws keep Fort Redberry from being top shelf quality but NeKoeNMa has shown us that he/she has great potential and I am sure in the future will turn out some truly excellent work. Keep at it, read the Forums!!!
File Author
Sulis Review of updated v1.1

Playability: 4/5

This is a lovely little siege scenario. The update fixes the lose criteria. Siege maps using a smaller map template are overlooked and what can result is a quite intense battle, as is the case here. I found the scenario to be perfectly playable and the AI does work well here, given the lack of distractions (eye candy). It's also good fun, and something that can be replayed again and again.

Balance: 4/5

Per previous comments by UnikUnok, I too found the large number of invading forces, when playing as a defender of Fort Redberry, to be about spot-on. The AI has to work to break into the fort and the moat area and small outer gatehouse provide obstacles to overcome, which the AI does. I found that playing on very hard setting, and defending, to be the best option for me, with three attempts at trying to win. And win I did, but each time the attacking AI managed to break into the fort and were only cut down at the very last moment. This is a sign of not only a well thought out map, but a very well balanced scenario. As a bonus, the map plays equally well when you attack.

Creativity: 3/5

Personally, I don't believe that a map needs bags of eye candy to make it creative. What the author has provided here is a quite simplistic structure that does the job. Whilst the scenario may not be anything with a definite 'wow' factor, it's appealing in it's own way, mainly due to the small scale of the map. Good effort nonetheless.

Map Design: 3/5

As above, I thought the fort was quite quaint but deceptively powerful as a defensive structure. It's been nicely built too. The terrain does appeal, and whilst it would have been nice to see some more fine-tuning in terms of terrain modelling, I liked the idea of having the fort set at the foot of steep cliffs, protecting one side from enemy attack. Nothing wrong with the map though, it's a fair attempt at a pleasing design.

Story/Instructions: 2/5

Note to the author: please don't be discouraged by the score given here. The story is brief but clear. I'd have given a better score if the story was much more involving, with more content and thoughts on how the map design process went. Not at all bad, just needs more substance, that's all. The score is in line with the review guidelines.


I can't help but like this little siege map. It scores well on playability and balance and a 3.0 score is about average, so creativity and map design is more than acceptable. Fort Redberry should inspire those who want to make a basic, but perfectly formed little siege. Good work, and well done :)

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