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Movie Based Helms Deep - Redux (Updated v2.2)

Author File Description
File Details
Map Size: 400x400 (Large)
Difficulty: Hard

Map name : "Helm's Deep Redux"
Version : 2.2
Type : Siege
Game : Stronghold
Size : 400x400
Recommended Side of Play : Defender (only)
Map Difficulty : Hard (Balanced in v1.2)
Recommended Difficulty of Play : Easy or Normal ( Hard for Veterans )

NOTE : DON'T play on very hard, as it leads to Sprite overload and erratic AI behaviour.

This is my second Helm's Deep map. My first one was made while I was but a noob in the design community and wanted to play a good Helm's Deep map based on the movie, since I could'nt find any, I just made one myself. It made me learn a lot about the Stronghold editor and since then I have learned a lot more, and set out to make a more accurate representation of the Helms Deep map.

This map took a long time to make, primarily since I wanted to recreate the feel of the movie as accurately as humanly possible. Amongst the variety of Helm's Deep maps availble, very few can do that. When the AI finally worked one day, I almost cried with happiness! It attacks the wall in a surprisingily Orc-like way and is a very fun battle through and through.

To make the AI work, I had to pre-place certain enemy forces on the map, and they blend very well with the AI army. I also had to do quite a bit of scripting to achieve the feel of the siege of Helm's Deep.
As a result of all that work, Crossbowmen flank the archers on your walls from nearby cliffs, and macemen hide behind siege towers while destroying your walls!

A little back of the envelope calculation shows that the number of enemy units you will encounter throughout the course of a normal level game give or take a few hundred:
-80 Crossbowmen
-100 Swordsmen
-160 Archers
-200 Pikemen
-1300 Macemen

As you can see, it is a very intense map.

Although, the structure is very accurate, it is the fun factor that I have concentrated upon, and I hope it appeals to Non-Tolkien enthusiasts as well.

A big achievement for me was the addition of the Rohan Cavalry (Rohirrim) which charge out to help defend the deep after 15 game months (changed to 17 months in v2.1).

NOTE : Do not select the Cavalry before 17 months, or they might fail to charge out automatically, or worse, not come at all!

There are a few people who I would like to thank. Their names and contribution is mentioned in the credits.txt file in the zip. Thanks Guys!

Keep in mind that This is a Tough Map! It was made to recreate the ultimate challenge, that was Helm's Deep and requires good use of all your troops. For the faint-hearted, tips to beat this map are also included in Tips.txt within the zip file.

v1.1 Changes :
-New Pig Mid-Game Message.
-Harder Last Wave.
-Earlier Last Wave.

v1.2 Changes :
-Balance Issues addressed.
-You'll see a bit more of the pig, playing the part of the Orc Commander to perfection ;).

v2.0 Changes :
-Inner side of outer wall and Outer side of inner wall made indestructable. Vastly improves AI efficiency.
-Tougher Last Wave.

v2.1 Changes :
-Took care of a loophole which allows you to trick the AI... not anymore.
-Rohirrim now arrive after 17 months.
-Added tips.txt to zip file, help out beginners.

v2.2 Changes :
-New placement of Rohirrim, they arrive at same time though.
-Harder Last wave consisting of 50 swordsmen, 100 Pikemen and 300 Macemen !

Now, off to the fun part!


Check out my other Lord of the Rings related maps :
-Movie Lotr2 : Helms Deep
-Movie Lotr2 : Edoras
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AuthorComments & Reviews   ( All | Comments Only | Reviews Only )
coleman555 and I forgot my icq is 386-751-198
Map Design3.0
Playability: 4.5
I am like... the 37th reviewer on this map, most of them being perfect fives. That's clearly a broken record for any map as well as this is the first best stronghold map ever. With the time passing however, the "best map" title was taken. Admittedly my review has the lowest score compared with the others, but for nowadays standards of quality, this is not an outstanding map, but an excellent one. I decided this scenario worths a review for the fun I had playing it.

Despite the disappointing balance the map has, I had a lot of fun playing it and is clearly one of the most replayable stronghold maps I've ever seen. One could play the map over and over again, the fun staying at all the time. The gameplay is short and that's what facilitates the map's replayability. On another hand, it really doesn't feel like a very short map, so a very strong positive aspect.

Balance: 3
As I said before, disappointingly unbalanced. The map is just too easy. I haven't read all the rest of the reviews, to see how others have managed but my strategy was so fine, "hard" and "very hard" seemed more like "easy" and "normal". One of the easy tactics would have been just to retreat on the keep with the hundreds of archers, but that's not how I did it. The beginning is everything. After taking off the enemy siege towers by concentrating the archers' firepower upon them, the victory was assured. Without those, the enemy is unable to get on the walls.
In addition, dozens of enemy troops seemed just to sit a long while rather than attack.

Creativity: 5
A highly creative map. The author has shown a great use of the editor tools according to his imagination, creating an amazing reconstruction of Helms Deep scenario.

Map Design: 3
Except from the castle design, the terrain lack a lot of details.
- First, half of the map is made out only from high plateaus and rocks on top.
- The areas in front of castle is just too flat and lacks in terrain details.

Story/Instructions: 5
Besides a couple of hints, the map comes with a very well written story. Perfect job here.

Additional Comments:
A map worth to play, and a legend of Stronghold Sieges.
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Map Design4.9
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