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Helms Deep Gold Edition - Part 2 - v1.3

Author File Description
File Details
Map Size: 400x400 (Large)
Difficulty: Hard
Current Version: 1.30.00
Please make sure you have the latest version before reviewing!

"A Eruchîn, ú-dano i faelas a hyn an uben tanatha le

"Oh children of Eru, show them no mercy, for no mercy will be shown to you."

Helm's Deep Gold Edition Part 2 of 3

Version History
June 13th, 2oo4
- Version 1.3 Released
- Map is even harder
- Fixed scenery a little

June 12th, 2oo4
- Version 1.2 Released
- Fixed small invasions, map is now harder

June 11th, 2oo4
- First Version Released

Map Type: Invasion
Played As: Defending
Recomended Level of Play for Intermediate Players: Normal
Experienced players are recomended for Hard. Battle hardened knights may try Very Hard.

While the Elves were fighting upon the Deeping wall, many explosives, the devilry of Orthanc, had been piled beneath their feet in the only weak spot on the wall. The culvert which was a drain for the deeping stream. Aragorn immediatly saw was about to happen.

"Togo hon dad, Legolas! Dago hon!"
- Aragorn, TTT
"Bring him down Legolas! Kill him!"

The two skillfully aimed arrows of Legolas were not enough to bring down the muscle-bound berserker. The ladders had only been a diversion for the main assault. The berserker Uruk with a large torch made a final stride then jumped towards the explosives. Within seconds a large portion of the wall was reduced to rubble. Uruks began to pour through the breach, but the were stopped short by a hail of deadly elven arrows.

- Aragorn, TTT

The elves dropped their bows and drew their swords and charge bravely into the awaiting spears. For a while, the Uruks were held, but they were not held long. Aragorn was being called back into the keep by Gamling.

"Nan barad!"
- Aragorn, TTT
"To the keep!"

Aragorn looked up to the wall and was relieved that many of the elves were beginning to make it up the stairs to the keep, yet one stood alone. Haldir, marchwarden of Lorien, was slaying Uruk after Uruk, but he was overwhelmed. Aragorn ran to help, but he was too late. In his rage he jumped down into the host of Orcs pushing their way towards the keep. The keep would soon be lost if the assault on the main gate broke through. Aragorn hacked his way up the stairs and to the gate. The large ram had already forced a hole in the door. Going through a secret passage, Aragorn and Gimli jumped onto the causeway, killing the orcs at will. Legolas threw down a rope to them and they climbed to the top of the wall. The small barricade that had been placed behind the gate would not hold long,the Uruks soon broke through and the keep was now breached...

Please Feel Free to leave reviews, and point out any bugs you find!

Tip and other Instructions
- Make sure there are no enemies left on the map. Some macemen may still be behind the wall and in the breach after the main assault has been driven off
- Archers are very important! You have few of them so try to get all of them to a safe place.
- Hold the courtyard behind the deeping wall as long as possible, but don't leave your troops in the open too long or they will quickly be overwhelmed.

Faeg i-varv dîn na lanc a nu ranc
Their armour is weak at the neck and beneath the arm

Forð Eorlingas!
- Zerotide
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AuthorComments & Reviews   ( All | Comments Only | Reviews Only )
Octavius Maximus Playability: 3

Good map, with no glitches, but I must say that at hard, this map is going to be too much for the intermediate player. I had to play it six times to win at hard, and I consider myself a pretty good player, especially as a defender. Also. with no gold, the engineers are of no use, and the monks are confined away from action by a small design flaw.

Balance: 4
Gets a four, even though the horsemen are penned in at the keep. But pretty good balance.

Creativity: 4
Nice little variation to seperate it from the other Helm's Deep maps, but the monks and the crossbowmen are cut off by a small flaw in the design of the castle.

Map Design: 4
Little to much use of the pebbles around the wall breach made it a little out of place. But a very nice looking map, all in all.

Story/Description: 5
Very nice looking description page, with excellent use of the book qoutes and a minimap. Good work!

nogold57 I gave it a (4) for playability...well thought out.The balance on hard was in my favor,so I liked it,a (4)
The creativity was good ,a (4) was time consuming and a lot of work a(5) and the story was a (7) I know it only goes to (5) but because anyone who sits there an spends that much effort to put a story line to task,,,,,,,,deserves a 7...I finished them off in the first try and still had 45 knights and 14 pikes left and all of the arrow people left .I turned it to very hard and managed it with no great problem.I would say you did well and thank you for making it..excellent make more!
File Author
At nogold, you must have been playing the first version. Try downloading the most recent version.

At octavius maximus, the monks and the crossbowmen are purely for aesthetics. The tunnel behind the keep, when it was open, caused MAJOR problems with the AI. I closed it off with rocks.

Thanks for the reviews thus far...
Map Design3.0
Playability: 3. Fast paced siege. I would not rate this as hard, as I won on very hard setting on the first try. There isn't much to do in preparation except realign your troops. But active tactical engagement with the enemy using a particular maneuver may be essential to win. I think normal is a more appropriate rating although if you don't use the right tactics it might be harder. Author's comments on recommended playing difficulty in the instructions seems exactly right to me. No economy, buildings or repairs of any kind available (except for the useless tanner).

Balance: 4. Probably pretty good balance for a normal difficulty scenario.

Creativity: 3. A different looking, but still fairly basic castle.

Map Design: 3. Maybe deserves less. A simple design with fairly plain topographical development but adequate for map play. The author states the crossbowmen, monks and engineers trapped behind the castle played havoc with the AI when they were accessible. Since they offer no real contribution to the battle or eye candy effect, they probably should have been eliminated. They just create distraction and confusion as to why they can't be utilized. (Actually they can be used by destroying a path through the connecter wall to the right of the main gatehouse that connects the front wall with the main inner castle floor.) Mounted knights are trapped in the immediate keep area and therefore of no use unless the enemy reaches the keep. This is not in keeping with the expected function of horse mounted troops. There is also a poor design element: during the battle some mace men started to destroy the upper level flooring at the approach to the keep. Had they destroyed just a little more the keep would have become inaccessible and victory/loss unachievable. Accessibility to the keep over destroyable wall objects alone is usually a risky design choice.

Story/Instructions: 5. Good story and detailed instructions.

Worth playing. Should be a short, sweet victory.
I noticed you include a bitmap of about a megabyte in size with the map. Think you can lighten the download and change it to a JPG?
File Author
I am not sure what you are talking about, Jayhawk.

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Map Design3.0
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