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The Big City

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Map Size: 400x400 (Large)
Difficulty: Hard
You rule over the city of Toshi. Years ago, you founded it as a small villiage, and over the years, you have built a large city. The economy is booming, and for years, peace has reigned.

However, bad news comes from the northern monks. In their holy tower surrounded by water, they can see all that moves. They inform you that the civil war sweeping across your country is approaching your town.

The Wolf lurks in the forests to the north. The capital city lies to the south. The Wolf plans to overtake your country, and only you, twenty archers, and your castle are standing between him and the capital city. Victory may end the war, but if you fail, the capital's meager defenses will surely fall to the Wolf.

Sometimes the deer like to come inside the castle. This isn't really a problem, but it's a bit unrealistic.

I spent quite a bit of time on this map. Most of which went into the city streets, with their stone curbs. I just wanted to create a massive city like the one on the box. ^^
It's pretty cool how the 100+ inhabitants run around like ants.

You should have no problems with the first seige, but the second and third ones get progressively harder! There is a smelting pot in the lowest corner of the castle. It is hidden by the walls, so it is easy to miss. ENJOY!
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Sparrow This replaces my previous review since the author has updated the map and fixed the win condition bug plus tweaked the invasions and changed some of the landscaping. The tweaking of the invasions has made this a whole new ball game. The invasions are larger, better balanced and the first one comes a lot earlier, like almost immediately.

Playability: 4. I would now rate this as a normal to hard invasion map. You start off with a medium sized invasion pitted against your two dozen bowmen, a few monks and engineers, an empty armory, and no weapons production of consequence. You have a large, pre built, basic square castle with a large economy in place. Lots of food production facilities, quarrying, mining, pitch rigs but not much money and a moderate supply of only a few goods in the stockpile. The problem is your meager contingent of archers just isn't enough to counter the first invasion. You really must cast a fresh eye to all you have been given and decide how to reallocate resources to bolster your defense. And that's what makes this scenario a lot more fun than it used to be. I played on very hard setting and it was extremely tricky getting through the first two invasions.

Large pre-built castles can be quite boring and the first version of this map was that, but now you have to strengthen your defenses in a much shorter time period and it will keep your hands full juggling all the various preparations. A large castle is hard to defend with few troops and making the hard decision of where to allocate them is certainly part of the fun on this map. The castle must be on a popular trade route since you can buy any goods you want and almost all resources are available for you to build or buy. You may need to use every trick and resource at your disposal to succeed.

Balance: 3. Might have been more interesting to not have the resources so close, plentiful and free of jeopardy. But I was glad they were while playing, since this is much better balanced than before. Melee troops have been added to the first invasion so they will now break into the castle if not stopped. The first invasion has been moved up to very near the beginning of the game so things will get exciting real fast. And the second, larger invasion will come way before you think you're ready. If you've done your job well you should survive. But your industriousness in the first half makes the second half a breeze and a bit anticlimactic. Your defense buildup should be able to easily repel anything thrown against you toward the end. The AI worked quite well and will attack on three sides of the castle. Very good.

Creativity: 3. Average.

Map Design: 2. Some terrain modeling, but mostly flat. Fairly average and certainly adequate for play. The author has reworked some of the terrain, adding a sea in the northeast. The castle area and most of the remaining terrain is pretty much as it was, which is probably a good thing since the AI worked quite well. Scripting is not much better than before. It still could use more scripted events to spice things up in the second half. The spurious win condition has been fixed, but another bug has been introduced, making it impossible to lose until late in the game.I deducted one point for the lose condition needing to be moved to near the beginning of the timeline to make it play correctly. It won't affect play unless your lord is killed. Then you'll have to end the game yourself. I will happily add it back in if the author updates the map.

Story/Instructions: 3. Short, solid story.

A good effort for what appears to be this author's first invasion map. The first half was quite a challenge when played on very hard setting. Probably a good challenge on normal, too. I recommend this map. You should have fun.
I have emailed Silverfire.
File Author
The map has been fixed, and several changes have been made to the landscape.

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