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Helms Deep Gold Edition v1.3

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Map Size: 400x400 (Large)
Difficulty: Hard
If you are having trouble navigating the castle, I've included an overview map in v1.3 that lables everything and shows points of access for the enemy.

(Patched Version 1.30.00)
(3/04/04: Helms Deep Gold Hits 300 Download Milestone)
(2/27/04: Helms Deep Gold Updated to 1.3)
(2/22/04: Helms Deep Gold Hits 200 Download Milestone)
(2/19/04: Helms Deep Gold Hits 100 Download Milestone)
Play on Normal or Hard

Helm's Deep Gold Edition
Changes for v1.3 - Fixed gatehouse to outer bailey, terrain, and last gatehouse.

"Where is the horse and the rider?
Where is the horn that was blowing?
They have passed like rain on the mountain,
like wind in the meadow.
The days, have gone down in the west,
behind the hills.
Into shadow"

"How did it come to this?"

- Theoden son of Thengel, TTT

I fixed the little AI snag I ran into. I finally got this one uploaded and I hope you enjoy.

Long had Saruman harrassed the people of Rohan. With the king under his spell, he did whatever his will was.
Aragorn, Legolas, and Gimli had been traveling across the plains for 3 days, hunting a party of Uruks of Isengard. When they ran into a large host of the Rohirrim, they gave tidings of the party. It had been destroyed, with not a single survivor. The three thought that their journey had been in vain. Eomer, the leader of the host gave to them 2 horses, Hasufel and Arod. Legolas and Gimli rode Arod, and Aragorn on Hasufel.They followed the trail of the Uruks to the eaves of Fangorn. There they found signs of the battle and signs that the 2 hobbits may yet be alive, but deep within the forest.

"Fangorn... what madness drove them there?"
- Gimli, TTT

The three entered the forest with little hope. "Aragorn, there is something out there." said Legolas. "What do you see, Legolas?" asked Aragorn. "The white wizard approaches..." replied Legolas, as he nodded his head backwards. The three braced themselves. Suddenly a bright light appeared. Gimli and Legolas launched projectiles that shattered in the light. Aragorn's sword grew red hot and he dropped it, amazed. "You are tracking the footsteps of two young hobbits, they passed this way, the day before yestarday, and met someone they did not expect. Does that comfort you?" Said the figure.
"Who are you?... Show yourself!" Aragorn yelled.
Immediatly the light dissapated, and the mysterious figure was none other than Gandalf. "It cannot be!" said Aragorn.
After sharing what time was allowed with Gandalf there in the forest, they rode with great haste to Edoras. There they found Theoden in a sickly state. Gandalf healed him of his aleness and Grima was thrown out of the Golden
Hall. Theoden would not ride out and meet them. "What is the king's decision?" asked Gandalf.

"By order of the king, the city must empty!"
- Hama, TTT

Gandalf left Edoras in search of Eomer the same day, and the next morning all of Edoras was prepared to move.
The trek through the mountains was long and slow, but they soon reached the fortress. The whole day they prepared for the siege. Aragorn reached the fortress late in the afternoon, with news of Sarumans army, 10,000 strong.

"They should be frightened! 300, against 10,000? They are all going to die!"
- Legolas, TTT

All men had taken to the walls at nightfall, and things looked very bleak, as the wall was very empty. A horn blew! And it echoed clear and fair over the deep. 700 archers of Lorien had marched to their aid. Now there was enough men to guard the deeping wall and keep. In the distance, many torches could be seen as a storm sent from Mordor brewed overhead. The Elven archers formed three rows on the wall and 5 more behind it. Aragorn, Legolas, and Gimli stood together on the wall. Uruks began charging the deeping wall. For a while, they were held by the endless rain of arrows from above. Uruk crossbowmen began launching bolts at the archers, many found their mark and the elves stumbled backwards of the wall, struck by the large arrows. The lull in the rain of arrows allowed many ladders to be hoisted up onto the wall. "Swords! Swords!" Aragorn yelled. Many fair blades were drawn. Uruks began pouring up the walls, killing the elves but not making it down the steps. For a while the Uruks were held.

Now you decide the rest of the story!
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Map Design5.0
I thought this was quite a good helms deep map.
playability was great i could play for hours, well maybe not hours just until i can beat it but still it was good.
Balance well i beat it first go and iam not to good so i think it could improve.
creativity seen alot of helms deep maps so i cant really judge this but i dont want the map to go down because it was good.
mapdesign i thought you made the map really good and its like in the movie .
story and instructions- great

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Map Design5.0
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