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River Nation Resistance: ch1 Resistance At River Valley

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Map Size: 400x400 (Large)
Difficulty: Hard

Once on the land, lived a nation, nation who didn’t knew war. They were called River Nation and the people-River people. Their civilization was high-level. They were very good on digging and tunneling and most of all they loved nature. River people had a few woodcutters huts and hunters posts but not too much to harm the nature. They had a few bows for hunters, but there would never be an idea of killing people. They had two gold mines and they knew the secrets of ale production, so River people had an inn. They were living happily, until one day.
January 1st 1000
Young woodcutter smashed trough the door of the keep wounded and exhausted and he had an arrow stuck in his arm:
- Sire, grave news, hunters saw a band of shining men and men with sticks with shinny thing on the top heading towards our settlement, they killed my father, Philip, and the other hunters, some hunters ran away an…. And he died because he lost too much blood. You stood in the keep and shuddered.
- How can someone kill people?
And then you saw two dogs fighting. The older and more experienced dog won.
- Maybe he won now, but after a couple of years the younger dog will surely win, - you thought.
Then you quickly ran out of keep and summoned all people that lived in the settlement, all tunnelers and hunters, women and children.
- People, the shiny men is marching towards us, if we don’t resist they will kill us like we kill animals for food, but they won’t eat us, they will leave our corpses to rot. So we have to kill them if we don’t want to be killed, it’s your choice.
One tunneler from the crowd said.
- How can we kill them, we don’t have bows.
- You don’t need them, you have got your own weapons, split them like you split rock!
And then all crowd: hunters and tunnelers, women and children prepared for defense.
The battle was bloody and exhausting, River people won.
After few hours a man without shinny shirt and without any weapon came:
- You, you killed rat’s troops, Rat is very angry so if you want to stay alive for much longer serve him by collecting the following goods: 150 meat and 35 pitch, on 1005 January 1st he will come with his royal army to take the supplies, and if you won’t have them, prepare yourself for battle where you will put your head.
You started collecting the supplies and you were thinking that you are younger dog, but another army attacked you, that were Snake’s troops. The Snake was Rat’s enemy. They were enemy even from childhood. So now the Snake wants to make sure the Rat won’t get his supplies.

Place Pitch rigs from the beginning, and place them as much as possible.
Try to save food by setting half rations.
Build few more Inns to raise more money.
Retreat as much archers as possible from the beginning

Big thanks to NAT for play testing the map.
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Map Design4.0
As soon as I read Bloodhoof’s story on the download description page I was sure I wanted to try this map. The 500+ words of text not only introduce the strategic elements of the game but also establish the culture of the peaceful defenders and motivates the player to want to see this little village through to victory – very clever and imaginative! The text file in the download also includes a few hints. Story 4

Next thing I noticed about “Resistance at River Valley” was the layout of the map. Excellent landscaping and use of various elements such as rocks, plants, trees, etc. A river runs through the middle and the inhabitants have diverted this into a circular moat around their stronghold. A round wooden palisade adds further defense. Irrigated fields, gold mines, and small gatehouses used as water control gates are some of the features of this map. It is interesting to look at and natural in appearance. Map 4

I had a lot fun playing this scenario. There are a variety of ways to approach it and you must attend to several economic goals while fighting off some challenging attacks. I admit I played several times on Normal and lost. Finally I switched to Easy and, after a false start or two, I was able to achieve victory. I am sure, given enough time, I could win on Normal. Playability 5, Balance 5

Overall a very creative map. Bloodhoof has included some nice “eyecandy” in the various walls and structures but he has done it in a way that does not look out-of-place. Probably the most unusual aspect of this map is that the most aggressive military unit you are able to create is a Tunneler. I never realized that these diggers can do damage with that pickaxe! Otherwise you must count on your Hunters and Woodcutters to defend along with the initial archers and the archer-bandits that join your cause during the course of the game. Creatively 5

This is a download I definitely recommend!

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Map Design4.0
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