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World of Orn 3: Orcs of the Broken Spear

Author File Description
Lord Malibar
File Details
Map Size: 400x400 (Large)
Difficulty: Hard
Previous installments of the World of Orn:

WOO1: The Helm of Orn. Siege That! map. You are chosen by Zarnath to lead a small raid on the Kingdom of Ramar to steal the Helm of Orn.

WOO2: Attack on Crescent Cove. Siege Map. Given command of Zarnath's elite Army of the Granite Fist, you are tasked to capture the City and Castle at Crescent Cove, a Ramarian trading port and Naval Academy.

World of Orn 3: Orcs of the Broken Spear.

As agreed upon prior to your attack, Zarnath allows the Lost Islands Pirates to ransack Crescent Cove after you capture the Castle. This backfires to some degree, as the Pirates carry off all the surplus building supplies as part of their bounty. You send quarrymen and wood cutters into the forests and mountains to get more building supplies but it is a slow and tedious process.

To make matters worse, Orcs have been growing increasingly brave in the foothills of the nearby Wandering Mountains. Their raids have already cost you the lives of workers you can not afford to lose. You are forced to send part of your remaining troops with the workers to protect them from the Orcs, leaving your garrison in an extremely weakened state.

Zarnath has already sent reinforcements (mostly archers) to help become the Castle's permanent garrison, however they are still far away. Additionally, Zarnath launches a series of small border raids against Ramarian outposts farther South, hoping to keep Ramar's attentions on defending the entrances to their Kingdom long enough for you to rebuild Crescent Cove. That part of the plan seems to be working. The Orcs, on the other hand, are becoming more and more of a problem.

The Northern part Wandering Mountains have long been the home of a large and ornery tribe of Orcs known as the Broken Spear - named after the picture of a Broken Spear that adorns the wooden shields they carry into battle. As the Kingdom of Ramar expanded, the Orcs of the Broken Spear were slowly pushed back into the sanctuary of the Wandering Mountains. Over the years, an unspoken truce came to be. As long as the Broken Spear left Ramarians alone, the Kingdom of Ramar let them exist in peace in the interior of the WM. Now, with Ramar having been ousted from the Crescent Cove area, the Orcs seem intent on testing the strength and resolve of the Cove's new owners.

As you survey your men working on the Castle walls and towers, you hear a cry in the distance. A Knight rides up at full speed, armor crimson with blood. "Orcs, my Liege! The Broken Spear! Hundreds of them - just outside Towne! We tried to fight them, but there were too many."

You can now hear the sound of metal clashing against metal as the Orcs enter the Towne.

"To the ramparts!" you cry. You don't have many men and have no idea how far off Zarnath's reinforcements are. Your only hope is to hold on until they arrive...

This scenario is meant to be played as the DEFENDER on NORMAL setting. Position your defense well and you should slow down the Broken Spear's attack. Hold out until March 1069 and victory is yours.

Since this seems to be confusing some players...

The reinforcements do NOT actually appear on the map! They are a few hundred archers sent to garrison the Castle. When the Orcs hear their approach, the fight is over, thus you get the VICTORY if you are still alive. In January 1069, you will hear the wav saying the reinforcements have arrived. This plays merely so you know the scenario is almost over. Again, the reinforcements never physically appear on the map. Their arrival is simulated and you are awarded the victory for managing to defend the Keep until they get to Crescent Cove.

I fully expect this scenario will be lower rated than the first two, as the chaotic Orcs lack the discipline and leadership to remain focused on their real goal. If they go for the Keep, you have a real challenge to win. If they get distracted by secondary targets, your job is much easier. There is no way to control where the airheads try to attack - but then - they do indeed act quite Orcish!

AuthorComments & Reviews   ( All | Comments Only | Reviews Only )
Edster_Doomlord I have begun editing my Kingdom War map now expect a scenario like this soon!!
Map Design5.0
Once again a quality map, nice idea of using the same map for another mission. I've thought of doing that for my own Kingdom War siege map, but the second one would be an invasion or economic scenario.

