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Leeds Castle (updated)

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Map Size: 400x400 (Large)
Difficulty: Normal
The Leeds Castle, most appropriately known as "The Loveliest Castle in the World" as expressed by Lord Conway, was originally built in AD 857 as the royal manor of the Saxon Family. This fascinating castle and its 500 acres of lush green parkland and beautiful gardens is set on two lake islands located near Maidstone in the heart of the picturesque county of Kent in the southeastern region of the United Kingdom.Leeds Castle in Kent occupies three islands formed by an artificial lake. The outermost island (Barbican) nearest the shore of the lake can be accessed by three different causeways. All the causeways was defended by a gatehouse with portcullis and drawbridge. The northern most causeway was further defended by a fortified mill. The central island of the three and largest, is connected to the Barbican by a small bridge. It is defended by a gatehouse and 15 foot high walls that would have risen directly out of the water. Now a small strip of land surrounds the castle. The third and smallest island contains the oldest section of the castle, called the Gloriette and dates back to Edward I around 1280. A two storey building on a bridge connects the outer two islands.

Leeds Castle is one of the most romantic and most ancient castles in the Kingdom. In the 9th century, this was the site of a manor of the Saxon royal family. Listed in the Domesday Book, this castle has been a Norman stronghold, a royal residence to six of England's medieval Queens, a playground and palace to Henry VIII and a private home.Today, lovingly restored and now administered by the Leeds castle Foundation, it is home to a magnificent collection of medieval furnishings, paintings, tapestries and treasures. This is the place where visitors of the present meet with lives of the past.
The crowning glory of this most English of castles is its setting. On two small islands in the midst of an encircling lake, surrounded by a green arc of parkland, thick with trees and hills that tumble gently down to the waters edge. Within the 500 acre park, there are woodland walks, lakes and waterfalls, gardens and greenhouses. And so many glorious castle views. Kings and Queens and seasons may change, but Leeds Castle enchanting and very English beauty is lasting, whatever the time of the year.
The castle was first built in stone by Norman barons nearly 900 years ago to overawe the English. On Edward I's accession, it was conveyed to the Crown, and for the next three centuries was a royal palace; fortified, enlarged, enriched and much loved by successive English Kings and Queens.Love, romance and happiness have been in the air at Leeds Castle down the centuries; certainly for Queen Eleanor of Castile, Catherine de Valois and Henry VIII, the most celebrated of all the owners.

You are King Edward I, you are to fend off another attack of the scotts(rat) trying to take the castle. Gather your men and prepare as the scots will be in your land soon for after the recent loss for the scotts they are mad and ready to seige your castle to the ground.
The fair ladies have already fled for safety in the Gloriette but if the castle cant hold out thats one place you dont want to be. The castle has a good supply of iron, wood and stone. The farm land has been destroyed and only little remains, many people hav starved already and you fear the worst is to come. You know you have little time to prepare for you just fended off an attack. The damn Rat will have to prepare another force and train them up.
The way they treat their people is terrible, they have children training for war almost at the age of 2. Most of the invasions have been young adults who are nearing 20. We have the advantage because its winter and very cold. The scotts didnt prepare for the freezing temperatures and lost many over night, but he still has an army worth bothering about.
The war is going our way at the moment but if it startes to snow i fear we may loose many crops and trees. Only one thing has gone wrong so far the main gate is now vulnerable due to last invasion filling in the moat. This cost them many men but in the long run it may cost us. We dont have the suplies or time needed to make another and dig the moat so we just have to heavily guard the front gate.
You must defend the castle until death, for if you fail the scotts will have a castle in England and can start picking off our others one by one. Good luck!

*use the wood traps
*If you gather iron you can make engineers with oil.
*Use your wooden outposts for added protection of your main resouces.

Stronger Invasions Better Balance
Must download if you thought to be easy.

!!!!Updated!!!! (yet again)
*Seige equipment
*no wooden wall
*no towers
*less trader avaliable
*if you have already played and thought to be way to easy even with the other patch(you must be good)
*Must download play and review
*Or update you review
AuthorComments & Reviews   ( All | Comments Only | Reviews Only )
NAT Good map all round, especially with good map design and castle work. So nice stuff - there are a few things you do need to improve on. I played the map through and I think I would have preferred a whole load of invasions towards the end instead of lots of small invasions spread out which in the game as there was not enough time to recover after the first set of invasions. Overall though 8/10 is about right for playability and balance which is good score. Map design and creativity - very solid - I liked the castle design very much and the lakes worked well surrounding the castle. Nice simple woodland around outside as well. Good stuff! I liked the storyline and all the background to the map - also I feel your version of the map is more accurate than the firefly studios one although there are some things that are not quite right ;). On the whole a very good invasion, medium lenght and generally very entertaining. Good work!
File Author
Ill try the scenario without the wooden walls and see how it plays out. It was good for me because i didnt think of putting wooden walls infront of the gate houses( inexpirienced). Ill also take out other things that gould be used as an obstical for the enemy.
blackvegetable I played all versions of this map and i have to say it was decent all round.
Playability- was great it took me many tries to beat it but it was a good map so i kept on going. Very nice touch with the having to build you civilisation not just an invasion that you just attack and kill.
Balance- I thought the balance was great, but i didnt think of putting wooden walls infront of the gatehouses. Also as im am not very good at the game i didnt use the iron or quarry buildings.
Creativity- creativity was good i have only seen leeds in the computer made scenerios and it didnt look anything like yours.
Ill be quick i got to go
Map design was alright still castle wasnt placed very well in the middle.
Story instructions- great good info on castle background.
NAT I am going to update my review - it is good you have chosen to do so :)
File Author
I thank you guys for rating my map.
Although i got a good mark off Nat i dont know about Blackvegetable he seemed a bit too generous with the marking of this map maybe tops i would give would be 4.6 but o well thanks for good score.
now i think of it every body has different skill levels and many people think that different things look good. Eg Lord of the rings maps, they are good but about 50 of them later they are prety hard to rate on creativity. What nat said, barricade yourself inside, see i would never have thought of that, (different skill levels)
So blacks mark is well accepted with me...
Nat i doesnt matter what the total score is its what you think.
NAT Have updated my comments :) - kept the score the same though.
Blue Ghost This castle is a challenge, but I do have to say that I like the earlier versions of this map better. Or rather I like the map layout of the earlier versions, though I do like the skill difficulty settings of this version. Somehow a marriage of the two would be the perfect Leeds' castle map, or so I think. Specifically I like the extra wall, towers and geometry of the previous versions, and how there were a few more areas that could be protected. Still, overall both are excellent designs.

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