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The Elders Castle (updated)2.0

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Map Size: 400x400 (Large)
Difficulty: Normal
Earlingham Castle
Castle info
The castle is built on a 3 foot ledge surrounded by small river, there are two main entrances built be able to sustain many hundreds of men invading. The lower entrance is guarded by a small village (mainly the economic side of this castle) this is very weak if an attack would come. The village is 70 meters long and 40 wide, if it can hold out for the first few invasions then the men in the village have time to retreat into the keep or castle. The upper entrance is built on low ground so it cannot see too far into the distance. The grass is well kept and trees kept to the minimum so this is a no mans land in ancients times. It is guarded by several crossbowmen at all times in case of a surprise attack.
West quarter of the castle consists of the stock pile and a big tower sticking out from the castle to scout for any enemy troops coming from the hills. Also in this direction is farm land surrounding the outside encampment. There is a small waterfall where many of the peasants in the castle go to bath and fill in some much earned free time. While the east isn’t as beautiful and the west section it still plays its role in the maintenance of the castle, with many cleaning peasants live in this area. The areas main site attraction is probably the well placed gardens and shrines to honour the elders. Although it is not quite so beautiful this eastern area has areas for kids to play and peasants to fill in some time on the grass gazing at the sky.
The main way into the Elders hovel is through another gate house that is guarded heavily and a few towers in the near by area. The main keep consists of many buildings, mainly military and hovels for the king and his many wives. It is well placed and do access can be mad unless it is through the main gatehouse.
As the days the Elders predicted drew closer the days grew darker. Rumours have started, an army passing through will eventually take out every castle along their line of travel. As the grand elder has predicted the Earlingham Castle lies in direct path of these dangerous men. The days grew dim and not people flew around here and their saying it’ll be the doom of us. But I for one do not think like that, I think that if we play our cards right we may win this with the position we are in.
As night fell I gazed towards the sky and wondered what is for us, is this all that he created us for to hate each other, to kill each other. The clouds rained across the moon when I herd it, the distant cry of an Elders horn. The troops came marching over the hill lead a great swordsman, this boosted the men’s spirits into cheering and clapping. All I could concentrate on was the light of the moon leaving us like it did not want to be apart of this war, as did I.
The sun rose the next morning nice and early, many of the troops were training for the day ahead of them. Slashing swords in attacking barrels to get their style right, for if they were going to die they wanted to know they died fighting. As I wandered through the gardens just over the hill I spotted the elders, fleeing. If I were to tell any one their spirits would be lost, they would they again would think the word no hope. As I wandered self consciously through the castle I was wondering to my self, why would people do this, why would you want to inflict pain on people. I had the same idea as the elders, to flee, but for some weird reason my feet wouldn’t allow me. I guess I felt sorry for them, and also I didn’t want to be labelled as a coward as I have labelled the elders.
That night was the eve of battle the men were at their posts, awaiting, awaiting their doom. Many couldn’t take it and fled to the hills, those men would eventually be caught and killed by these men anyway. The sky was filled with stars but I didn’t feel what I did before, I felt I had a purpose, my purpose was to keep our troops hopes high. I had my reason now I just needed to know theirs.

Better balance
AI dont just stand around
If you have already rated please go over your rating again

*without retreating you will lose
*use your pikemen and spearmen to divert the enemy for a few minuites
*Gather tax money at the start and build seige engineers, they help distract and every so often you get a boiling oil. <----- (has no idea why)

Thanks to-
NAT & Sulis for a bit of help with the map

This update works quite well,
i have played the map many times so i know the strategy in doing it, and i got 75% casualties.
This is about where i aim.
You must remember there is not many ground troops so it is hard to judge balance because once they get through the last gate they go straight for the king undistracted so i aimed for them to almost destroy the gatehouse or destroy it with few remaining guys left.
PLEASE rate on version 2.0
NOT just the updated version.
AuthorReviews   ( All | Comments Only | Reviews Only )
Map Design4.0
The map has been improved quite a lot since I first played it. It is a very nice map to play on with in my opinion a wonderfully crafted castle. also I must add that I would (if i could) give playability 4.5 and then storyline 4.5 but in the end I ddcided to give playability the five score. I enjoyed playing the map and retreating from the outside walls in. It is also very good to ahve different attack points that the AI use. The AI are still not 100% efficient and do hang around a bit - does let the map down a bit but is improved since the earlier version of the maps. I have experimented with the map and not a lot can be done which is a shame (well not done by me!). The map design is good, great castle - very innovative and well designed. Some fo the surrounding map design needs to be alittle more flowing with a bit more though but a safe 4 here. The storyline is good - as I said above 4.5. It is a good site description with plenty of information. It is good to see an asuthor willing to puit some work in. Overall a fun and challenging map. Do download it!
Map Design4.0
I downloaded the version dated March 22, I hope this is the final version. The only story included in map were tactical hints, which were completely wrong. Why to hold very bad positions in open land, in scenario, where is imposible to build anything and during the short time invasion You make maybe one bow? The only thing, which is worth to defend is the keep and the Lord. If You retreat fast and position troops near the Keep, You got casualities like me: 0%, twice, normal level. So it can't be an accident.

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Map Design4.0
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