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NATs Minas Tirith

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Map Size: 400x400 (Large)
Difficulty: Hard
NATs Minas Tirith

'The darkness has begun. There will be no dawn.' - Mithrandir at the siege of Minas Tirith.

Not another Minas Tirith! - Well we have made a Helms Deep, Osgiliath and so a Minas Tirith does have to follow! - This map is mainly centred on the films; however the book is filled with marvellous quotes and really great information, so we had to include some of that. All the events leading up to the present situation are explained in the word file attached to the map pack.

Here is a marvellous quote from Return of the King

'And there were there the White Mountains of Ered Nimrais came to their end, and as Gandalf had promised the dark mass of Mount Mindolluin, the deep purple shadows of its high glens, and its tall face whitening in the rising day. And upon its thrust out knee was the guarded city, with its many walls of stone so strong and old that it seemed to have been not builded but carven by giants out of the bones of the earth. Evan as Pippin gazed in wonder the walls passed from looming grey to white, blushing faintly in the dawn; and suddenly the sun climbed over the Eastern shadow and sent forth a shaft that smote the face of the City.
Then Pippin cried, for the tower of Ecthelion, standing high within the top most wall, shone out against the sky, glimmering like a spike of pearl and sliver, tall and fair and shapely, and its pinnacle glittered as if it were wrought of crystals; and white banners broke and fluttered from the battlements in the morning breeze, and high and far he heard a clear ringing of silver trumpets.'

This map has taken us an extremely long time sorting out AI, curved walls etc. - including several restarts at the map. Nevertheless, we have had an enormous amount of fun making this map and we hope that you have as much fun playing it!

This map should be attempted on NORMAL - if you consider yourself an advanced player or a beginner - adjust the difficulty to suit you. But do not play on very hard as problems can ensue.

This is our third LOTRs map and by no means our last! Without doubt it has taken the most time and by far the most spectacular! So do enjoy it!

Also I would like to thank anyone who helped us in the making of this map, that’s Bismuth, Jalis and Lord Arthus so thanks very much to you three.

Thanks for reading all this!

(<a href="">NAT</a>)

NOTE- This map has been changes slightly altering balance etc. It should now be more of a challenge as the balance has been worked on more carefully
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AuthorComments & Reviews   ( All | Comments Only | Reviews Only )
Emperor Alexus talos_911- Unfair,this Is a word I have once used on this site, I claimed someones tactics for winning on one of my stages was unfair and If I remember correctly on this site there isn't realy anything you can do to be called unfair.

When someone reviews a map it is their opinion, key word their, not yours if you wish to give a 5 for creativity then go right ahead and do so but do go telling others what they think of a map they have just played.

Unfair, its an opinion and if you cant handle well too bad, I dont see any complaints from NAT posted so i dont think should have bothered with that post.

NeKoeNMa has posted hisher opinion and if that is the reason for the decision to give a 4 for creativity than so be it, after all it is NeKoeNMa's review.

By the way great map NAT you truly have come so far in your designs keep up the great, no great is too little a word fantastic work your friend,

Emperor Alexus.
hojimachong this map is the best invasion Scenario here. it is great to look at, with a beautiful landscape. i tried several times before i could beat it (though the first 3 times I forgot about the rohirrim:)) you know what you are supposed to do, and the story is fun to read. from me, you get a perfect score all around.
idioteque well, this is the first scenaro i download , i found it hell hard , i can't finish it , there are like 600 swordsmen getting into the stronghold, the archers suck at taking out armored units and u can't do any unit more , the knights where supposed to do sumthing but... nah they sucked , on the other side, even from the minimap , the design can't be better , u did it well, the story , well didn't read it much but ...!i loved the map!
BlaCha WOW! This map is what I call GREAT WORK.

Playability - Excellent work - the enemy don't just stand there, but do their work well. Some, however, manages to "lock" themselves into a tower or wall segment by destroying vital parts of it, but it is the whole that counts. 5 (I really mean it!)

Balance - I'm very strict on this one. Since I give it a 5, it means that this is AWFULLY WELL DONE. The Rohirrim arrives just in time, when the last gate is about to be breached. 5

Creativity - Not a very original idea, but this map REALLY stands up from the crowd. 5

Design - You must have spent days, or weeks, on this... 5

Story - I love LOTR (I've made a Stronghold LOTR map myself), and your instructions are well made. (Advertisement for LOTR???) 5
wincoool Brilliant but it took me quite long before i eventually completed it amd i completly forgot about the knights every time. I good challenge and when i completed it it was great. Loved the design.
Lord Hugatree Hahaah! Great work! I don't think anyone else will ever try to make a better map than this! Simply told - I give this map (in the order above) Excellent(5), Excellent(5), Excellent(5), Excellent(5) and Excellent(5).
ice_dragon OverkilL !!
i'm not a big LOTR fan, but this map really kicked butts! Great design, great battle, what else would anyone want?
BloodySword Dude This is really good I Like This Map The Best Out Of All Minas Tirith
Wizards Wow another amazing map from NAT.
Playability:Very fun to play, hard to retreat all your troops when a wall is breached, had alot of fun playing this map
Balance:Again very high with balance. It's good to see that you don't really combat spearmen and macemen but you gave more of a challenge with pikemen and swordsmen.
Creativity:Looks alot like Minas Tirith and i like all the eyecandy.
Map design: Excellent use of mountains and rocks. Liked that there wasn't really much empty space.
Story/Intructions: Lovely quotes and story.
X29 Minas Tirith, Awww, Was it done right? For the most part yes.

Playability 5/5 The battle for Minus Tirith seems to have been made for this game... or maybe it is the other way arround? Whatever.

Balance 5/5 Very Very good!!! It took me so many tries to beat it. The swordsmen take forever to kill with archers. It was a blast!

Creativity 4/5 Sorry, but IMO I can't give you a five since you didn't come up with the map idea yourself. it was taken from the movies or books.

Map Design 3/5 For just any Stronghold map this would have been a five, but this is Minus Tirith we are talking about here so... You should have put in all seven levels!!! It is good, but I think Warlord Designs did the city better. Also your attackers suffer from the same problem that Warlord's do. They bash the walls with catapults and then the enemy poors in through the gaps. This is not how it happened in the movie or the books, so it bugs me. This is a bigger problem in your map since there are only five walls and the catapults can knock down all the walls up to at least the third one! Just one more little thing why is there a gallows below the pinacle?

Story 5/5 It is Lord of the Rings. PERIOD!

NAT, sorry if the review seemed harsh. I really liked your map and would be greatful if you would check out my version of Minas Tirith, Gondor Part 2: Minas Tirith by X29. Any one else who wants to try it feel free.
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