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The Northfold Skirmish

Author File Description
lord karn
File Details
Map Size: 300x300 (Medium)
Difficulty: Hard
A long time ago the Wolf attacked your country. It was a horrible war lasting for many years, and thousands died. Castles fell. Whole cities burned to the ground. The Wolf attacked your king’s castle at the end of the war, and after killing the king, declared himself ruler. He used his army to garrison all towns and had anyone who opposed him killed. Some towns tried to resist by taking up arms, but the Wolf’s troops were well trained, and the peasants didn’t have a chance. You, leader of the town of Northfold, though you hated the Wolf just as much as anyone else, ordered the people of your people not to attack, not yet. You hired fletchers and blacksmiths from the surrounding towns to craft swords, bows and crossbows. You emptied your treasury to buy plate mail and leather armor. You also met with other lords of local manor and towns, telling them of your plan to overthrow the Wolf’s rule. Almost all supported you, and donated weapons, supplies and gold. Your secret plan was going well. The Wolf didn’t expect a thing… So far you had the makings of a small army, and enough gold to hire several mercenary companies. All you needed was stone to build larger fortifications around your town and manor. But before you could, you receive terrible news. The Wolf has found out what you are doing. A spy of the Wolf’s was present during one of your meeting with the local lords. The Wolf’s response will be swift. Already, your scouts have told you that a company of the Wolf’s men is heading towards you. He is reported to have many spearmen, pikemen, and a mercenary group of horsemen. You rally your troops and begin to plan your defense… You send your horsemen to the south of the town to counter the Wolf’s own. Archers are positioned outside of the church and at the town entrance. Crossbowmen are standing by at the keep and through out the town with your swordsmen. Spearmen are also scattered through out the town. The war horns of the Wolf can be heard in the distance. Hurry! Prepare your self!
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Map Design4.0
This is a really good siege map and very nearly 4.4 - well balanced and really good map design. I liked the mini battle at the beginning with the knights and then the entire trail as their army pours to up to our keep. You have really got the whole battle idea sorted - great work. There is only thing that did ot look too good is the way that the AI were so bunched up in their assult of the fort, espcially with the pikemen. This is something that will almot be impossible to fix on a map like this. It is a lot of fun retreating your missle troops back to each barrier -it is quite a good tactic. For map design and creativity the map is very good and 9/10 is the right score - really good stuff (I am very impressed, especially as you have made so much progress). The buildings, troop layout and wooden shields all excelent. Realestic and well designd countrysdie really adds to the map as well. A nice long piece of stroyline here - perhaps culd have been broken up a bit and maybe added to with a few comments (here is a generous 4) but a great name - really atracts you to the map. Overall the map is very good and 4.4 is not far away at all. Really good, creative work!
Lord Arthus
Map Design4.0
Exelent job lord karn!
This map is fairy short but very attractive. I liked the way the enemy marched to the keep as the archers shot from behind the walls, the use of the shields was also very well done. I would also like to point out that the gravestones were very creative and i personally would never of thought of it. When i review maps i am harsh when it comes to terrain but you don't need to worry because you have done it like a pro. the use of hills and rocks played a big role in your overall high score and you should be proud of this stage. I'm not sure what you'd call it but i'll call it a castle. It is basic but the low walls fitted in well with the stage. I felt that this was actually a village and they were stone fences, it was overall very appealing to look at. You story was well written and was of the same high standard as the rest of your map. Overall addictive, creative and a really fun map good job,
Lord Arthus
Map Design4.0
Playability - The map was not too boring to play, but I didn't feel very excited about it, either. There just wasn't enough to do, so the map is somewhat average in Playability. I did enjoy it enough to play it twice, but it wasn't very exciting or challenging on either time.

Balance - I played the map first on Normal difficulty level and then on Very Hard. I was expecting the map to be more difficult on Very Hard, but to my surprise I was able to beat the map on both difficulty levels in the first attempt. I think the main balance problem is the huge number of weak spearmen and the low number of much stronger pikemen. I didn't have much trouble at all killing all the spearmen, so it was only the pikemen who were able to threaten my keep at least a little.

Creativity - Like NAT and Lord Arthus have already said, this map is quite creative. It's not the ordinary siege map in that there's no massive castle or fortress of any size, just a small village and the keep. I liked the stone fences and the overall layout of the settlement. I also liked the lack of gatehouses or any other means to stop the enemy by fortifications (which worked well with the story).

Map Design - A very beautiful map with good use of elevation and "natural" eye-candy. The settlement looks nice and there isn't anything ugly on the map. Everything looks very good on the map.

Story/Instructions - The story was good, though not highly creative, but still very nice and well told. I didn't spot any major spelling mistakes, but the story could be divided into two or three paragraphs to make the layout look more attractive and easier to read.

Final comments: There's a lot of potential on this map, but I just didn't feel that Playability or Balance worked well enough for a higher score. Nevertheless, it's a creative and good-looking map with a nice story worth playing.

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Map Design4.0
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