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Cptr 1 Fraymoor Castle

Author File Description
Jax Omen
File Details
Map Size: 400x400 (Large)
Difficulty: Easy

28th January 1067
As Prince Von stood atop the keep, deep within mighty Fraymoor, he felt invulnerable. Not only was Dironia the mightiest kingdom of the known world, with the greatest of all armies, and mighty fortresses akin to the one he stood on, but its fertile farmlands stretched in all directions, making the country rich. He knew nothing could harm them, yet a young Werewolf stood in front of him still in its gaunt human form, trying to sell him the idea that Dironia must surrender or face the consequences.
Von had almost laughed at him, yet the werewolf had a sincerity behind his eyes that had made Von pause. Dironia shared a border with the werewolves country, who were governed under Lord Fang, but they certainly hadn’t the strength to topple Vons’ beloved country. This brief hesitation dissipated, and Von dismissed the werewolf. How could they think they had grounds to make demands?
The werewolf gave a laugh in reply. “You would be wise to listen to our demands!” The werewolf suddenly convulsed, its head thrown back, as its shoulders broadened, its head lengthening. Two arrows flew from your bodyguards bow, smacking into the werewolf, their silver heads burying into his flesh. He was dead before he hit the ground.

3 weeks later

Von shuddered. If these reports were true, the Werewolves had mustered a massive force, and were marching toward the keep, laying waste to the countryside around them. They would be upon them in a matter of days

This is a story about a war among both werewolves and men, in which many people will die.

The download file includes:

-Fraymoor Invasion file - a challenging invasion scenario in which you must fend of attacks from multiple directions.
-Full story and background info
-Hints and Tips document
-Bonus Attacking Siege! Can you topple Fraymoor??

This map should take around 5-6 game years to complete.

With thanks to Octavius Maximus for playtesting.

Jax Omen
AuthorComments & Reviews   ( All | Comments Only | Reviews Only )
Map Design4.0
Playability: 4 A fun and enjoyable map. This review is only on the invasion version. The author includes a siege version as well, which I have not played yet. You have a short period of time to prepare for the coming invasion. There is an economy running which does not need attention so you can focus on training some additional troops and manning what you think are the most strategic points of the castle. This is probably the best aspect of this scenario. You have lots of troops but they are scattered all over the map and castle, almost none where they need to be. This is a fairly large and somewhat oddly configured castle and takes some study to figure out where to best place troops. The invasions are large and include many siege engines and it becomes obvious that you will not be able to repel the invaders at the outer walls. Much of the castle will be smashed. You must calculate where you can best position your troops to inflict the most damage, yet still protect them as the castle begins to crumble. This preparation period is an extremely busy time and decisions you make are crucial since the design of the castle prevents efficient movement of troops during battle. You must be in position when the invasions begin. While this spices up the start of the game, once the battle begins there isn't much to do except watch and see how well your plan fares. I tried using the small contingent of knights to counter the siege engines but they achieved little before being slaughtered. Had I been more attentive and used them earlier they may have been of more use. It looked like I actually might win with only missile troops, but near the very end the inner walls were breached in two places. But the enemy was so spent at that point that my ground troops achieved a quick mop up.

Balance: 4. Well balanced. Smaller, sequential invasions enabled the AI to utilize the multiple signposts. Nice variety of troops.

Creativity: 4. Above average creativity. A large, hard to defend castle, but obviously designed to be so.

Map Design: 4. This is a large castle. Obviously some thought went into the configuration to make it hard to defend, hard to move troops, make some positions vulnerable, others not. Good use of multiple signposts and I was very happy with the way the AI performed.

Story/Instructions: 4. Great story, instructions and supporting material. I would give it a 5 except there is no real story in the game itself, only two lines worth and a reference to the external Word files. I really don't want to be required to refer to external files or go back to the Stronghold Heaven site to read the story. I don't mind if the story is shorter or reworded, but it should be included. Most authors who supply external story files tend to supply exact duplicates of the in-game or online story so I rarely open them unless they appear to hold some special interest. Including references to external files is fine as long as it's preceded by the basic story.

A spirited and satisfying map. I played on very hard setting and won the first time through. I may have been pushing the sprite limit, very hard to tell with closely spaced sequential invasions, so it may not be that much easier on normal or hard setting.
Octavius Maximus
Map Design4.0
Playability: 4
Had as much fun playing as playtesting! This is a really nice map, and it requires a lot of atttention to get all those scattered troops in place, as Sparrow pointed out, but that's the fun of it. Good replay value.

Balance: 4
Well balanced map, with the invasions spread out just enough to keep things interesting.

Creativity: 4
Very nice, if awkard to defend castle, with a lot of little nuances to make it remarkable. Nice effort!

Map Design: 4
Good looking map, the river is natural and all around everything is fine.

Story/Instructions: 4
Great Description page, and a good file for the story in with the download. I have to agre with Sparrow again, though I would like not to have to access the file, it would be nice to have a well entailed in-map story.

Sorry for the short review, but Sparrow and my opinions were pretty much in sync on most all aspects of our reviews, so I let him do all the typing! :)
nogold57 I will say was nice.(Playability)was very simple to beat on first try.Simply pull everybody back in to keep area,man the walls.take the knights ,pikes etc.into the keep chambers an sit til arrow people killed them.I could never understand why there were three barracks??There was no purpose in having any food production And the few troops that came from the barracks was a mute subject.they really weren't needed.The scripting was nill or better yet simple, not worthy of your skills.The two layer ground further confounded the enemy.The castle took a good deal of work,so Im gave you a 3 average score,not much if any eye candy.the map design was fair if that.2 I know you mean well,but I think your skills are alot more than you show here.I feel I have judged you fairly.The story was decent enough to rate a 3.I 'm sure if you look at the short side you will agree.
Jax Omen
File Author

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Map Design4.0
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