Defending: Patience is the key to this one, there is a lot of enemy and they&#8217;re coming to get you. I basically retreated the front troops and waited for them to come. I killed the entire enemy in the end with 70% losses. (Damn those war dogs!! - they ate all my archers!!)
Attacking: This was really difficult, there are a lot of crossbows and so a lot of troops are lost even before entering the castle. I completed this eventually, by killing all the archers and troops in outer baileys and then using my crossbow men to turn the lord into a pincushion. This attack still cost me 66% of my troops (I left the attacking army as it was)

Overall: a very nice scenario, I couldn&#8217;t give as good a mark on the creativity, as it wasn&#8217;t a new unique map!! Once again the story is brilliant. Keep it up m8
Lord Malibar
File Author
lol @ war dogs. As many times as I played that, I never had trouble with the dogs attacking my own men.

By the way: the scenario was designed STRICTLY to be played on Defense. Should you choose to play as the attacker anyway - use the attacking force as it is set up. This is supposed to be an Orc Army - it would not have Knights, Swordsmen, and tons of Archers or Crossbowmen.
Lord Anatoly
Map Design5.0
Well, what can I say? The battle was a tough one, and I can only beat it on normal, oh high and very high I dont. And overrall casualty rates will be high however you try. And when they say that reinforcement have arrived they dont. Dont know what is wrong with it. But map desing and creativity are good.
Lord Malibar
File Author
The stated goal is to hold on to the Castle until Zarnath's large number of reinforcements arrive. Thus, when they approach the Castle, you win. No troops actually appear on the map as the reinforcements consist of a complete garrison of soldiers. The wav plays merely as a signal that you have almost met the time requirements.

By the way... the instructions tell you to play on the harder settings are impossible or close to it.

Thanks for rating the scenario!! =)

PS: Look for WOO4 soon! I put the one map that was taking forever on the back burner because it was almost impossible to win and am making a new one.
Lord Anatoly But I do not win when they said that reinforcements have arrived the battle continued for some time I think one or 2 months.
Map Design4.0
Reading the posts over on the forums, I realized that I better start rating some of these great maps.

I found this scenario to be very challenging for me set at normal level. I do not consider myself a great player but was hoping that a set of instructions mentioning playing at normal would mean it was fairly easy to win. Sadly for me, the only time I did obtain victory was at easy level. It was enjoyable however and I would still score it as a 3 for playability. The one other thing I did notice in playability is that you can not really play as the ATTACKER at all. I realize that the artist makes sure we are aware to play in defender mode, and of coarse no points have been deducted. This is an observation however for future designs. As the attacker, if you do not take the castle before a certain date? I dont remember it now, you will get a victory screen even if you havent taken control of the castle yet. :)

I am not real keen on rating balance in a siege map and would really have to review other ratings before I scored something higher or lower than average. The only flaw I did see was the lack of control of the attacking force. This is mentioned by the author and therefore I would not deduct anything for that. hehehe how can one rate the AI :)

I really enjoyed the creativity of this map. I have not seen to many maps of this sort of style and added a bonus point here.

Although the map itself was creative in its plans, I saw some flaws in the design. I noticed some bad tiles showing through under a couple of the gates ( green like texture ) and noticed that a few of the corners on walls were not closed. I also was not real fond of the squared off features for the coastline. It left it somewhat unreal :) All in all though a good looking idea.

The story is very well written and a good deal of either research or pure artistry has been put into the writing. I enjoyed that. A sure bonus point for story, but I did find it a little bit to long :) The only reason I decided that a 5 was not in order was due to the promise of troops that do not show up. I know as a siege map you probably can not add troops midway through but it still was disheartening..

Lord Malibar
File Author
The troops are a GARRISON force sent to bolster your small contingent. They do not physically appear. The idea is that , as they begin to move into town, the Orcs realize they are vastly outnumberd by the arriving force and withdraw.

You are NOT supposed to play as the attacker! The scenario is designed for you to play as the defender. I don't know how to make that any more clear in the

It is quite easy to hold out til the required time (right after the reinforcements are simulated to arrive.) In fact, I win on NORMAL about 95% of the time I play it. If all the Orcs decide to go for the Keep, then you have your hands full. But normally, some attack the lesser buildings, allowing you to concentrate your defense on smaller groups of attackers heading towards the Keep.

I might add, victories normally come by hanging on til the set date and not by killing all the attackers.

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