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The Black Gates of Mordor v4.0 (Updated)

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Map Size: 400x400 (Large)
Difficulty: Hard
OK, I realized that I ad accidentally uploaded the bad version for 3.1. It was not really the right file, that's why it stopped at the end. I have fixed it in 4.0.
Make sure when your playing the map that you open the map called "The Black Gate v4"

How to win: Survive the invasions
How to lose: Your lord or 550 of your troops killed
Level to play on: Hard to Very Hard

This is alot harder than the first two versions! Be prepared! Your battle skills will be tested to their final extent.

How the map will play out:
First Stage: Your Regaurd will be slaughtered becuase of the attacks from behind and the sides

Second Stage: You'll need to spread the front guard and crossbowmen out over the hill because of the massive losses to the side and rear guards.

Third stage: Your non-ranged foot soldiers will probably be almost gone and at this point you will either win or lose, depending on the amount of troop movement to hold off the attacks. If they get inside the keep your probably going to lose, because of the enemies sheer numbers.

More strategy is needed on this version, and they now can access the keep from the top of the hill not from the firepit.

- Version 4.0 -
- Fifth Release
- Fixed all problems ;)

- Version 3.1 -
- Fourth Release
- Changed win condition to "No Enemy or Invasions Left"
- Change lose condition to "480 troops killed (yours)"

- Version 3 -
- Third release
- Completely erased terrain and redid
- Made attacks hard (almost all swordmen, pikes, crossbowmen)
- Fixed AI so it actually charges up the hill
- Deleted Black Ambassador
- Changed number of troops for loss/win

- Version 2 -
- Second Release
- Made many changes to terrain (Thanks NAT for the tips)
- Made Black Gates Equal so it actually looks like they match if they closed
- Changed troop layout

- Version 1 -
- First Release

This is the final battle scene from the movie. The battle before the gates.

This is a fun little open battle map. Your army of the west is assembled on a small hill surrounding the lord (the only way I could get the attackers to come is by placing a keep on the map, just look and see how I did it)

I placed walls on Med Plains to make an opened large gate effect, the signposts are behind the gates and on either sides of the hill so they attack you from all sides.

-- The Story -- Movie and Book Combined --
Many thousands had assembled outside the city, 2 thousand riders of Rohan, 5,000 Gondorian Knights, 1,000 fair knights from Dol Amroth, and 1,000 more from many of the fiefdoms within Gondor. Aragorn signaled the march and the heralds blew their trumpets and the long march to the black gates began. On the third day since leaving the city they reached Osgiliath, where the current defenders were relieved and sent back to Minas Tirith. For five more days the great host of the West marched. They came to the crossroads outside Ithilien. There they left many hundreds of archers to slow any hidden ambush that might make it's way to the city. On the sixth day the heralds of Gondor began rasing the call "The King Ellesar has returned! He has come to retake the lands taken from him!" Three times that day they let the call sound, but no answer or challenge came. On the sixth day since Osgiliath, less then half a day's march from the Morgul Vale, a few bands of roving orcs waylaid them but were easily driven off. "The enemy is trying to fool us. He is trying to mask his great strength with small attacks," Gandalf said. At dusk the host camped outside the Morgul Vale. They looked into the valley and at the city, it stood quiet and empty at the end of the vale, for the orcs and lesser creatures that had dwelled there had been slain at pellanor and the Nazgul were abroad. At dawn, they lit fire to the fields within the vale and destroyed the bridge, but would not go near the city. So fair had it been in the days of Gondor's might and glory. Minas Ithil it had been called, and it served as a stronghold to watch over the land, lest the Dark Lord try to return to his land. Alas, it had been captured in the second age and the Dark Lord gave it to his Nazgul and now it had fallen into ruin and darkness. On the seventh day since Osgiliath the host reached the black gates. No orcs could be seen upon the battlements or in the hills on either side, but they knew many enemies lay hid. Again the heralds let the call and the gates opened. A mounted ambassador with his escort rode forth to meet Gandalf and Aragorn. "I have some tokens I was bidden to show thee," he said as he signaled to one of his escort. He drew forth Frodo's elven cloak and Sam's sword. "What use you find in that puny race is beyond the Dark Tower. My lord does not love spies and their fate will be many times worse than death unless you except his terms," said the ambassador. "Name the terms," said Gandalf, who suddenly seemed old and broken. "You and your rabble will withdraw west of the Anduin, and Sauron will have Dominion over all lands from the Anduin to the Gap of Rohan, but the people there will have leave to govern themselves, but may not bear arms. You will rebuild Isengard, which you have wantonly destroyed, and one of his high-ranking officials will dwell there, nay, not Saruman, for he has betrayed the trust of the Dark Tower, but one of higher power. And he will govern all lands west of the Gap of Rohan." Aragorn and Gandalf knew who would be dwelling there. It would be the Black Ambassador himself. "These are costly terms for the release of two prisoners!" Gandalf replied. "So you wish to seal the fate of your 'spies' then. These are his terms, take them or leave them!" the ambassador replied. "These we will take!" said Gandalf as he snatched the coat and sword from him. "But keep your terms!" said Gandalf who seemed to grow as the mouth of sauron shrunk. The ambassador shrieked then spurred his horse then retreated back, and a horn blew. Immediatly thousands of orcs began pouring out of the gate and out of hiding in the hills...

Now you decide the rest of this story! How will the West end? In happiness or shadow?

Good Luck!

AuthorComments & Reviews   ( All | Comments Only | Reviews Only )
Figster This was a very fun map to play with a great lay out, i loved the gates although they were a bit uneven. The map is a lot of fun but too easy. As i recall it in the battle they did not have any archers or crossbowmen. Thats what made it easy, the rest was a lot of fun. The map design was a little sloppy but it was a great map which had me hooked for hours with the map design, maybe improve Mordor. The balance is great although the AI do some funny things, they charge the towers on the sides? Overall this was a good map and i greatly recomend it. well done

swgb2003 This is an incredibly fun map to play. I really enjoyed it. Good Job.
NAT Review update - Most things are the same as in the previous review but version 2 - although with a slightly better map design and troop layout the map is so much easier and the AI still do this annoying thing of running to the signposts to the rightr and left. Everything else is the same - good ateempt at a difficult idea - very good black gates. Still good work!
Figster I thought version one was better, i think this because it was more challenging. In V2 i was even able to send my units and kill their Lord! it was way too easy and those crossbowmen pack a punch. Maybe the enemy should have some crossbowmen too to balance it out. thats the reason for the 3 too easy. Map design was better but there are still some grassy spots which could be made to look more realistec. The gates look awsome and so does the keep. The instructions were great but could be better. Overall this is a sweet map just needs some finishing touches. I loved how the units are all blobed together, really made it look like the movie!

Figster -=TFI=-
HicRic (Review updated for v4.0)

First off, I'd just like to congratulate you on the effort put into this map. You've listened to people and you've continually updated it in order to make it better and better, and what you have here is excellent!

It's a very playable and addictive map, quite an original and fun open-battle map. Great story/instructions are present and it's fun to replay and try different things. This map has come on in leaps and bounds since version one and I think it's well deserving of a high score. Great work!
Figster After playing V4 i thought the improvements had been made so that this map is totally flawless, a good map design and well just another great map from zerotide!

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