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Movie-Based Minas Tirith v2.1

Author File Description
File Details
Map Size: 400x400 (Large)
Difficulty: Hard

-- Fixes for v2.1 --
- Added more scenery to city including houses of healing directly below the citadel
- Balanced out map more

-- Fixes for v2.0 --
- More Balanced then before
- Cleaned up design, Made many Cosmetic changes
- Gave attackers siege engines
- Removed citadel gatehouses

The board is set, the pieces are moving...

The Darkest Hour for Men...

Men and riderless horses has returned from the fields of Pelennor. The orcs had taken Osgiliath and all was now ready for Saouron to wage his war on Minas Tirith. Gondor had been skirmishing with Mordor for a long time and had lost many good men. 300 thousands of Orcs had crossed the Anduin and attacked the out wall of the fields, it had been taken easilay and they began to pour onto the field. This was no Orc Cheftain who lead the onslaught, but the very Witchking of Angmar. He would use the countless orcs to keep the men of Gondor busy whilst he threw his greatest weight against the gates. A large battering ram appeared out of the ramble of orcs, it was shaped like a wild beast, and flames burst from it's mouth. It took many large war trolls to wield it and the called it Grond. The walls were being quickly overrun as a chant rose up from the vast army "Grond!" "Grond!" "Grond!" The gate withstood one blow from the great ram and all seemed to stand still as the trolls struggled to pull it back a second time. It was released and the great gates of Minas Tirith splintered, as if some spell of destruction had been placed on the ram. Gandalf stood face to face with the Witchking. "Go back to the abyss which has been prepared for you and your master!" Gandalf yelled. And it seemed as if the wraith was in sudden doubt but then replied "Grey fool! This is my our! The city is mine!" And as the stood a cock crowed. Morning had come at last! Then many horns began echoing off the shoulders of the Mindoluin. The tower guard then took up the call "The Rohirrim! The Rohirrim have come at last!" And the Witchking left the gate, for fate had betrayed him for now. 6,000 and more horsemen began pouring into the fields, and the fould one cowered in terror, for the fury of North was burning red hot within the Riders of Rohan. And as the slew they broke into song, for the joy of the battle was upon them, and their voices were fair yet terrible, and they were heard even in the city. But many of the Mumakil and Easterlings and foul men of the south stood unfought and they gathered beneath the banner of their captain. Theoden lead his eored straight through their ranks and drove their captain through with his spear. But many thousands of orcs hurried out of Osgiliath, who had waited for the rape and sack of Gondor but were need since the attack was in a rout. A dart came from above and struck Snowmane, Theodens horse. The great steed fell upon his masters body and broke it. His master's bane. The Fell beast of the Witchking stooped to devour it's prey when lo! A lone warrior stood before him. "If you touch him I will smite you!" the warrior said. And they fought. "Though fool no mortal man can kill me!" And as he finished he screamed in pain, for he had been pierced with a blade of the North. Merry had come to the aid of the king. "I am no man! You look upon a woman!" said Eowyn and she smote him in the face. And the Cloak and the hauberk fell to the ground shapeless. And the enemies of Men were filled with a new fear for their captain was dead! But as the turned to run they saw a great sight. Many black sails sailing up the river! "The Corsairs! The Corsairs of Umbar!" they yelled. And they were filled with happiness as they may yet take the city.
But as they watched, thousands of the Dead poured of the ships, lead by Aragorn, Legolas, and Gimli. And the fled in terror, drowing themselves in the river or being slain as they ran. The Great battle was over but another challenge lay yet ahead...

Now you decide the fate of Minas Tirith! Re-Write the great battle of Pelennor, for Good or ill!

Recommended Play:
As: Attacker
Level of Difficulty: Hard or Very Hard (Normal for Beginners)

- Protect your mangonels!
- Retreat your Archers before the circle they guard is
- The last Guards of the Citadel stand in the final ring.
They are your last defense.
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Map Design4.0
Wow, this was a very good map. It was incredibly accurate to the Movie. I really have fun playing it.
Map Design3.0
Zerotide you inspired me because i thought your map was so well done, the playability is great and i liked the map design, as Nat stated more circular walls would make the map look more awsome then it already does, overall i thought it was a great map.

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Map Design3.5
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